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“A neighborhood gem still nun by a local family, Maselli's has been part of a weekend dinner party since we arrived in Riverdale 30 years ago. Classical Italian staples are front and centre: fresh veal and cheeses in the meantime butcher section, nduja, olives, lemon juice, oils and, of course, fruits and vegetables. Buy some fresh taralli for the walk home. ( They also stock Puroliva shaving supplies from Naples, Best. Shave. Ever.)This is my party shopping happy place, and it packs a really big store into a smaller, intimate space.”

4.5 Superb40 Reviews

“Exploring the bulk shopping experience at Toronto's Victoria Whole Foods Market has become a newfound delight for me. The store not only offers organic alternatives but also promotes eco-friendly procedures, which is truly refreshing. I commend their efforts to make shopping enjoyable while also being mindful of the environment.”

4.6 Superb31 Reviews

“I love this Longo's and it’s my go-to grocery spot! They've got everything – from the freshest produce to killer baked goods. And guess what? They've got this coffee ground station that's basically heaven for caffeine addicts like me. Plus, there's a florist in there – like, who even does that? It's not just groceries; it's a whole experience. Totally my vibe, always something cool to snag, making it the top pick for my grocery adventures!”

4.1 Good62 Reviews

“Good convenient location with parking available for customers. Usually have all the products available and never had any issues with staff or service. Staff really helps if you need assistance.”

4 Good87 Reviews

“I do all my grocery shopping here. There’s a meat counter as well as a cheese counter. You can get a sandwich made here. Lots of interesting pasta. You can get turkeys for the holidays. I spend way less here than when I was shopping in a big grocery chain store. The couple who own the place are the nicest people ever! An absolute pleasure to shop here!”

5 Superb10 Reviews

“Great little family-owned grocery business specializing in Latin food and miscellaneous cooking/kitchen items. Always friendly delivered with a smile, even for the "gringos" like me. The pricing for items may be higher than some items found in larger grocery chains, but you're getting attentive service and supporting a local family business. Recommend going for your Latin needs.”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“Buy cake from metro only. They have a lot of varieties for cake for different price ranges. I have bought 3 times. All of their cakes are really nice. Other things are little pricey though. I was happy every-time i bought cake from them. Thanks a lot ???????”

4 Good57 Reviews

“Amazing selection of overseas snacks and cooking products, and frequent great deals on meats. If they started playing Asian music like Viet pop it would be even better.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“Great selection of produce and plants all very well priced. With the rise in grocery pieces this shop continually has the best produce prices with great seasonal produce as well!The owners and staff are all lovely as well and make the experience all that much better!”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews

“"Metro Supermarket stands out with its impeccable selection, friendly service, and a shopping experience that strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and quality. A top-notch destination for all your grocery needs!"”

3.8 Good75 Reviews

“It is not huge like some, but does have a hot table dept, also home made pizza, sushi, deli and fish dept.They also have a flower/plant dept, sells cards eg. bday.Best of all, they have a Time Horton's :)And a public washroom.?”

3.8 Good65 Reviews

“I was there last week looking to buy chicken legs and some salmon, and the Asian guy working there refused to serve me, he sent me to wait for the seafood guy who was with another customer, after 5 or so minutes it was my turn, he was super polite and knowledgeable . During our conversation I could hear the same Asian employee and another man around the same age start arguing and yelling at each other. I hope the owners put a stop to this, BTW the salmon was great”

3.9 Good23 Reviews

“Loved this place! This store offered a wide selection of fresh and ethnic food. The staff were friendly and answered any questions I had. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends!”

3.9 Good22 Reviews

“Great costumer service especially the lady that helped me in the self check out. Name is Erin. You made my day. Thank you for your help with a smile. Love shopping here always!”

3.7 Good61 Reviews

“You can get All Tamil grocery in one place. But don’t expect cleanest store.Advice to store : please make store pleasant with good ambiance, since you are earning good money.”

3.7 Good47 Reviews

“They have an excellent artisan rustic box bread! Smooth in its consistency, it did not change its texture even after 3 days, it remained fresh and smooth. I will definitely repeat it.”

3.7 Good31 Reviews

“I'm delighted to share my wonderful experience at this charming local convenience supermarket! The variety of food options available was impressive, catering to a range of tastes and preferences. From fresh produce to pantry staples, they had it all. What truly impressed me was the reasonable pricing, making it a great destination for budget-conscious shoppers like me. The customer service was top-notch – the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to assist. Their warm demeanor added a personal touch to the shopping experience. This supermarket has become my go-to for all my grocery needs. It's refreshing to find a place that combines quality, variety, and excellent service all under one roof. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience!”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

“Huge store, great selection and awesome weekly sales. Check-out staff are friendly and I got great service from the gentleman working in the butcher shop yesterday around 1:00 p.m. And the store is open late, which is very convenient in a pinch. Very lucky to have this store right in the middle of Liberty Village.”

3.6 Good56 Reviews

“Convenient Korean grocery for the UofT and Annex community. Very clean and well maintained. Some items are more expensive due to the downtown location but you can't beat the convenience.”

3.6 Good30 Reviews

“The supermarket is near my home. I often buy food on weekends,the vegetables are very fresh,the variety of the meat is very rich,the price is reasonable. The staff is very friendly and the shopping environment is very welcoming.”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“Always surprised by what I can find in this store. All your convenience store needs plus quality fresh produce (organic options), plant-based foods, kombucha, rice, pasta, they've got it. Thank you for being open during COVID-19”

3.3 Good5 Reviews

“My first time here. I needed tomatoes but was curious about the store in general as I enjoy Asian grocers and cuisine. I was not disappointed. Many of my favourite items were here. As a grocereteria it's quite well stocked and clean. I would have no fear of consuming anything spoiled from here. Cashiers are helpful and friendly too.”

3.5 Good38 Reviews

“First time visiting the store, overall a decent size Metro store nothing big and bakery selection is limited. The staff are overall friendly but the securities are just a little creepy and doesn't seem to be friendly.”

3.5 Good54 Reviews

“This is one of two locations that I frequent.The staff is usually polite and friendly.Shopping carts were clean and overall store was clean to shop from. Thank you.”

3.5 Good63 Reviews

“Open 24h and has fresh produce albeit of limited variety compared to other supermarkets of a similar size. The butchers is nice whenever there's someone there, steak cuts are limited to the typical cuts like strip, tenderloin, and ribeyes. seafood selection is pretty lacking but seems fresh.lots of parking space available at the ice arena beside metro if you're willing to walk an extra 50 or so meters. parking spots directly in front are limited but enough during most hours.”

3.4 Good49 Reviews

“Metro Grocery Store offers an excellent selection of goods, and what sets it apart is the outstanding customer service. The staff is always helpful, making your shopping experience enjoyable. The variety of products available makes it a go-to destination for all your grocery needs. A bit on pricy end but good fresh produce”

3.4 Good60 Reviews

“Metro grocery store offers a convenient and pleasant shopping experience for customers arounf the Eglonton-Yonge crossing. With its clean and well-organized aisles, finding what you need is a breeze. The store carries a wide range of products, including fresh produce, meats, dairy, pantry staples, and specialty items, ensuring that shoppers can fulfill all their grocery needs in one place.The quality of the products is consistently high, and the store frequently offers promotions and discounts, allowing customers to save money on their purchases.The staff is friendly and helpful, providing excellent customer service and ensuring a positive shopping experience for everyone. Additionally, the store's convenient location and ample parking make it easily accessible for shoppers.Overall, this Metro grocery store is a reliable choice for quality groceries and excellent service.”

3.4 Good69 Reviews

“This is the only Metro branch that I really like. Lots of fresh varieties of everything. The hot counter is great. I like the fact that there is a seating place to have your meals and rest. Do not like the grumpy, unfriendly check out sales people though!”

3.4 Good70 Reviews

“Quite a big shop for a convenience store. They’ve got plenty of variety.It is true that is downtown Toronto and there’s drugged ppl outside, but that’s not the store’s fault.The guy who was running the store at 2am was kind and polite, he unlocked the door very quickly for me, I didn’t have to wait out in the cold for long.”

3 Average15 Reviews

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