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“Not bad I work a few doors down so I go in a few times a week and I always find a good price on something I need, I can give it 5 but no fault to the employees to store is a mess customers are Savage and they just can't keep up just this week I was in passing the toy section and I watch a three-year-old child rip open a toy with his teeth his mother from across the store said very lightly to stop opening things and he just kept on going child probably open and played with about $100 worth of toys and the woman said nothing to any employees, like I said Savage”

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“It is my first time buying from this page and I loved the experience, the great price and the merchandise exactly as I wanted it. I fell in love with the bathing suit”

4.8 Superb49 Reviews

“Karen was pleasant and helpful trying to help me find the best size for my sons baptism. I was last minute shopping but this store was the perfect find for me because it was literally a one stop shop! I was able to purchase a white 5 piece suit, socks, and shoes. I had everything I needed. So grateful to be able to find everything I needed. Will definitely be back. Cant beat pleasant service as well great prices!”

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“I walked into what I will call AFROCENTRIC HEAVEN! I walked out looking like an African Queen! This Boutique has custom made dresses pants, tops, and the best accessories. The owner is a master seamstress and will custom make whatever you desire. I would give her 10 stars if I could ! Stay tuned because I will be adding photos after my event!!”

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“Super cute boutique, and they actually have sales - so even better. I love that they have their clothes online, which makes it easier to see everything on people before buying.”

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“This place is such a treasure!! Here you will find great people and a fun store with reasonable prices for fashionable clothing, hip accessories and must-have candles, chocolates, and unique housewares. Not only are they a local business worth supporting, but they themselves go out of their way to source cool items from other local providers. Oh, and did I mention the sewing?! They have super popular sewing classes and camps. If I could give them ten stars, I would!!”

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“Lots of styles to choose from and has very reasonable prices. Boutique is sort ofsmall, but, owners are tremendously friendly and personable. They know their products very well and Mr. Pratt can size you just from looking at you. His wife is very helpful when finding an outfit too!”

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“One of the best streetwear stores in Philadelphia. Great shoes, unique clothes and accessories. Top notch service. The women’s section upstairs has a small but nicely curated selection of clothing, candles, handbags, and shoes. The men’s section downstairs has more stock: clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you’re in Philly and want an upscale streetwear collection to check out, this is the place to go.”

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“This place is a vibe the best soap. Always support local artists to have a space to share their products. Family Owned business always involves working with her family. If you’re looking for a place to get amazing products check out my girl. I wish nothing but success to her business. You can purchase incense/ jewelry/ clothes etc. Take a ride over Abiyah always warm place. Always very supportive and had the opportunity to have my products in store at once upon time. Thank you!”

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“I had a fantastic experience at Rebel. The salesperson Sarah helped me find a ton of gear for my girlfriend,(Which she loved!). I will definitely be back for more merch! Thanks Sarah!”

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“Customer service was too tier ! Great selections ! I found some good comfortable scrubs for work great prices ! I will definitely be back to shop ! The guy at the door who checks the receipts was funny and nice ! My cashier older short African American lady was awesome I wish I got her name ! She helped me get my correct size for my scrubs ! Awesome experience good job Forman mills ! I’ll definitely be back!”

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“I live in San Francisco, and had the privilege of receiving a pair of pants, a shirt and a sport coat from BALANI, all custom-made. John helped me with all the fittings from afar, sorted everything out for me. Service, along with the quality of clothing, was excellent. It'll definitely be hard to shop anywhere else. Highly recommend BALANI. By far the nicest clothing I own!”

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“Superb fabrics, Quality service, Reliable and Trusted. My 1 shop stop for accessories and more.....I always get compliments while adorned in Amatullah's treasures...”

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“This is one of Philadelphia's best kept secret for unique, avant-garde luxury clothing. This shop needs to open in NYC or Tokyo. My mom and I arrived and a stylist greeted us at the door and offered drinks. Lots of black and white clothing, everything had design details that was unique, special and beautiful. My favorites were the hand painted dresses, oversized white shirt with patchwork details, a silk skirt that had holograms on it, a convertible jacket that changed depending on the straps I pulled on, and a beautiful leather bag. The SERVICE was 100%! When I tried a dress that needed an adjustment in the bust, one of the designers (WHAT!!!!) came down from their studio to help me and they adjusted it and delivered it to me in 2 days! As a size 10-12, I find shopping for high design clothing hard since most of the luxury brands don't offer items in my size. But here, I found great items that made me feel confident and beautiful. Most of all, I love that they had stylists in the shop to help suggest items to me. Thank you for a great shopping day! See you soon for Fall and Winter shopping!”

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“This is for Gap Kids...Visited one Sunday afternoon was helped by a blonde (assume manager), young fella and young lady...Excellent customer service by all. Very polite and helpful, happy to answer any questions and check prices for me! Clean store, great variety and very organized. Will absolutely be my go-to location.”

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“Salaam. I went to chexk the place out. They werent open, however they let me and daughter in the see the merchandise. What a secret gem! The owners were amazing. They also cut to your partixular size! Who does that? At no extra cost! Prices are totally reasonable. Inshaallah i will most definitely return.”

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“You can judge a store when you have gone through a complex tangled mess with them, and still have a good experience. I bought a highly coveted patagonia jacket from their online store, but the last jacket in size M had been sold on the floor right as I purchased it online. After using the wrong credit card, a new jacket in size L, two credit card charges that couldn't be refunded -- I have to say they were incredibly professional and responsive. The least I can do is write a glowing review because not every store has good customer service, that are able to follow the tangled thread that ended up with my purchase and still leave a good impression on me. I will be shopping here online again.”

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“Until this week I had never been to a Marine Layer store and now I'm wearing a Marine Layer cardigan as I type. Staff here are great, helpful and friendly. I found this cardigan on the sale rack and they told me about the T-shirt recycling program. For every tee you donate, they give you $5 in store credit. I put my cardigan on hold and came back the next morning with a stack of tees. They have a cute mailbox to drop them into. $25 off! Love this place! Not everything in the store is recycled fabric but they're making a good effort and I can appreciate that. PS the cardigan is holding up well with daily wear, squishy and comfy and not itchy... I dig it, Marine Layer.”

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“This store is filled with lots of cool things, that are reasonably priced, and customer service was great! I had a very pleasant experience at this store, and will definitely be returning.”

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“I have several Theory things, including 2 suits and several pants and shirts. I just added a Fall jacket and a sharp shirt (that I have not worn yet) but I'm waiting for colder weather.”

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“I recently had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic fashion boutique in Philadelphia, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The selection of fashion brands and shoes they offer is simply outstanding.”

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“The fashion is all that okay, the designer is super nice and friendly. She was very patient with my mom although she was doing too much. They are a must stop by for original pieces etc. She is very accommodating and worth every penny.”

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“I met the owners of the shop and OMG, they are amazing people! Rose and Brock are super kind and have great conversations. I got my first piercing there and never went to another place to get piercings. They go out their way to work with you as well. I love this shop so much that I send everyone that ask me abt jewelry, and piercings here. Shared this place with majority of my family and friends.”

4.3 Superb29 Reviews

“Very helpful and courteous staff all the way from the aisles to the counter. A very pleasant experience and a quick one too. This was my second time in this store, the prices are always reasonable, and all items of great quality! My whole family was able to get really good formal wear! From my son, husband and myself all under one roof! Amazing, to say the least! The fitting rooms may need a little glance over as it was a little untidy, but that was so minor as compared to all the good things this store has to offer. Otherwise, I highly recommend this store for formal wear and other clothes or accessories for the whole family.”

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“Got permanent bracelets today, both with charms and had a wonderful experience. It was a quick process overall and we both love our new bracelets. Each of them were about $200 which is a bit high, but hoping they last a long time!”

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“Very nice place to shop your Islamic garments, and very nice Islamic books and very nice smelling body oils, custom garments and premade throbes, very good place to shop for your kids Eid dresses.”

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“I love the mad hatter boutique. They have clothes for almost every occasion. Whether you have a formal event or watching the Eagles ? play in the super bowl . They have great sales too. I picked up this dress on Friday the 13th. I had no idea where I was going to wear it. Turns out it was the perfect look for date night!”

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“Picked up 2 pairs of True Religion jeans for $48 dollars. Every time I walk in I walk out feeling like I robbed the place. They don’t have the widest selection of shoes, but the discounts are steep.”

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“The employees at this store provided excellent customer service. I called from out of town to buy a purse, and they went above and beyond; they found the item and held it for me, and the purse was shipped the same day that I placed the order. Thanks so much!”

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“Epic fail trying to return some winter clothes I didn't get to wear because we really haven't had much of a winter. The last sale price was 3x below what I paid so I deemed it not worth it. I'll just hold on to them until next year. Hopefully I'll get to wear them. Still love old navy, no shade !!”

4.4 Superb16 Reviews