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“Best pharmacy in Philadelphia hands down. I’ve been going to MTP for over 15 years and can’t imagine using any other place. They go above and beyond to give the best possible experience and service. I highly recommend Mario and his team! The best!!”

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“Parkway Pharmacy is my choice for all my pharmaceutical and home care needs. By far the best place to shop.It is always a great experience working with the entire staff. Everyone is most accommodating and competent. I totally recommend Parkside to all my friends and family.”

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“the kindest and most helpful pharmacy i have been to in my entire life!! they worked with me for a day and a half transferring prescriptions and talking to other pharmacies due to MY error. i almost cried when i left there because i have never before felt like a pharmacist cared about me or tried to help me figure out problems before working with the staff here(s/o brad and the amazing woman i talked to on friday). i went to pick up my meds on a saturday and was in and out in under 5 (maybe even 3) minutes.every month i have dreaded going to rite aid to pick up my prescriptions and i feel so thankful to not have to go there anymore. I’m not sure why I thought smaller pharmacies would be more expensive but it was the same exact cost as any larger pharmacy. i will be recommending to every single person i know.”

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“Today I ran into an issue with my pharmacy (rite aid). They informed me my Rx plan wasnt covering the medication and I would have to pay $900. I was willing to pay the $900 since there’s a chance it would help my pregnancy, But they were not able to order it for me! I called 7 pharmacies and they all told me they had to order it, and it wouldn’t come in until after the holiday (July 4th).I came across Fishtown Pharmacy on my google search. I thought “I’ll try one more”. I informed the pharmacist at Fishtown Pharmacy my issue. RIGHT AWAY, he knew how to help me, and right away he gave me the price of $75!!! I got in my car and drove from Bucks County! When I arrived he looked at my prescription, he questioned why the doctor didn’t give me another milligram? He called my doctor, they changed the prescription. And guess what? IT WAS COVERED! I only had to pay $1 copay.They took 5 minutes to fix my problem and solve it for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am able to start this medication and hope it continues to move me in the right direction for my pregnancy. I can’t thank the staff enough here!”

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“Great local black owned pharmacy and wellness store. Very organized and the owner/staff are very informative and welcoming. Will definitely refer to my family and friends.”

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“Best pharmacy in Fishtown proper.Always there for a client. I deprepretly needed a product when I got out of the hospital and nova Star had it for me the next morning. I highly recommend”

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“I am so lucky to have a Pharmacy like this one near me. They are AWESOME to deal with. I get my compounded meds for my cat here. They even make medicine for cats in soft treat form. I've been getting the meds here for a few years now. Everyone is extremely nice and very helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend this place! Thank you so much The Art of Medicine!!”

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“I didn’t realize they were any good, neighborhood pharmacies like this one left! Not only do I never have any issues when I bring prescriptions in, but, they also keep in touch with me when any of my prescriptions are due and they are readily available to deliver them! Since I have primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, this is a huge help! I highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone, especially those of us who are disabled and have a hard time getting around! Thank you guys so much for being there for us!”

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“I've been going here for years. They are they best pharmacy around and always go above and beyond for their customers. Van and his staff are awesome. I wouldn't go anywhere else even after I moved out of Philly”

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“This is my first time using a local pharmacy (instead of one of those big chains) and the experience is so much better ! The folks at Pelham and friendly and helpful, and getting my meds is no longer a hassle. I’m thankful ti have them serving my neighborhood.”

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“Always helpful, cheerful, and polite. Been using the pharmacy for a few years now and all staff is friendly - the main pharmacist is very patient and knowledgeable. The pharmacy has also gone beyond the call of duty to deliver. Nothing is too much bother, they genuinely care when helping with your query, and would recommend them to anyone.”

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“This has been my pharmacy for years. Everyone there is absolutely as nice as possibly can be. Frank and Al definitely go above and beyond when necessary. There's such a friendly homelike feeling here. The only way I would ever leave is if I moved out of state! 10 out of 10 HIGHLY Recommend!! (And frequently do!)”

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“Been coming here for years. Carl has taken care of me time and time again. Not always the most prompt service when he isn't around but nonetheless it's my pharmacy of choice.”

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“This particular Pharmacy greets you with a hospitality and a form of personal service that I haven't experienced in a very long time... The pharmacist takes a personal interest in your well-being and care... I strongly encourage everyone to make this your Family Pharmacy!”

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“Love this place but I have to drop it to 4 stars until this website is ditched or fixed. This store has the BEST employees but the WORST website. If you sort by price, no matter what, it will push product that is more expensive. You have to dig for your search results. Fire the company running your website and go back to the old one please.”

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“Great place. Nice staff , really like the pharmacy. Everyone is pleasant. And I just have nothing bad at all to say. Great customer service. And just really nice people. Thanks”

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“The people are so nice and friendly, and always willing to take the time to listen and get things done in a timely matter. I understand with COVID that its been tough for the staff, so I applaud the staff for providing consistent excellent customer service.”

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“I switched frome a big box pharmacy to this local small business. I could not be happier. The pharmacist took the time to get to know me and my medical care. More than once they have gone above and beyond to help me out multiple times. I can not recommend them enough. Truly genuine people who care. I am so happy to have them in my corner. And my money goes back into the community instead of to some big corporation. They are awesome!”

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“Amazing team of community advocates who actually treat their customers with respect. Thank you so much for securing funding for free updated covid boosters for folks without insurance. We'll be coming to see you as long as we live in Philly. <3 <3 <3”

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“Washington Square Pharmacy has CONSISTENTLY provided me with EXEMPLARY service. I am a poor man, paraplegic, and struggling just to stay alive, and the FAMILY run, workforce there has always gone out of their way, gone WELL above and beyond the level of service necessary, to ensure that I am properly cared for. These people genuinely love what they do, they GENUINELY WANT to help their clientele have, not only a better quality of living, but have a longer lifespan, through medicine. They are one of the few entities in the entire city of Philadelphia, that has treated me no better, and no worse, than a wealthy man. I CAN NOT say enough good things about this pharmacy. Even if I have to travel across town to remain a client, I will, because they have MORE than earned my business. Excellent pharmacy, 5 stars, no questions asked...”

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“I visited that pharmacy multiple times and always it was the right choice . The staff is friendly and ready to help you . In case some medicines are not available , there is always possibility to order them . Highly recommended !”

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“I called to see if I could get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccinations over my Android and the woman I spoke with over the telephone told me that I had to have Part D in prescriptions in my Medicare Coverage because I wanted to get my second booster shot being a Marine Corps Veteran and I have already received two Moderna shots and one Pfizer Booster shot so she told me that when I come in they could check for me but unfortunately it wasn't covered in my Medicare coverage so I wasn't able to receive the second Booster shot but they treated me real respectfully there though.”

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“Owner is great. Staff always respectful. Offer home delivery and vaccinations. Will talk options with OTC products and good pricing. Support local business where they know your name.”

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“Bridesburg Pharmacy is such an asset to the neighborhood! Today is the first time I have needed them, Shenay was so helpful and personable! She delivered my prescription and even explained how to dispense the dosage thoroughly while at my door :) This will be my go to Pharmacy from now on!”

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“Such kind folks, and they really take the time to take care of you! Im a bit of a regular (take a lot of medications unfortunately) and it feels like walking into Cheers theyre so friendly. So grateful for them, I no longer dread refilling my scripts!”

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“Angel Care pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies. They have a back to school giveaway for the children. I went today and was able to grab some supplies for my daughter. They are super professional. Will continue to support a great business..”

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“Best pharmacy experience I’ve ever had anywhere in Center City. This place is amazing. Friendly and helpful pharmacy staff who treat you like a person and not a prescription number. They remembered me after my first visit several years ago, greeting me by name, and since then I wouldn’t dream of ever going to a chain pharmacy again (especially the one whose name begins with a C and ends with and S with a V in between). Have gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion. Don’t immediately throw any problems that may arise back onto the customer, but actually try to work with all parties (doctors, insurance companies, etc) involved if there’s an issue. Reminds me of the pharmacies that existed before the chains began monopolizing the market. Save yourself the hassle and aggravation of dealing with one and support small businesses at the same time. They even offer delivery! 5+ stars.”

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“I have been getting my shoes and boots from them for a long time and I have always been satisfied with their selections and thier great hospitality.They are very courteous, patient and kind to everyone. I would recommend them for all your diabetic foot wear.”

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“This pharmacy is the best! I never had a problem and they take care of every and anything I need and give me great information on any medication I don’t know about ! Thank you”

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“Bertolino’s pharmacy is the greatest. The employees are so sweet, happy, knowledgable, and treat you like you are family. Tom, the pharmacist is the so friendly, never hesitates to accommodate your needs. If he don’t have something he will get it for you quickly. Anytime you have a question about prescriptions or over the counter medications, Tom is extremely helpful, knowledgable and never rushes you. He answers any questions and/or concerns you may have. Others are so right, five stars doesn’t even come close to rating Bertolino’s. They deserve way more. Friendly, clean and helpful. Great atmosphere and has from soup to nuts. Great pharmacy. Great people.”

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