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“I've read some of the other reviews here & I cant think of much to add! GREAT PLACE FOR YOU MEDICAL NEEDS, SUGGESTIONS, ADVICE, ETC! I would, AND HAVE, recommended them by far over Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or any other! I cant for yhe life of me see how those chains got, or get, the notoriety they do”

4.9 Superb19 Reviews

“Friendly service, always smiling and always such a great help to me. Fresh local meat along with some great other things to check out. Visit them and try them out, you'll like it!”

4.9 Superb9 Reviews

“This is a downtown pharmacy. It serves the needs of city residents who have difficulties in traveling to others that are further away. It's well established and I've used them myself. They accept insurance and will work with customers. The facility is very clean and well organized! I like it!”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“In general Walmart's okay, their prices generally beat most of the other markets on most of the grocery items we use, although the prices are climbing like everywhere else and they're in-stock is showing holes lately.I purchase men's shirts under the George label which I believe is their house label, and they hold up really well. I wear a 2X and it's fit is also pretty good.My wife and I refuse to drink Gaffney water and have special filters on our shower heads. We drink bottled purified drinking water from Walmart and they have the best price in town on gallons... The water has a decent taste and I keep at least 12 gallons on the shelf just in case.I don't know why but the meat at most grocery markets in Gaffney is pretty bad, I found Walmart's meat counter to be better than most. They're frozen colossal shrimp, cooked tails on is really exceptionally good on the grill, with other fish such as their wild-caught sockeye salmon.In the end analysis it's Walmart, and they do have the typical Walmart idiosyncrasies... Some of their checker cashiers need a personality transplant and trying to get help throughout the store is sometimes impossible.UPDATE: Walmart has really gone downhill in a big way! They have very few checkers on duty at any given time, SO waiting in line has really gotten to be a long wait on some days.Out of stocks is really way up, and prices are climbing much much quicker. Don't bother asking for help nobody seems to know exactly what they're doing let alone what you need to find. It really seems as if the Gaffney Walmart just doesn't have anybody who cares anymore. Very sad indeed!UPDATE:. Well, it just seems to get worse and worse at Walmart. I still shop there to take advantage of their prices which are hard to beat. But customer service continues to get worse. While standing in one line the other day, a kicking screaming slapping fight broke out between two women at the check stand next to us, and even though several people were screaming for security it took the longest time for anybody to show up.Hard to believe a company as large as Walmart allows this kind of thing to go on.11/06 Update: Every negative comment I've made is absolutely true! But also understand that there are some really good people working there in Gaffney, and they really try hard. They do seriously go out of their way to try to make shopping at the Gaffney Walmart at least a decent experience. They do deserve a shout out for their efforts. I sincerely hope that the ones who are trying to make a difference and to make it better for the customers who shop there, do receive some kind of reward for their efforts.Update: 02/26/24. This store has completely been reset and re-merchandised, a great improvement!It feels as if the employees are reacting to the new look with a very positive attitude. We placed an order for pickup, and after we arrived at the pickup area we got to watch employees really hustle getting customer's orders out totheir vehicles. They were quite busy at the 5:00 to 6:00 hour. Our order was ready exactly at the time we specified. The employee who brought out our order was friendly and helpful.Job well done!”

3.4 Good68 Reviews

“I have never expected to walk into a Walmart and feel like part of the family, especially at the pharmacy where Debra (pick up window) & Brandy (drop off window) on my very first visit made me feel at home! They went out of their ways to ensure I got quality customer service as well as prompt timing with services. I don’t think I’ll ever use another pharmacy. Thank you Debra & Brandy, y’all really made my day! Side note: It seemed all the pharmacy people were more than pleasant with other customers & I look forward to coming back!++side note: hands down, the best customer service I have ever experienced. It literally made my day feel brighter & I’m a night shift person so that’s a hard thing to do!”

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“To The person that says "lf the wait is an hour you should tell the customer"..umm call call in ahead then you wouldn't have to wait when you get there. There's a couple people that works in there that might be a little Smart ellict, but they're better than CVS. But I continue going to CVS.. Glutton for punishment”

2.8 Average19 Reviews

“My contact person was jennifer.twice this person went out of her way to make sure she took care of my needs. In this age of poor team members it's a breath of fresh air to have some one who cares this much. I have been a customer for over 8 years and this makes me want to keep coming back..ty you so much miss Jennifer .Robert edmonds”

2.7 Average10 Reviews

“Even though I'm required by my Medicare part D plan to get my prescriptions at Walgreens in Gaffney,S.C. , I will say that I'm really impressed with the way this drug store is operated! There is no shortage of anything here! No bare shelves at all! I regret that I didn't look at the baby formula section; it didn't occur to me to do so as my daughter is grown ! I will go back to Walgreens tomorrow and check on the availability of baby formulas and post my findings here on Yelp! That's A Promise ! Again; I would like to think that other Walgreens in the upstate South Carolina region are operated as well as this one ! I really recommend this place ! --------- next day trip to Walgreens in Gaffney S.C. ---almost bare baby formula shelves! When I asked the lady in the pharmacy when they would get more formula; her reply was : I have no idea! Then she said no one knows! I understand the United States of America is having a supply chain crisis; but running out of baby formula makes me upset! Running out of paper towels is one thing; but not foreseeing a baby formula outage is totally unacceptable! Regardless of what political affiliation is responsible for this situation ; elected politicians need to be held accountable!”

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“To The person that says "lf the wait is an hour you should tell the customer"..umm call call in ahead then you wouldn't have to wait when you get there. There's a couple people that works in there that might be a little Smart ellict, but they're better than CVS. But I continue going to CVS.. Glutton for punishment”

2.1 Poor19 Reviews

“All and all, it's a great experience every time that I visit this location in Gaffney. I love the CVS. The people here are so helpful and always generous and giving a lending hand. The manager here is also an excellent display of true leadership.”

2.2 Poor28 Reviews

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