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“Just all around great people working there . Go out of my way to stop by and grab my quick items -lotto tickets-Friday 6 pack bag of ice for cooler great place over all”

4.7 Superb24 Reviews

“Showed up when they were still closed but needed gas bad. Was around 4am. Girls inside knew I was in trouble and turned the pumps on for me so I can fill up. Was driving from STL to Badlands National Park overnight on May 29th 2023, and they saved me from having to wait an hour. Thank you.”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

“Taylor's Pantry in Sioux Falls offers a sensory delight, brimming with culinary craft and an impressive selection of libations. This is my favorite place to get the hard to find beers.Their partnership with Central Waters Brewery of Wisconsin enhances their flavor panorama, adding an 'ale' star to their constellation of drinks.This is a great find. I will be back here soon!”

4.6 Superb21 Reviews

“This location accepts Apple Pay at the pump and also accepts it in the store. It makes it very convenient for Apple Pay (or other mobile Pay supporters) to not have to swipe your card at the pump!”

4.5 Superb25 Reviews

“I picked up some furniture, a television stand made out of Tempered glass and steel. Very good condition, new from store was much higher than the poultry 75 I paid. The staff is very helpful.”

4.2 Good46 Reviews

“Andy, How are you doing? Do you remember? I called at this exact date I posted this. Your store is great by the way. Too great that I cannot do anything to help on making it greater. As for me, I'm just here chillin in our office. I'm doing good. Can't wait for the blue guys to actually look for me. Cuz I can't wait to treat them some good coffee and have a chat. Haha. Do call me if you still have my number, although not sure if you're the one who manages this. Lols”

4.5 Superb19 Reviews

“Cashier came out and asked if everything was OK. Why yes sir I said it's great thank you for asking . He even offered a discount on the coffee. Good chap and the store is well lit restroom was clean and smelled good . I will return . Even if I don't have to on a pass-through just to say thank you again and get some snakes and coffee ,soda . Got it all for the most part good job .”

4.4 Superb20 Reviews

“Ah so spacious and smooth! Even the credit card reader was smooth. And I used the restroom bathroom (whatever term youre searching for). I got my favorite candle and some new spices and snacks. I noted that my favorite corn flour is here:)”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“Kings Mart is great, its that friendly low key neighborhood gas station that you rarely find these days and the pricing is not all about corporate greed which is almost extinct in this world.”

4.3 Superb20 Reviews

“This is the absolute best place in town to get a chocolate malt. Staff is awesome! Haven't been able to get a malt in over 6 months now tho thanks to the Chinese Flu. And for some reason the machine is always broken when I go in to the store to get one. But other than that, I absolutely can't wait till I can have a malt!!! Please oh please!!!!”

4.3 Superb18 Reviews

“I have been going to Kwik trips in Minnesota for years! So happy they are now in Sioux Falls! I drive out of my way to get gas and get basic groceries my family needs! I just wish they would build one in the South Louise and 85th street neighborhood! We need one over there!”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“First time here, and man they got the best biscuits & gravy in the World... (my world anyway) lol but yeah its a great place, with great food, and people. Thank you guys! ❤”

4.1 Good26 Reviews

“When I was last there since I live close by I’ve always had great customer service, friendly staff, easy in & out withno problems, quick & easy gas @ the pumps, etc!”

4.3 Superb15 Reviews

“It would be nice to go back to "pre-covid" days, when there was AT LEAST 1 Hy-Vee n 2 Walmarts in town that stayed open 24hrs. In a city of this size, in 2024, WHY IS THERE NOTHING OPEN past 11pm??”

3.9 Good70 Reviews

“If you need booze, go here. Some convenience store products but the focus is a wide variety of everything worth drinking [to excess, if needed]. Added bonus: some of the cheapest gas prices in Sioux Falls.”

4.1 Good24 Reviews

“i was having a very hectic day, running late for work, forgot my phone at a previous store, & of course had my car run out of gas at the stoplight. i ran across the street to this get n go & asked if i could borrow the phone so i could let my boss know what was going on. not only did roger kindly look up my company’s phone number & hand me the phone, he also ran across the street with a gas can & helped put some gas in my car for me so that i could get it off the road & make it to work on time! he absolutely saved the day for me & became my literal miracle. a very professional employee who went above & beyond that is a phenomenal human being at heart. thank you again roger, & for also letting me know my tire needed air!”

4.1 Good22 Reviews

“I Love our pharmacist Casey Lesnar is perfect. Not only does he look after our family with great care but he’s really funny! When I was a kid we had a pharmacy that we went to all the time. Ron Park was so amazing. Ron always looked after us. Now we go to a nationwide chain. I never would have expected that it would be exactly the same as when my mom was a kid and when I was a kid. Casey Lesnar is the best pharmacist that you could ever ask for. You can look at Ron’s legacy. I also can say that Ron and Casey have alerted us to drug problems that saved our lives. Often it’s your pharmacist that saves you.”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“Kayla the cook is phenomenal!!!! I told her my son is picky and she made him special french toast sticks so amazing and caring!!!! As I was standing there a couple was bragging about how they come to this location just for her too!!! Don't lose this awesome employee!!!!!”

3.9 Good38 Reviews

“Thank you Kwik Star for an amazing experience! This was my first time visiting a Kwik Star, I've heard many good things about it from others in neighboring states. The store was very clean, and nicely spaced out. I did arrive after breakfast time so you can see the donuts are very popular in my photo. I grabbed an 8 piece hot chicken box and 3 donuts. Hands down the BEST fried chicken in Sioux Falls, tried it when I got home, the meat is great quality and perfectly battered and fried. My brother did enjoy the coffee options. I will have to try the smoothies next time I come. Thank you Kwik Star/Kwik Trip for opening in South Dakota! We appreciate your business in the community!”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“I stop at this HyVee gas station about 4 times a week. The employees are outstanding. Every one of them are kind, helpful and have a smile on their faces. I had to take the time to post this review after I had a terrible experience at the HyVee gas station on Marion Road. Anyway...thanks for having these smiling faces greet me whenever I walk in the door!”

4.1 Good12 Reviews

“The pharmacist that helped me was phenomenal. He really went above and beyond. He took his time to help me find the right coupon for my prescription since my insurance didn't cover most of my meds. He's name is Colton. I hope he continues to work there.”

4.5 Superb6 Reviews

“Now I've been giving my opinion for a long time now and love doing it but for my honest opinion I don't need to answer 100 questions it is time consuming and annoying if that is now the new way to give my opinion then I believe I should be paid for this time answering all these questions and I haven't received anything from Google or anyone to this point sorry circle k no offence I just don't know where else I can voice my opinion about this”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

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