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“Nice clean store and very helpful staff ? ? very polite also1/31/24 still very clean but they're going more self checkout which is really hard I think when you've got a cart full of things”

4.9 Superb33 Reviews

“Phenomenal produce and selection of organic food. The non-gmo organic spy free egg yolks are the richest color I've seen outside of home raised - amazing truly a gem”

4.7 Superb42 Reviews

“This store had a special on their beef - we went to pick up some and decided to checkout the rest of the store. Overall it was well stocked and well signed - prices are typical for non-chain store. We had a good experience, and were greeted by staff throughout our ventures.”

4.7 Superb37 Reviews

“I save a lot of money shopping here, cheaper than Walmart even and the food is always better. The fresh produce is always fresher and doesn't get moldy the next day unlike Walmart.”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“Ever since pricing started to get out of hand at Hy-Vee we started shopping here again. I'm so thankful there are still grocery stores that have somewhat reasonable prices.Keep up the good work, Sunshine. You've gained a lifelong shopper.”

4.5 Superb57 Reviews

“Look's is awesome love the cheese section they r so helpful and have alot of knowledge give u a taste test if u want....the food and service u get from the restaurant is awesome ?Parking: Nice”

4.4 Superb96 Reviews

“Reliable place to find a good selection of healthy options (grocery and even prepared food!). Prices are generally within range of similar stores we’ve visited (Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, etc.), but it’s got the true local vibe going on!”

4.5 Superb45 Reviews

“I generally love this store. We stop here whenever we're in town for some quality groceries and water re-fill. My only complaint is that sometimes they lack a quality version of the straightforward thing. I got chocolate chips for instance and just wanted a quality, maybe organic, semisweet chocolate chip. There were carob chips and stevia sweetened chocolate chips but I think only one normal semisweet chocolate chip option. Cheeses as well, we wanted a spreadable goat cheese but could only find farmers cheese. I'm pretty certain that was the only spreadable animal based option. We bought it and are happy with it, but there were many more options for plant based cheeses than animal cheeses. It's great for catering to those who want something quite different than normal grocery stores which is an important niche to fill. I just wish sometimes it was easier to find high quality traditional products too.”

4.6 Superb31 Reviews

“Great prices and fairly good selection. So far I am very impressed. Just moved from California and the savings are amazing relative to that state. Remember to bring your own bags!”

4.5 Superb36 Reviews

“I made lumpia with the lumpia wrapper I bought from this store and it is really worth it. We bought many other stuff and the prices are reasonable. If you are a Filipino and looking for Filipino stuff, they have a lot in here even "kabo" and "planggana". The owner is very accomodating and helpful. We will surely come back again.”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“I love that I can shop on the app and have the groceries placed in my car. They always show such care with how my groceries are bagged.Today, Alexis brought my groceries to my car and went above and beyond by placing all of the cold items in my cooler. I usually do that after the groceries have been dropped off! Thank you, Alexis!”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“Just a magical store! I bought dumplings, herring, bread, mineral water - I didn’t think that such products could be found in our city. I'm very glad that such a place exists!”

4.7 Superb17 Reviews

“Nice city grocery store with a small town feel. Not too big, but with everything you need. Employees all seem to care. Have also used on-line order and drive-up pickup several times, and they do it best, as far as I am concerned. They are usually in stock, and shop the best items, which are delivered to my car quickly, accurately and with pride. Their meat department is also top-notch. Not the cheapest in town, but on par with that hi-store down the street, but with a much more pleasant experience, especially with in-car delivery.”

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“Home cooked and delicious! Flavor was so good and it was a very personable experience!Kid-friendliness: She asked my kids what foods they liked and didn’t and customized a meal just for them, it was very touching watching her interact with my children”

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“Discover the Heart of Sioux Falls Grocery Shopping: A Review of Hy-Vee by Dave & Co. Real Estate TeamIn the bustling city of Sioux Falls, SD, where the community's heart beats strong and the appetite for life is even stronger, there lies a gem of grocery excellence - Hy-Vee. As a dedicated real estate professional with Dave & Co. Real Estate Team, I've seen my fair share of supermarkets, but Hy-Vee holds a special place in the culinary landscape of Sioux Falls. Here's why this Hy-Vee is not just a grocery store, but a cornerstone of our community.A One-Stop Shop for All Your NeedsHy-Vee in Sioux Falls transcends the traditional supermarket model to offer a comprehensive shopping experience. From the freshest produce sourced from local farms to a wide array of gourmet international foods, Hy-Vee caters to the diverse tastes and dietary needs of our community. Whether you're planning a simple family dinner or a grand gathering, you'll find everything you need under one roof.More Than Just GroceriesWhat sets Hy-Vee apart is its commitment to going beyond the basics. The store features a full-service bakery with artisan bread and pastries, a deli with ready-to-eat meals, and a butcher shop that boasts the finest cuts of meat. For those looking for a quick meal solution, the Hy-Vee kitchen offers a variety of delicious options, including sushi, pizza, and a salad bar that rivals any restaurant.A Focus on Health and WellnessUnderstanding the growing focus on health and wellness, Hy-Vee provides an extensive selection of organic, gluten-free, and health-conscious products. Their in-store dietitian is a resource for customers looking to make informed dietary choices, offering free consultations and guidance on healthy eating habits.Community-Centric ServicesHy-Vee in Sioux Falls is more than a store; it's a community hub. With its seasonal farmers' markets, cooking classes, and nutrition workshops, Hy-Vee is dedicated to enriching the lives of Sioux Falls residents. Their commitment to customer service is evident in every interaction, making shopping here a genuinely pleasant experience.Convenience at Your FingertipsIn today's fast-paced world, convenience is king, and Hy-Vee delivers. With online shopping, curbside pickup, and home delivery services, Hy-Vee adapts to your lifestyle, making grocery shopping seamless and stress-free.The VerdictAs a real estate professional passionate about supporting and promoting the best of Sioux Falls, I can confidently say that Hy-Vee is more than just a supermarket; it's a vital part of our community's fabric. Its commitment to quality, variety, and customer service makes it a top choice for residents and a must-visit for anyone new to the area.Whether you're a long-time local or just exploring Sioux Falls, a trip to Hy-Vee is sure to be a highlight. It's not just about the groceries; it's about the experience, the community, and the joy of finding a store that truly has it all.Your Ideal Grocery Experience Awaits at Hy-Vee in Sioux FallsFor those who value quality, convenience, and community, Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls is your go-to destination. Join us in celebrating a store that goes above and beyond to serve its customers and enrich our community. See you at Hy-Vee!”

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“Awesome owner.Wonderful place, Delicious food the rice and check combo is delicious with the squeeze of lemon!You should definitely go you wouldn’t regret a thing!”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“Very helpful and informative on all the different items. It was our first time there and we left with a variety of items that we are looking forward to trying out!”

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“This is the place to find those African ingredients you've been missing! A fully stocked store with things from across the continent, but especially East Africa. Blue Band, unga ya ugali, Ketepa tea, teff, berbere, mandazi, injera, omena, Royco mchuzi mix, and so much more! And if they don't have it, they can (and will) order it special.”

4.6 Superb15 Reviews

“Love this place. I go once a week just to wander around and see what they have. A torn box or dented can don't bother me, so I usually end up with a couple of bags of groceries. Some of the items may be past the "best by" date, but that has never been something I care too much about anyway. If you're looking to stretch your grocery dollar, check these guys out.”

4.3 Superb22 Reviews

“Very clean and very family friendly. Never have to worry about finding things here they will take care of you right away and show you where your items are and order more if they're out. The gentleman even told me how long it would be before it would be In stock. 10 ? HyVee great job!”

4.1 Good55 Reviews

“It's a tad crowded (storewise..a lot shoved into a small space) and hard to order your hot lunch, but the people are really nice. ? Food is great. Needs a bigger space!!”

4.1 Good41 Reviews

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“It would be nice to go back to "pre-covid" days, when there was AT LEAST 1 Hy-Vee n 2 Walmarts in town that stayed open 24hrs. In a city of this size, in 2024, WHY IS THERE NOTHING OPEN past 11pm??”

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“Kings Mart is great, its that friendly low key neighborhood gas station that you rarely find these days and the pricing is not all about corporate greed which is almost extinct in this world.”

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“Great store with amazing customer service! I asked the store manager (not realizing at 1st) where something is and he took me directly where I needed. Was happy to help and the service is the same with everyone. If they cant find it, they will find out for ya if they have it. Thanks to the manager (Jason i believe) for having such a great team. They are awesome!”

3.9 Good69 Reviews

“Rather cramped spaces but we'll organized. Parking wasn't too bad but getting out of the parking was a bit tough but that can't be helped. Very friendly service and we had a nice conversation about some of the items in the store. There is a very strong smell of a verity if spices. Lots of ingredients for items but not a lot of premade items.”

4.5 Superb6 Reviews

“Went in to purchase fresh flowers and a vase, the two employees working in the floral department (mandie and Sara I believe) were super sweet and willing to fulfill my requests”

4.5 Superb5 Reviews

“Fun, divey little convenience store with a very good selection of beer and spirits. Generally a good stop for just about anything you need to stock the liquor cabinet or fridge. Plus good prices.”

4 Good17 Reviews

“I picked up some furniture, a television stand made out of Tempered glass and steel. Very good condition, new from store was much higher than the poultry 75 I paid. The staff is very helpful.”

4.1 Good8 Reviews