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“I started switching to this little pharmacy a while back when my "big box" pharmacy couldn't keep one of my prescriptions in stock. It's only drive thru but they will shop the pharmacy for other items for you. They Remember me and my prescriptions every time. 5 star service all the way. Although I did also get great service from the "big box" store, the personal touch at true care makes a huge difference with me.”

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“The pharmacy staff is friendly and helpful. Their prices on everyday items are higher than other stores, but they do carry almost everything so you can make one stop.”

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“Friendly staff, always good sales. There's a US Post office here but for some reason they don't supply tape anymore. However, mailing supplies are right there to purchase.”

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“Nice clean store. The employees were respectful and more than willing to help me find what I was looking for when I asked them. They didnt make me uncomfortable by following me around and they were easy to find when I needed them. Very nice cashier lady. She was sweet. The employees gave me a better feeling and experience than I usually have when shopping at other stores. So Ill probably make it my go to place to shop when Im in sioux falls and need something they have. They pretty much have a little bit of everything with better quality and less options to overwhelm me. Great deals and fair pricing for everything I needed.”

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“Friendly staff and all the basic necessities in one place. Pharmacy is well stocked and able to take care of all medical needs. Browsing around the store and bumped into a young lady named Keira. She was extremely helpful and polite.”

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“Was picking up glucose strips for my friend and I didn't remember the name of them she was very patient with me and allowed me to call my friend and ask him exactly what they were called and she found them right away and helped me with them. Had my three-year-old nanny son in the car with me and she was full of smiles and had a conversation with him.”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“The pharmacy Team are always kind and helpful. They take the time to answer all your questions regarding your prescriptions ordered. They will also help with finding the greatest value and discounts for your prescriptions. I love Lewis drugs pharmacy and trust them 100%. Thank you so much.”

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“I like getting gas here it's always cheaper than normal gas stations. I just wish the idiots could read the signs and learn how to drive and learn how to park and getting fuel”

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“I Love our pharmacist Casey Lesnar is perfect. Not only does he look after our family with great care but he’s really funny! When I was a kid we had a pharmacy that we went to all the time. Ron Park was so amazing. Ron always looked after us. Now we go to a nationwide chain. I never would have expected that it would be exactly the same as when my mom was a kid and when I was a kid. Casey Lesnar is the best pharmacist that you could ever ask for. You can look at Ron’s legacy. I also can say that Ron and Casey have alerted us to drug problems that saved our lives. Often it’s your pharmacist that saves you.”

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“Had an appointment in Sioux Falls, forgot a prescription and I called and got the refill transfer from an Aberdeen Pharmacy up to this place and was able to fill it before my visit”

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“What's not to love about Costco? Glad that there's one in this city, as there aren't really any west of here for a while. Gas is cheap, as is everything in the store relative to the outside world. Picked up a pair of jogger pants and herbed almonds, yum! The churro I got was also fantastic as it was crunchy outside and soft inside, warm still. Great produce, great selection, also hooray for samples!”

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“The bread I gotten is fresh from a little person and bread cutter is cool looking from 1950's. I would like restore that bread cutter. I get my old fashion donut ? from the bakery for the weekend.”

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“Everytime I travel to Sioux Falls for personal/ medical appointments, I always stop at Hyvee and pick up items that I cannot find back in Spearfish. I love this store I love the friendly employees and I love the variety of foods I can get there”

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“The pharmacist that helped me was phenomenal. He really went above and beyond. He took his time to help me find the right coupon for my prescription since my insurance didn't cover most of my meds. He's name is Colton. I hope he continues to work there.”

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“would love to give them five star rating but I've only dealt with them once but that experience was a very pleasant one people I talk to on the phone were very courteous friendly sometimes you have to explain things to me like I'm a kindergartener the pharmacist did exactly that made me understand exactly how I was supposed to take my medicine I appreciate that very much I hope to do business with them in the future thank youthought of the day we are all born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid”

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“Chuck is the absolute best pharmacist in town! He has very affordable prices for medications for those who pay out of pocket and Chuck (and both girls!!) are super friendly!”

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“Went in to purchase fresh flowers and a vase, the two employees working in the floral department (mandie and Sara I believe) were super sweet and willing to fulfill my requests”

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“This Walgreens is always so clean and everyone is so friendly inside! I've had great luck in finding what I've needed and anytime I've had to ask for help it's been very prompt and with a smile. :)”

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“I had called the pharmacy with some questions and talked to Alex. All of my questions were answered with a caring and understanding tone of voice. Alex didn’t rush the phone call and took the time to make sure we were on the same page!”

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“I've always found Walgreens to be a great store, it just makes a huge difference as to where the particular Walgreens you go to is located. I lived in a bad neighborhood back in Rhode Island, hence, it was a really lousy store. They got bad customers and it put the staff in a bad mood and that made the customers even crankier and it became a big circle of negativity. But you could go a mile down the road to a different store and the customers were much nicer which made the staff much nicer. I know that the staff isn't supposed to let how the customers behave dictate THEIR behavior, but if we are going to be realistic, no one is going to keep a smile every day all day when you are being cussed at and screamed at by customers all day every day.”

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“Going to Walmart on vacation seems to be the thing I do these days. It's nice to know if you forgot to pack - or ran out of - THE THING a spouse really wants that it's just a Walmart in anytown stop away. The layout of this store was a little confusing but consulting the app to find the aisle location was a lifesaver.”

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