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“Good products and staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They make purchases quick and easy. I am always very pleased. Specifically, Jeff and Tyler were great in my last couple visits. Thank you!”

4.9 Superb16 Reviews

“Friendly staff and all the basic necessities in one place. Pharmacy is well stocked and able to take care of all medical needs. Browsing around the store and bumped into a young lady named Keira. She was extremely helpful and polite.”

4.5 Superb26 Reviews

“Friendly staff, always good sales. There's a US Post office here but for some reason they don't supply tape anymore. However, mailing supplies are right there to purchase.”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews

“Nice clean store. The employees were respectful and more than willing to help me find what I was looking for when I asked them. They didnt make me uncomfortable by following me around and they were easy to find when I needed them. Very nice cashier lady. She was sweet. The employees gave me a better feeling and experience than I usually have when shopping at other stores. So Ill probably make it my go to place to shop when Im in sioux falls and need something they have. They pretty much have a little bit of everything with better quality and less options to overwhelm me. Great deals and fair pricing for everything I needed.”

4.3 Superb41 Reviews

“Why I gave it 4 stars is because of the checkout is in the middle of the store. We had no idea. 1st time in JC Penny's in 4 years. It took us forever to find the checkout. No staff on the floor to ask. The store is to big one area for a checkout.”

4.2 Good50 Reviews

“Was picking up glucose strips for my friend and I didn't remember the name of them she was very patient with me and allowed me to call my friend and ask him exactly what they were called and she found them right away and helped me with them. Had my three-year-old nanny son in the car with me and she was full of smiles and had a conversation with him.”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“I absolutely LOVE this store and their selection of things for the home, including Italian food. However, too many times, they only have two cashiers and the checkout line is 40 minutes!”

4.2 Good35 Reviews

“The pharmacy Team are always kind and helpful. They take the time to answer all your questions regarding your prescriptions ordered. They will also help with finding the greatest value and discounts for your prescriptions. I love Lewis drugs pharmacy and trust them 100%. Thank you so much.”

4.2 Good35 Reviews

“This is a typical Kohls. Prices are okay but the coupons are amazing. I love how you can stack multiple discounts. It's clean and there's a good selection of different items. What makes this store stand out is its staff. So very friendly and kind.”

4.1 Good52 Reviews

“The pharmacy staff is friendly and helpful. Their prices on everyday items are higher than other stores, but they do carry almost everything so you can make one stop.”

4.3 Superb24 Reviews

“Pam was so friendly, I didn’t have to ask for help, she asked me with out being pushy. They didn’t have exactly what I wanted but Pam lead me to the next best thing! Awesome awesome customer service skills. I would come back with hope of seeing her again.”

4.1 Good31 Reviews

“Fun place and we usually always find some fun deals in here! You never know what you'll be able to find! Would recommend stopping by to check out this place!!!”

4 Good34 Reviews

“I was there and got the best haircut and cut it. I am coming back for a visit and I I can't remember the gentleman name. Ethnic man short. Please help”

4.2 Good13 Reviews

“A-MAZING!! My wife literally has to find me and guide me out of the store! I didn't even get to visit the power tool or automotive sections! I will be going back!”

3.8 Good47 Reviews

“I had called the pharmacy with some questions and talked to Alex. All of my questions were answered with a caring and understanding tone of voice. Alex didn’t rush the phone call and took the time to make sure we were on the same page!”

3.9 Good19 Reviews

“I was greeted when I went to pick up my order. One item was there but was not as easy to find. It was there and had my name on it but it looked like it was on the wrong cart. They found it and offered to bring it out to my car and load it for me. She gave me a compliment which was the kindest thing anyone had ever said to me. Don't hesitate to ask your questions. They will make it happen and answer any questions you may have. You'll be glad you did.”

4.1 Good9 Reviews

“Dollar Tree is REALLY CHEAP! Everyone should Be there.? It’s like a Free Store, But It’s it’s really close to being free! ♥️ I hope this Gets ALOT of Likes and more People At Dollar tree.?️ D…Do…Dol…Doll…Dolla…Dollar…Dollar T…Dollar Tr…Dollar Tre…Dollar Tree…Dollar Tree C…Dollar Tree Cl…Dollar Tree Clo…Dollar Tree Clos…Dollar Tree Closi…Dollar Tree Closin…???DOLLAR TREE CLOSING!???”

3.7 Good80 Reviews

“I would like to give a shout out to Carol S. back at guest services. She was a highlight to my morning helping me with postage during the holiday season. Great smile, genuinely friendly and always looking out for what is best for the customer! You are a kind employee who deserves to be commended. Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“I found what I wanted here but it was sad to see the my girlfriend and I were the only ones in the store and what employees were on duty followed us around my class seat because they thought that we were stealing stuff and it kind of ruins the experience, but on the other hand the gal of the sunglasses counter was amazing I dropped over $500 there and she was a very friendly person”

3.7 Good34 Reviews

“The 85th and Minnesota Walmart is the best Walmart in Sioux Falls. They have way better quality food, workers and pet food/supplies. Hunter was so helpful and kind!”

4 Good4 Reviews

“The cashier at the self checkout was lovely. And the automatic floor cleaning robot kept going at us and beeping in the toy isle with the kids running from it and laughing. It was the best trip to Walmart yet!”

3.6 Good74 Reviews

“The Target employee at check-out was very nice and patient, and made sure we received the discounts that we showed to him. Unfortunately, I can't remember his name.”

3.5 Good36 Reviews

“There was an issue with an item I had ordered. The manager apologized to me and did everything she could to try and make it right (forgot to get her name). Her and Rico were awesome and absolutely not only made my day but the holidays as well and were able to make it right! I really appreciate everything they did for me and walked out of the store with a big grin and feeling very thankful! Thank you to that manager and Rico!”

3.5 Good47 Reviews

“Vinny in the tech department helped me navigate through my issues swiftly. I had a couple of things I needed solved and he was quick and happy to help. Gail Lewis has got nothing on Vinny, the GOAT of all Walmarts.”

3.5 Good65 Reviews