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“Travis was freaking awesome! Love my phone and he did everything so competently. I got there early for my phone, so it didn't take too long to transfer everything over. He definitely know his stuff! He also helped other customers whilst giving me updates on my phone. Very professional and deserves all accolades”

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“Today I had some great service at the Verizon store in Hendersonville, TN. Yesterday my phone fell from the chair and half my screen was black. I spent a half-hour with Trisha this morning and we figured out a plan, pricing, etc. I needed to leave but said I would return this afternoon with my phone and would also bring my daughter and her phone to get fixed. When I returned, Trisha was gone but Ponci was there. He worked with us for over 2 hours. I was so impressed with the patience and great customer service of both Trisha and Ponci. When we left, everything was done to our satisfaction. Ponci was supposed to leave at 5:00 but he stayed till 6:00 to help us finish. I am so thankful for all they did for us. Thank you so much Trisha and Ponci! I will definitely be back to work with you again.”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“So look, I have Big, BIG, huge issues with corporate verizon. But this store? Incredible customer care. I see Trisha mentioned in another review, and she is freaking fantastic. As was Alexius. Manager Deigo also helped me close out an incredibly frustrating and enraging experience with my broken phone with grace. FYI, do NOT buy the flip phone 4 or any later iteration. Some fatal flaws. Now I'm stuck buying insurance until when I have to get a new phone because it is so prone to breakage and issues. I was in-store for over 2 hours troubleshooting and then on multiple calls with Asurion. I had given up my insurance 3 months ago because I'm stubborn and super-careful. Lesson learned with this mal-developed, should be put out of production phone I'm not stuck with (and my guess is they'll have to replace again). Having worked in Customer Care for 7 years, I can attest to this store's patience, persistence, wisdom, caring, compassion, grace, good humor CORPORATE VERIZON? Y'all can go f-ck yourselves for your shoddy financial practices with issues. In 18 months, I've been through 4 of your wifi boxes, had to use a week's worth of vacation time cumulatively, arranging logitics to work out-of-home and crazy stress (and I don't get stressed unless it's tech or family-related). I've asked for managers for help with credits and whatnot and to very little avail. And this stupid, sh-tty phone? I point-blank asked the store where I purchased it if I should be aware of any issues. I've missed work today and will miss 6-12 hours tomorrow on top of 10 hours today for this ridiculousness. Ride-share costs to and from. Having to leave the dog I'm pet sitting for to deal with this. If not under warranty, I'd be buying a new phone, which I can't well afford. When we thought in-store my insurance was still active, it was still $100 that couldn't be waived despite my heavily advocating for it. And I didn't drop, break, spill anything or damage it. It just stopped working. While I think insurance is often just a bunch of BS, you all have corneed me into having coverage until my phone dies. Or until a competitor does better. You've absolutely lost my loyalty. I have friends who work with Asurion. I've long bad-mouthed excessive insurance. I can't believe I'm praising an insurance company and having to slam you. Which I'll do on your mainstream website when I feel like wasting any more time on your shoddy practices. My online reviews are proactively positive 99% of the time. You've driven me to negative insanity. Get a grip and serve your f-cking true stakeholders and NOT investors first. Your frontline customer care is priceless. Empower your next-level managers to be more helpful, accomodating and rewarding. Especially to life-long customers. Which you've just lost one of as soon as I pay this piece of crap off and find a more customer-friendly provider. To the verizon store manager reading this, my apologies for the chaos today and my continued warm thanks for your wonderfulness and your amazing staff. Corporate verizon: your customer care is the only reason I've stayed and you should reward them better as well. Or go enjoy your "stuff" while you just piss people off and lose employees over what I can only imagine are low-grade employee practices. Much love to Trisha, Alexius and Diego!! Diego, please forward this review to corporate if possible”

3.3 Good41 Reviews

“My parents and I went in to get a new phone (mine was a goner) and we were hesitant of the process being painful and overwhelming. However, Evan made our experience painless and enjoyable! He answered questions kindly and really gave us the help we needed. We never felt rushed by him and I ended up with a new phone that I love thanks to Evan. He’s the best!”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“I had done a modem upgrade and just needed to return my old one. I was in and out in about 3 minutes. It was very quick and easy and I was provided a receipt as proof of return.”

3.1 Average70 Reviews

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