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“My fiancé was gifted his great grandmother’s vintage wedding ring to give to me for our wedding. However, she was a size 7 and I am a size 8. Due to how vintage it was we got turned down at multiple times at various places for it to be resized. They explained they did not want to ruin it by stretching it out and risking one of the diamonds falling off. This left me absolutely heartbroken, until I found Pharaoh’s Jewelers! They agreed to resize my ring, instead of stretching it they added gold to it so no damage would be done. Today I received my ring which was cleaned beautifully and is now a size 8! I am more than pleased with this store. I would definitely recommend.”

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“Highly recommend getting your jewelry here , Carina is always so helpful when it comes to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for me & my son . She’s so nice & has so much patience with us everytime we go over there . She definitely takes her time to make sure we get exactly what we’re looking for ! Definitely 10/10 .”

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“Victoria,Thank you again so much for your help in picking out my new Diamond and David your jewelers that offered his suggestions on how to make everything work! I absolutely love it and came out even more stunning than I expected!! ❤️ Everyone at Ezekiel’s made us feel special and taken care of really well.-Krystle”

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“The customer services was excellent. Manuel took time to check the merchandise according to the company expectation. Very pleasant atmosphere. I would recommend Gold Jewelers and go back.”

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“Had solitare wedding ring soldered and cleaned there and was informed that the diamond was glass and would be $5,000 to replace.Ring was only at another local jeweler one time to teplace a missing cluster diamond. This jeweler replaced all 6 diamonds with smaller diamonds so they would match and switched main diamond for glass. This guy runs sales on diamonds all the time. Wonder where he gets them.”

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“Great crystal shop. HUGE selection. They also have lots of other items of similar nature. The store is packed full, and I probably would not take a busy handed toddler in, lolStaff was very nice, helped me select items I was searching for, with very good knowledge of what they were selling. This is a real treasure of a store. Thank you!”

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“I just ran in for a quick check of the Uno rings. They are a company out of Spain, and I have a lot of rings from them. They wear well and are not seen on everyone you see. The staff is always very nice . I took pictures so I could show my husband what I liked. It is my go-to place when I need a gift . They have a great selection for any recipient young , old , male, or female.”

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“I came in to get a ring resized and i could not be happier with the result. Plus, Sharon was the sweetest!! She was so personable. My ring was done in less than a week and it fits so much better”

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“For anyone, for any occasion, for any cost. Wonderful people willing to work with you and even send you to the next shop if what you want isn't in their store.”

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“Thank you Will! I was just looking around and he helped me immediately and even recommended some items that I couldn't go home without. Thank sir! Highly Recommend!”

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“I took my almost 20 year old set of rings to Danny at Gold Buyers of Texas for a repair to the middle band because the prongs had broken and one of the diamonds had fallen out due to this. Danny was able to insert my diamond back in and secure it with newer and better prongs. He replaced all the prongs to the three diamonds on that band. Additionally he gave my ring a deep and much needed cleaning. After the maintenance he provided to my set of wedding bands they look good as new! Danny is a very professional, friendly and talented jeweler. I definitely recommend him for repairs or maintenance. He does such quality work and has a short turn around time. Thank you Danny and your staff for your help and service!”

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“Kathryn Briones was so helpful and caring. She helped me every step of the way to upgrade my diamond on my engagement ring. She even followed up with me on her days off, which really helps when making a large purchase. I don't think I would have followed through with the upgrade purchase had it not been for her help and advise.”

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“I am from South Africa and have been collecting for 23 years. This shop has amazing crystals available, especially if you are a collector. The prices are fair and I was able to add a Pink Halite which I have been wanting to add to my collection for a while now. 10/10 recommend this store. If you have to choose between different locations, this store won’t disappoint!”

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“I would strongly recommend this place. They fixed my wedding ring and made me feel so comfortable about handing over my ring for a few weeks while they replaced stones and just made it look fabulous!!!!!”

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“It is family owned. They are all very nice, courteous, helpful. They meet all my jewelry needs. They give wonderful discounts. Friendly and make you feel as a part of the family. I go to Aframs for all my jewelry needs and it is always a good experience”

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“Patricia & Edgar were absolutely amazing throughout my experience there would definitely recommend them hands down. Will definitely trust them with my jewelry selection & getting the best deals in Corpus!”

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“Super cute Latina boutique. You can find all the home decor , sewing fabrics , and trinkets your heart desires. I spent about an hour oohing and ahhing over all the cute things they have here.”

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“My wife's go to jeweler. Fred and Victoria are the only people she trusts with her jewelery. We travel over 200 miles because of their reputation of honesty and fairness.”

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“This is a fantastic eclectic boutique! One of my go-to’s for gifting and signature outfits! Their online shopping and instagram reels are hilarious! Always find great stuff here that I haven’t seen anywhere else! From Johnny Was to Brighton and even menswear! Love this place! And they are amazing to local entities when called upon! Go see them and let them style you!”

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“Recently bought a Watch for my dad, have absolutely no complaints. The staff was so kind and helpful. Joey Salem really helped us make my christmas dream happen!”

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“The store manager Cindy is the person to see for a good deal. She was amazing and helpful, she did us right on James Avery charms and Xbox controller. Thank you Cindy!!!!Darla”

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“The owners are all family. They make you feel welcome and their expertise is obvious. Friendly, informative, just great place & beautiful jewelry. Also do repairs.”

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“I sell old silver and gold inventory that doesn't move for a fair value based on spot as well as find and trade for jewelry all around decent place to get the real time value out of your precious metals...”

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“I really didn’t go to James Avery. I went to half price books both of them are five stars, the service and the variety of books at half price books and the price is great and then obviously James Avery’s pants down with the best jewelers around she don’t know, James Avery I suggest you go buy from now.”

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“Amazing person my mom been doing business with him for over 10yrs great prices beautiful jewelry ? and George is a amazing and so nice and they do a amazing job on jewelry”

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“Ashley Kenney helped me out tremendously by shining up my Aggie ring to make it look just like it was straight out of the box on 3 different occasions. Her knowledge and friendliness is above and beyond.”

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“This was the bestest blessing I could have ever received, thank for fixing my most precious gift ever from my son!He passed away & in his belongings was a watch that her was wearing at the time of his motorcycle accident, it stopped at the exact time he was killed 1:30 on 28th?My husband surprised with it the other day & it was working Thank you Gracias Gracias I wear his memory with me all the time now!!I miss my son so much, Fernando Ray Velasquez ? ”

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“Clarissa was amazing. Super helpful and made sure we left with what we needed. Store was clean, organized. Things that were being sold were well kept and in good condition. Although this pawn shop is a little out of my area, I definitely will be back.”

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“Went to have watchband adjusted. The woman who helped me was super courteous. When it comes time to pay she told me, no charge for being a first responder and thanked me for my service. I am truly grateful and recommend them to anyone. Thank you so very much. You made my day!”

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“I was actually unsure of how to feel about this place. There's definitely a lot of things to look at. I got my fortune while I was there. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they have a lot of credit card fraud issues because of all the signs and the strict ID policy. I actually came here because I promised my son to take him to look at toys and I assumed this place would have toys. It did. A lot of super random toys. Even though he looked at everything for a long time it took him a while to find one toy that he wanted to go home with. The toy he ended up doing home with was a tracked crane with lights and music that dances around different directions. There were some toys that were vaguely or moderately racist depending on your viewpoint and either tasteless or hilarious toys also dependant on your viewpoint. There were a lot of beach related toys on the other side and a stuffed animal section that had a large tie dye sea turtle that I low key super wanted. As it was $60 I did not get it.”

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