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“I am happy to recommend the HAPO Community Credit Union. They handled my car loan for the past five years, and I found them to be efficient, accurate, easy-to-use and negotiate with, and very professional. Never had a problem with my loan arrangement in the five years that I was with them. Highly recommend HAPO. They deserve your patronage and support.”

3.5 Good90 Reviews

“Re: Loans: This local branch is awesome, but here's what you need to know regarding loans with Numerica. DO NOT APPLY FOR A LOAN ONLINE! If you want a nice, quick and easy experience, you MUST do everything through your local brach. If you apply online, it goes through remote loan employees who will make the process long, drawn out (weeks), and will make it as inconvenient as humanly possible for you, and for any potential private seller. For loans, just remember, LOCAL BRANCH ONLY!”

3.7 Good33 Reviews

“In comparison to other banks CHASE stands out on top. I tried leaving Chase twice only to expect better or the same customer service and well it gets way worse out there. Stay with Chase people!!(:”

3.3 Good26 Reviews

“Why would anyone give GESA, especially this GESA one star. The previous comment speaks for itself ~DUH We have been members of GESA for over 30 years. When they began opening the satellite offices it was great! This is my favorite. The people are so helpful and patient. They explain things well and are accurate & efficient. There are other branches I avoid, however this is the best!”

3.2 Average37 Reviews

“I had a bunch of dollar bills and change in my piggy bank that I wanted to deposit, and they help me sort through everything and were very quick. Michael was awesome!!”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“The staff is friendly and it's nice that you are familiar to them. I get all my questions answered and rapidly. One time I was told they did not have an answer and they would call me back later in the day. I really did not expect a call back and anticipated I would need to revisit them tomorrow. BUT I did get a call back. I was pleasantly surprised.”

3.3 Good16 Reviews

“The best bank ever for small business owners! Never have I had a bank that works so hard to help me and my business be successful. A true community bank with outstanding service!!!”

4.2 Good4 Reviews

“Free checking account, helpful staff, and their app is easy-to-use. Would absolutely recommend them.I had a learning curve about digital transactions, leading to some unexpected overdrafts due to how the app reports funds. They waived the fees, and helped me understand the system. Haven't had any overdrafts since.”

3.1 Average12 Reviews

“Opening a new account- customer service was very helpful, answered all my questions and concerns. This was the Richland Branch. Wish there was a Kennewick Branch more conveniently located. Like in the Fred Meyer,s or South Hill”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“Very welcoming team! These guys have been awesome the 4 years I have been with them. I even had my first Auto Loan through them and they were amazing. 10/10 Recommend!”

2.8 Average107 Reviews

“Codi Couchman was a real pleasure to assist me. Company's need people like her to represent their company. Can't say enough about how comfortable I was with her assistance.”

2.7 Average36 Reviews

“Eric is the home loan expert I talked to. He helped my decide which loan would be best for me. He was so pleasant and informative. He never made me feel rushed, even though I had 1000 questions.”

2.6 Average27 Reviews

“Melissa is my favorite teller. She's awesome. She always calls me by Ms. Fox , very professional, but not necessary. I'm very comfortable with her and we chat during the translation, but don't hold up any line.She deserves a raise.”

2.6 Average35 Reviews

“I am so happy this is the bank i chose when i moved up here. No matter the issue i have had with money outside the bank, they work tirelessly to get me results and i never go more than 2 hours without a call back. Closing my first account and opening a new one was easier than i imagined, and it was all over the phone! COVID hasn't stopped these folks , or even slowed them down when it comes to customer service. Special shout out to Rick, Who has been amazing and polite any time I've called. That man knows what is up when it comes to getting results. Thank You !!”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“I have had an amazing experience with Gesa credit Union and Bic Hickman, their Home Loan Officer, she has worked very hard, kept me in the loop constantly, full of knowledge. She is amazing with people. An Asset anywhere she is. BIC we are so glad to have you in our corner!!!”

2.4 Poor34 Reviews

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