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“Fast and friendly service is available right inside the grocery store. I can drop of my post and grab bread and milk on the way home: perfect! Thank you Yokes Market for adding simplicity to my daily activities.”

3.9Good19 Reviews

“i went in because i had a misplaced amazon package and thought it might be there... and sadly it wasn’t delivered there, but they were so SO helpful and treated me like i actually mattered. they tried multiple different ways of tracking the package from their end and even went looking through their back of house to search for it, even though we all knew it was a long shot. the lady that was assisting me even grabbed a coworker that wasn’t too busy at the moment just to make sure she wasn’t missing anything. super super compassionate and caring people, or at least they were on the day i went in haha!”

3.2Average83 Reviews

“This is my favorite place to go for mailing stuff. There's hardly ever a wait in line, like only 1 person in line at the most. The staff are very nice and friendly and helpful about getting the best deals and most out of your shipping experience.”

3.5Good17 Reviews

“This post office is close to where I live and is always very convenient and helpful. The guy who works there all the time (I forget his name at this time, its not Dale) is always very polite and helpful.”

3.5Good15 Reviews

“The gentleman who now runs this location is very knowledgeable and has a great attitude! Shipped a package internationally and it was too easy. Will be back for all my shipping needs! Thank you for the great service.”

2.8Average21 Reviews

“Nicole was very professional, proficient and offered great customer service when I went in to apply for my passport! It was very efficient and almost anxiolytic! Thank you Nicole and Veradale USPS.”

2.8Average47 Reviews

“These guys are so busy and short staffed in general. They really go the extra distance. Todd, the manager, was very helpful and the delivery personnel and warehouse staff are very nice and helpful! The service industry can be thankless and grueling...these guys handle that well! Thanks!”

2.7Average29 Reviews

“Not sure what everyone’s problem is? They put a stamp on my box and sent it on its way. I didn’t get a back rub or a shoulder massage but I also didn’t expect one. They seemed to do their job as described. 5 out of 5 stars, will mail here again.”

2.2Poor29 Reviews

“This post office is inside Yoke's Fresh Market, on the left side after entering. Envelopes, pens etc were available at the far end of aisle 11.The person behind the counter was excellent and even noticed when I had a Pasco zip code incorrect.”

1.9Poor87 Reviews

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