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“Been doing business with this post office for years.. wouldn't even try anywhere else. They are fast friendly and knowledgeable. Great customer service is an added plus!!!”

3.8Good47 Reviews

“Beautiful old post office in a historic building. Downtown parking is usually a headache, so it's not the most convienent location but if you're downtown already I'd highly recommend doing some business here just for the atmosphere and setting.Service on my visit was highly competent and friendly. Finding the entrance was tricky because there wasn't any outside signage that I'm aware of. You can go through the revolving door on the SW corner of the building then take the first right as you step inside. Or, go in the east entrance through a courtyard wedged between this building and the federal courthouse. Really cool area. Stunning early morning light. Epic architecture that shows off a level of grandeur and sophistication not typically associated with downtown Spokane.”

3.7Good21 Reviews

“Alex your customer service to day was awesome and you need a raise. Fast friendly clean post office. Money orders available at this location with a smile. Luv it.”

3.3Good42 Reviews

“Good staff. Good selection. Easy in an out. Quick checkout. My favorite store in the area even though I live on south hill (I only wish hatch rd was not going to be closed for so long so I could get here as easily as I did before)”

4.2Good8 Reviews

“Line was almost to the door but staff were so quick and efficient the line was gone within 15 minutes. Super friendly staff who knew what they were doing. By far the best post office I’ve been to!”

3.1Average42 Reviews

“Kay was very informative and caring, very precise with her job and knows her information very well. She went out of her way to make sure we knew what we were getting into and making the right choice.”

3Average61 Reviews

“I didn't even know it was there so it was a nice little hidden gem. The guy working was mad helpful so kudos to him. This is not a full service (I guess you would call it) post office as it is run through yokes as to my understandings. I for one am grateful that it's here”

3.3Good12 Reviews

“I appreciate this postal location so much. Their service is excellent, people are knowledgeable and if needed, you can call the branch manager and ask them questions directly.They've assisted me with vacation holds and post office box requests.I can't recommend the quality of this branch enough, how its run, services they offer and the people on staff. I love USPS and this branch is one reason I do.”

2.8Average53 Reviews

“You can not tell it is a small post office from the outside. It is inside the Rosauers store. Once you walk in, they have a small counter and post office staff to help you. I am glad I found it.”

2.4Poor25 Reviews

“Thank you to all the hardworking employees who are absolutely killing themselves with no days off for weeks, 14+ hour days every day…all to get people their Amazon when they could just…go to their local store instead.Sorry about all the negative reviews. I guess not ever seeing your families is just not enough for some people. They want you to work until you are literally dead. People sure are selfish and entitled.Thank you for all you do!”

2.3Poor46 Reviews

“Unlike many of the reviews here, my experience has been superb. No issues with delivery, friendly staff, quick, efficient. Have been here 15 months, not a single negative.”

2.1Poor80 Reviews

“Christy assisted me in recovering a misdelivered package and I am so grateful for her dedication alongside everyone in the USPS, including the carrier who made it happen. Thank you so much, this service was excellent and so so appreciated!”

1.8Poor53 Reviews

“Prices are going up. $10+ to ship a shirt! But that's 2023. The service is amazing. And you can almost guarantee to have all your shipping or postal needs met.”

1.6Poor53 Reviews

“It’s got to be very frustrating as a government entity to be so short handed with money and personnel just to have everyone complain about how slow mail comes through. It’s a thankless job, many people appreciate your service. People just expect the same speed of Mail as it has always been despite less workers and significantly more Mail traffic. Best of luck guys! And hope you get some more help from good people! Eric R helped me out when I went to pick up my Mail from them and he was very friendly and efficient! Thanks Eric!”

1.5Poor55 Reviews

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