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“I think it's mislabeled as an antique store- so that might turn off people who aren't looking for antiques. This is ... A gift shop perhaps... Spooky gifts, odd and unusual gifts... It's like the cool creepy older brother of Boo Radleys. There may be some antiques... I bought the softest cutest stuffed animal on my last visit. He's a sweet little Baphomet. with a pentagram on his forehead... and 2 intertwined snakes on his belly... Solve et Coagula!”

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“1889 Salvage Co. Is a wonderfully curated and eclectic shop of antiques, retro and vintage goods. Vendors are unique and offer goods at excellent prices, there's something for everyone. Friendly environment without pretention or pressure, a great place to dig for gems or find the perfect vintage clothes.”

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“This place is insanely awesome. I went in for an espresso (which was 5 stars alone) and ended up doing all of my Christmas shopping there. So many great sports cards - LeBron James, Brock Purdy, Derek Jeter, Patrick Mahomes, Shaq rookies and a Michael Jordan Error card - a Goonies and Mr Rogers lunch box, 2 Play Station 1 games I’ve been looking for for ever, packs of Candy Cigarettes for my old people’s nostalgia, A Spider-verse Funko Pop, an old Metallica vinyl record, a football jersey, and finished off that with a game of Mario Brothers. And, not just that but I found out the nice ladies that had that business Vibe across the way have their own shop inside The Rusty Mug now! If someone left these good people a review less than 5 stars, their cup is half empty and not half full, PERIOD. I love your store and will be a frequent flyer.”

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“When I accidentally bought and then forgot something there, these ladies really dig deep to find me and make sure I got my item. I did buy a few things, in my defense. ? I love this shop, always changing and always fun things to see. I’ll forever be grateful for their incredible customer service and their top notch shop.”

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“Our Favorite treasure store! Wonderful friendly staff, incredible variety from new to pre-vintage to true antique. Beautiful colored glass, sweet memorabilia, motorcycle boots, jewelry, tins, comic books, instruments, quirky items? You betcha!! This store is a Must See! We visit whenever in Spokane. #Shopherenow!!”

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“Multiple levels of wonderful treasures and the best shop cat in town! If you are looking for a good place to start your day of antique adventures start here. Work your way up Market Street, the 4 shops I visited were all so good.”

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“This was an interesting and fun shop to visit. Tons of postcards and stamps. We enjoyed chatting with the couple who owns it. Found a lot of nice stamps for my collection. Wish I didn’t live 400 miles away or I’d be there all the time.”

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“I found the most perfect pice of furniture on fb marketplace . The most beautiful owner of this amazing location was so sweet to hold it for me for so I could come from out of state and pick it up. Everything in the store is in amazing conditions. I know the store just flooded with winter so please give this store all your love and support!!”

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“I am so pleased that my Mastercrafters Swinging Girl clock works again. Hut at the Clock House did a great job bringing this lovely clock back to life. Thank you!”

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“What a fun little store to go antiquing at. I found so many cute and quirky things in there. Definitely will have to come back and look around some more. There is so much to see and I'm sure different items coming in all the time. My girls and I had a great time.”

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“Great vintage furniture shop. Phenomenal taste and reasonable prices. I admit that initially I was a little reluctant to want to use a vintage shop, as I like garage sales and online ads for pieces. However, Tossed & Found takes out the guess work. Everyone there has good taste in pieces and the mark up is minimal. The place is great and everyone is super friendly (from a long time customer, almost all of our furniture was purchased at Tossed & Found).”

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“Wandered in her in a Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by this nice shopping experience. The store has a vintage and cozy vibe. The store has cute clothes for babies/kids and woman's attire. There are cute tees, sweaters, pants, and coats and jackets. There were tons of cute candles and gifts. The jewelry was very unique and adorable. The prices were a little on the pricey end but I did find the perfect and unique gift for a friend. There is a lot to see so give yourself a little time to enjoy and wander.”

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“Today I purchased these beautiful spoon and plate. I want to say that their items are in very good condition compared to what I have seen in other places! very interesting store! Nice consultants! They also have a cafe in the store with interesting desserts! I enjoyed my shopping.❤️?”

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“Very well curated and displayed vintage items. It's a pure pleasure to view. I usually don't pay the clothing prices because it's just a bit too much for my thrifty heart. But if you want good items, this is the place.”

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“These guys don’t rip you off like “coins plus” across the street. Coins plus charged me $5 over spot to buy an ounce of silver and A-1 charged me only $2 over spot for the exact same Sunshine Mining 1 ounce silver round. Picture going to Safeway for gas and it is $3.65 a gallon, but the Nom Nom mini mart across the street sells the same gas for $5.25 a gallon. Who would you go to????”

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“My kids and I love this store, there's so much to explore and so many fun finds! There are a nice range of prices, styles and types of things to meet all kinds of different tastes. It's a bit dark but there's none of that used-clothes-smell like some places have. We've found some terrific items and everything has been in good shape and has helped up well.”

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“I love this store! it's always so much fun to get all the best antiques in 1 store like this... this store really takes pride in amazing taste in antiques and it shows. if you like old glass like me you're gonna love this place and the people who make it all happen! :)”

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“I've received great, professional service every time in this place. Prices are fair, and the people are friendly and efficient, what more can you ask from a merchant?”

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“Unlike many other vintage style furniture stores in Spokane, Blue Cat is clean, orderly, and full of surprises. The owners are super nice and the building itself has the classy look and feel of times gone by.”

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“Spencer's was a cool antique store had a lot of sports collectibles and a bunch of old fishing stuff. The woman at the front was very inviting and the store had a cool vibe about it.”

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“Danielle cut and colored my hair today. She is so good at her job. Only second time there, but she is amazing. Great environment! Good vibe! Support local… professional and talented.”

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“Fantastic owners who know their products and are super helpful. They also carry so many neon signs it will blow your mind. The outside garden area will keep you in awe.”

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