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“Vibes in here are immaculate. The selection is curated, prices are reasonable, and the owner is friendly. It like shopping with a friend-light hearted banter with no pressure to buy. I’ll be back next time I’m in Spokane!”

4.9 Superb32 Reviews

“Hands down, this is one of my favorite shops in Spokane! Every time I go in, I’m in there for quite some time looking around and finding new treasures! Everything is displayed beautifully, the shop has so many corners and nooks, you’re guaranteed to find things that make you stop and go “wow! Look at this!” - very easy to be mesmerized by it all!! Yesterday, went in and found some stunning authentic Coach sunglasses and had a wonderful conversation with Nikki , the sweet gal behind the counter! I just adore this shop! The ladies I’ve talked to are always so great! This shop is definitely worth a stop to take a peek around! You may find amazing gems to add to your home! This gorgeous Vogue framed picture from 1911 came home with me as well! Visit their shop, strike up a conversation with the ladies there and get your vehicle ready to take home amazing finds! ?”

4.6 Superb63 Reviews

“A-mazing boutique full of options for all your clothing needs!! It turned out to be my one-stop shop where I found the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding.*Go earlier in the day than later as it's popular and it gets busy. ;)”

4.7 Superb35 Reviews

“Long overdue review. I’ve been shopping here since they opened. Always a great varied selection well-curated. It’s the only vintage shop in town that you can just chill in. They never make you feel like you’re not “cool enough” to be there or ask a question. They’re friendly, inclusive, and not pretentious. It’s truly a family owned and operated small biz, the kind worth supporting to keep in Spokane.”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“I was recently in Spokane and realized I had forgotten a belt. I was able to find exactly what I needed in the mens shop of Echo. Great belt, great price and such a helpful staff. Thank you for the help Mike!”

4.6 Superb50 Reviews

“Walked in, told him what I was looking for and they had it! Super easy and very fun store to peruse. Found some other records to take home in the bargain area too!! Very nice staff! Reminds me of records store from the past.”

4.8 Superb19 Reviews

“Adorable boutique that sells fairly-priced, size-inclusive, GORGEOUS vintage clothing, gently used modern clothing, jewelry, and all the sassy knick-knacks a girl could ever want. Oh, and did I mention they're local and woman-owned? And that if you ask nicely, the shop ladies will give you great styling tips on pieces you're unsure of? And that your shopping experience comes completely free of any (completely unnecessary) body shame?I seriously don't know what more you could want in a clothing store. If you live in Spokane, and you don't shop at Veda Lux, then you need to get your fricking life back on track and get in there, stat!”

4.5 Superb42 Reviews

“Shop is on the smaller size, but they have quality goods at great prices. As a rule, their quality is higher than any other thrift store in town. When I donate clothes, I only donate the best (including some that were never worn with the price tags still attached).”

4.6 Superb25 Reviews

“Absolutely phenomenal. Staff was really friendly and helpful. They have such a massive selection that I could spend hours just looking through everything. Really great finds! Definitely go there everytime I get the chance.”

4.4 Superb110 Reviews

“All star team!My grandson needed work on his BMX bike, yep its off season. This didn't stop the entire crew at Ramblerraven,they embraced the challenge.They figured out what he needed and repaired his bike.Excellent communication throughout the process.Considerate, knowledgeable all-around professional service.If I have forgotten your name, I apologize in advance. Thanks, Ben, Mark, Matty,and Mitchell!”

4.5 Superb40 Reviews

“Our Favorite treasure store! Wonderful friendly staff, incredible variety from new to pre-vintage to true antique. Beautiful colored glass, sweet memorabilia, motorcycle boots, jewelry, tins, comic books, instruments, quirky items? You betcha!! This store is a Must See! We visit whenever in Spokane. #Shopherenow!!”

5 Superb9 Reviews

“I absolutely was not expecting something this cool when I walked in. It has tons of fun gifts and things all about Spokane and the surrounding area! This is the place to take anyone who's visiting from out of town to grab something to remember our neck of the woods! It's all done in a very specific "vintage" style that is beautifully executed by the artistic creator. This place is worth seeking out.”

4.7 Superb11 Reviews

“I've received great, professional service every time in this place. Prices are fair, and the people are friendly and efficient, what more can you ask from a merchant?”

4.4 Superb30 Reviews

“Shopped Other Mothers 25 years ago for my granddaughter, shopped throughout the years for my foster girls and now I'm back shopping for my great grandchild. This is a fantastic store and necessary service in this troubled economy. Thanks Other Mothers! ?”

4.4 Superb29 Reviews

“What a fun little store to go antiquing at. I found so many cute and quirky things in there. Definitely will have to come back and look around some more. There is so much to see and I'm sure different items coming in all the time. My girls and I had a great time.”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Another great vintage story in the Union District! Several vendors to browse. There's also a coffee bar so you can grab a coffee as you browse. So many beautiful, unique items. I found a wonderful bracelet and ring for my vintage jewelry collection. Everyone is very friendly and it is a relaxing environment. I will be back!”

4.4 Superb10 Reviews

“Kind of obsessed with Rebel Junk! The staff is always friendly and their inventory is gorgeous! I don't have enough rooms in my house to decorate with all the beautiful pieces I want!”

4.3 Superb15 Reviews

“My kids and I love this store, there's so much to explore and so many fun finds! There are a nice range of prices, styles and types of things to meet all kinds of different tastes. It's a bit dark but there's none of that used-clothes-smell like some places have. We've found some terrific items and everything has been in good shape and has helped up well.”

4.2 Good14 Reviews

“This is such a sweet little boutique! She has great pieces, good selection, and offered reasonable prices for my items she chose to purchase. The owner was friendly and nice to chat with. It's a lovely store and I'll definitely be back!”

4.1 Good47 Reviews

“Lots of great throwback collectibles from Star Wars, Marvel, and other retro fandoms. The store is definitely cluttered and can be tricky to navigate, but it's a small space and they're doing their best to display everything; and they have quite a bit. Enjoyed our trip to the store and will definitely be back.”

4 Good16 Reviews

“Recently purchased a brand new mattress in a box. Easily fifty percent off of retail price. Along with receiving a military discount the overall price of the mattress was well bought in my opinion. Several mattresses and sizes still available.”

4 Good30 Reviews

“This is such a great concept! Resell at a considerable discount, current clothing that has been lightly used. However, this is very much a niche business. They only carry a limited size range. They don't carry classic designs that work well over the years. They prefer current trendy items. They donate clothing that hasn't sold in perhaps 90 days, to very worthwhile organizations in the community.”

3 Average5 Reviews

“Today I noticed that some sweaters I looked at were priced at $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00. It appears that prices are going up. I love this location and the staff are awesome but the pricing needs to be re adjusted. There is no consistency in pricing. Are they pricing items based on brand or condition, after all the stuff is used.”

3 Average21 Reviews

“I haven’t visited Plato’s closet in years because in the past I struck out and I’m pushing 40 so I thought this store isn’t for me. Also I was used to being mostly ignored if I was a shopper and as a veteran of retail, I get a little picky about customer service especially as someone who used to help people find the perfect outfit for a big event.Enter Edwin, who last night made a mom with a one year old who has lost her vision of self expression with clothing feel like a million dollars. Additionally I can tell the entire team has a synergistic bond and they were laughing together while managing buys, recovering go-backs, and checking out customers at the register. It was an actual dream experience to the point where I think if management had stylists like him and incorporated a commission position into their business model they might do a lot more volume and I say so because it’s the first time I’ve dropped close to $300 at a consignment location. I normally would not have tried on 75% of the clothing he brought to me but I was so enthralled with having a new look and getting on the LuLu Lemon train to join the other cool kids and now I think I might return for the odd cupcake looking shirt I passed on!!I was able to ask fashion questions and finally break out of my athleisure mostly black and neutral vibe or generally wearing only hoodies. I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Haha.I’d also like to comment how the location on the north side has vastly improved in space and merchandising since the move from next to Burlington. It was overcrowded and stifling before, now it’s lovely. I’m so enthralled about this now I kind of want to own a Plato’s closet and open one someplace. Super cool experience, thank you one and all.”

2.7 Average58 Reviews

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