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“My brother referred me to Dorothy and she made time to set me up with an appointment. She's really sweet and I appreciate her so much for what she did and what she's doing. I'm thankful to have this opportunity.”

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“This was such a fun place to visit that I had no idea existed! It's a thrift store for craft supplies. How cool is that?!?! Prices are reasonable and the wide array of items they have impressed me. All sorts of painting supplies, fabric, wood framing bits, yarn, scrapbook items - more things than I can list. If you're a crafty sort, I would recommend visiting. They even have volunteer opportunities. What I felt when I walked in was a community of creators all working together to support each other and help make supplies more accessible.”

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“Definitely going to start supporting this cause. The support given to people who are having a hard time is awesome. Everyone is friendly, rooms are secure and nice.”

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“Shop is on the smaller size, but they have quality goods at great prices. As a rule, their quality is higher than any other thrift store in town. When I donate clothes, I only donate the best (including some that were never worn with the price tags still attached).”

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“I'm so thankful we found the Native Project. We've used their medical clinic, behavioral health counseling, dentist, and now even the pharmacy. Everyone is very empathetic and helpful. They've always been flexible and accommodating with scheduling and they've been very good with communication. I feel like my sons are valued as individuals there.”

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“We used this establishment to celebrate my daughter's quinceañera and I would 100% recommend this place, it's the perfect place to celebrate any type of special event.”

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“This store is so amazing for new home owners who need to perform upgrades at an affordable cost. There's always different items available for purchase and it's like a treasure hunt. There are all home appliance needs met here and it's a must shop at store.”

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“We had our end of season rollerderby ball at the womens club tonight and it was a great space for our party. The staff was present and helpful. And the facility was perfect for our needs. Thank you Women’s Club for the use of your space.”

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“I approve of everything this place does for youth I personally have gotten kicked out multiple times and have been suspended for months at a time, but they always welcome me to come back eventually all the staff are great and they do great things here”

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“I love this place. It has really helped me and my family get our lives back on track! I am so thankful for this place only the 2 years I feel is not long enough. (Edited; so leaving this place I do have very mixed feelings, this place is supposed to be a place for all types of people dealing with transitions. Including people dealing with addictions. They claim that if you are in recovery and happen to have a relapse that they will still work with you, but I found out the hard way..... Not exactly!! Instead of trying to work with me and giving me some much needed non evasive intervention type support, they turned me family, with very small children out on the streets. Not only that but one employee in particular continued to engage in very toxic and extremely triggering conversations with an extremely toxic person who has never had my best interest or my childrens well being at the fore front and only wanted to make sure her pocket got a lot fatter with being able to claim my children on her taxes!!! I am very disappointed in the overall end experience with this organization, and I hope no one has to experience the same issues I had to. I mean not only did relapsing after have 3.5 years of recovery make me feel bad enough, the way staff made me feel worst by treating me as if I had an extremely contagious disease, but to just be able to throw me and my children out in the cold during winter time, but the way I was doopted into believing of I would still have support to overcome said relapse, to find out I was very aggressively given the cold shoulder on top of being treated like scum.... Regardless of said experience, I will not let this defeat me. I will provide for my children and overcome my addiction. Smh I am very hurt and disappointed!! If you are am addict in recovery, and end up here DO NOT RELAPSE!!!!”

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“Salvation Army offers a lot of services for the citizens of Spokane. It would be beneficial for folks to check on the types of services they need . Chances are the Salvation Army has the resources you need.”

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“I'm going to make a point of going in the next week or two as this was one of those checkins for Google even though I hadn't actually gone in, it's been quite some time since I've been to church so what can it actually hurt, might even do me some good to go. So hopefully I'll let y'all know in the next week or two how it went”

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“Recently purchased a brand new mattress in a box. Easily fifty percent off of retail price. Along with receiving a military discount the overall price of the mattress was well bought in my opinion. Several mattresses and sizes still available.”

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“This place has great recovery, some things could be the Groups for instance. The information that they DON'T teach in them that they should be...”

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“No public restroom...which sucks especially if you are there for a while. The customer service is outstanding, and they offer a variety of services to the community.”

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“I’m looking for my brother ! His name Is DATHAN S MILLER he’s a tall white male if you guys know where he is can you get a message to him can you tell him his sister GABRIELLA JOSE is looking for him I am worried as well as our family & we want to know if he is ok He has not been sending or receiving our messages”

3.8 Good10 Reviews

“I rent an apt thru them and am glad they helped me when I was homeless. David in the office is who helped me with my application and has been wonderful in helping me as needed. He is one of my favorite people there at the office”

3.7 Good43 Reviews

“I'm very blessed to have vanessa behind helping me with my autistic kids they are very kind and supporting the community my kids love to come to there facility, we appreciate all yhe hard work you doing with our kids ❤️”

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“I'm not sure what the bad reviews about prices are all about. I have visited most thrift stores in the area and I would say they just fall slightly on the higher end, but not by much.However, the quality of items here, especially furniture is way above average. Very nice couches, dressers, other furniture. Really good selection of clothing and coats. Beautiful artwork and other nick-nacks for home decor.Remember, all proceeds generated from UGM Thrift, auto, and other ventures go directly into their mission of helping the homeless and providing resources towards helping men, women, and children better themselves. Salaries have to be paid, rent and utilities need to be paid, some food items that don't get donated on a regular basis need to be bought, etc.On top of it all, the staff at this location are very friendly and helpful.As a current resident of UGM Men's mission transitioning back into housing, I applaud what this organization does for the community. Please keep all this in mind before writing negative reviews, they need all the financial support they can get. The prices are NOT outrageous.”

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“Been coming here for years, actually since 1974 (2nd grade), when the YMCA was in Riverfront Park. Recently had an issue, staff made it better for all of us. Love the staff. Saw a Lifeguard actually sitting on a bench this week conversing with someone who looked like they needed a friend at the moment. Thank you for being AWESOME!”

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“Not su not sure who it was that helped me when I was in a trailer fire and airway heights but I I was in airway heights again and I was with well it was with family and trying to make it by I was homeless living on my truck and I went to jail and somebody stole my vehicle it was used in some kind of a crime and then shot up with bullet holes and now it's in the impound and they want me to pay $3,000 to get it back I was in jail the whole time I didn't know anything about it I was victim of this crime and I feel like I'm rendered hopeless and helpless and homeless and everything I owned was in that vehicle everything I owned everything I had left was in there it's all gone everybody stole it and the vehicle was shot 16 times but I don't know who and it's rendered completely useless I had clients lined up for the snow season to use my truck as a snow plow so I'm losing $300 a day right now for applying snow and I just I'm really depressed because I really needed that for my family and I really needed that to keep me going and you guys help me once before I think it was American Red Cross or Blue Cross or somebody but I'm backed up against the wall and I'm panicking I'm confused I'm hurt I'm homeless on the streets with no clothes no money no truck no vehicle no no job I lost everything feel like I'm just lost and I'm hurting right now and I don't know what to do I feel like I'm older vehicle from somebody I don't have a phone for another couple days but I can call back”

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“Today I noticed that some sweaters I looked at were priced at $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00. It appears that prices are going up. I love this location and the staff are awesome but the pricing needs to be re adjusted. There is no consistency in pricing. Are they pricing items based on brand or condition, after all the stuff is used.”

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