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“I love store, they meats they provide are excellent!! So is the service!! They always go above and beyond!! Thanks so much, all of you there at Tony's Quality Meats!!”

4.7 Superb74 Reviews

“I love this place. Prices are amazing even when they change each week. Some go up and some go down but it is never by a huge amount. Even with price changes they still have low prices. The employees are very polite and will help if you ask. The management crew is amazing.”

4.5 Superb71 Reviews

“Always a clean, well stocked store. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. Well managed! The aisles are wide enough that shopping is a pleasure. Our favorite grocery store!”

4.7 Superb34 Reviews

“My grandpa had an issue with their bill payment system. Ron the manager contacted me to resolve it and sounded very caring to the situation and even knew my grandpa by name. It's nice to know a business cares that much about their elderly customers to go above and beyond to fix an issue. Thank you Ron for great service.”

4.4 Superb52 Reviews

“Great store! We don't have such network in Maryland (only "regular" Dollar Tree).We found and bought everything we were looking for. Everything is clean and tidy. Large range of products. Not many people.Staff is polite and responsive. This store is very useful especially when you are on vacation and you are looking for stuff for your barbecue, - like barbecue coal, ignition for coal, etc.Big assortment of different types of goods, including diary.”

4.8 Superb13 Reviews

“Love saving 10 cents a gallon just from having 100 points on your reward card these days that is well worth it. Friendly staff they remember you and your name some of themr...always sweet to my little girls.”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“Newly remodeled. So many new items. They now have more frozen and refrigerated food items. They employees are always friendly and ready to help. Is the only Dollar General that I shop at!!!”

4.1 Good69 Reviews

“I love shopping at Dollar general however it's an experience and it's like maneuvering a tactical field when you I have to Dodge the stock sitting all over the sales floor on carts other than that you find great deals”

4 Good67 Reviews

“Like most people anymore I mainly do pickups, but the people that bring us the items has always been friendly and the items they pick out with fruits and vegetables are always good quality.”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“We call it the Indian store, they're absolutely amazing people! Great place to go get your snacks and food! Love their boba! Love them, very nice polite sweet people! Check them out!”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“There's a surprisingly wide variety of quality items here, but I had to knock a star off because it's just so cluttered with inventory that it's hard to get around. Everywhere you turn they are boxes and crates of items stacked 8 feet tall blocking your way.”

3.9 Good60 Reviews

“This DG was very clean and the staff was very helpful. It's in a bad location to pull out of, however, it can successfully be done. Just double check when pulling out. The store is a good one though.”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“Easy access from the interstate. Room for truck parking, but the lot is small. They have hot sandwiches and other pre-prepared food. Service was good. Restrooms were fairly clean. Very busy location.”

3.8 Good45 Reviews

“Been shopping here for 35 years. They have what we need. Food is very good and fresh.Pharmacy has the best pharmacists and technicians, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly!”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“With prices on a constant back and forth they do try to manage a good price on most things. I would be willing to pay a little bit more because they make up for it in customer service. Everyone one of them that works there truly treats u like family if u stop and take the time to say. Even if you don't your still treated with a great smile and friendly welcome. LOVE THIS STORE”

3.8 Good18 Reviews

“This has been my go to Krogers since I moved to Beckley 2 years ago. Workers are very nice and have what I need. Every employee I have dealt with have been nice and professional.”

4 Good1 Reviews

“I go in there every other day and everyone is always so friendly. I had an issue with coupons and the manager and customer service desk were awesome about fixing the issue!!!”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

“The food was fantastic. I asked for fresher chicken and didn't mind waiting on it. Went to pick it up 20 minutes later and had a bucket of 3 types of meaty chicken hot and ready that fed a family of 5 for $16.00 that's a great deal.”

3.5 Good6 Reviews

“Delivered 6 pallets of water to store. Maxine at customer service is short handed, but done a fantastic job of getting the personnel to get off loaded. Great job!!”

3.5 Good31 Reviews

“I always go there for gas before work. Staff is always friendly. I think it is convenient even if I do drive all the way from home and past work just to get my gas. Great job guys, keep up the good work!”

3.4 Good14 Reviews

“Best opd in the buisness!!! There’s a long haired fella with ponytail dispensing I guess you’d call it who’s always so friendly and fast ya never see young men working like that these days walmart should take care of those type of guys it’s a dying breed in todays society”

3.4 Good49 Reviews

“This is one of the best Walmarts I've ever been in.I was pleasantly impressed. With the store and the stockWhoever runs the store take pride in it because not all walmarts look like this.”

3.3 Good50 Reviews

“This has been my go to Krogers since I moved to Beckley 2 years ago. Workers are very nice and have what I need. Every employee I have dealt with have been nice and professional.”

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