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“You need to update the hours for customer counter in Middleton. Shipping is from 10am-12:30 and 4pm-6:00pm. You can drop off pre printed label packages and pickup packages from 4pm till 8:30pm.”

4.3 Superb24 Reviews

“The UPS store in Middleton gets an A+. They are incredibly easy to work with, in all aspects. Their staff goes beyond being helpful and are incredibly friendly. Such an incredible experience verses using the United States Postal Service.”

3.8 Good25 Reviews

“Went with a 70 year old PDF of an ancient faded plat of survey map, Taha took great pains to have custom set his copier to bring out details that were better than my digital file's output. . . the guy was extremely competent, proficient, treated me like an best friend. . . his service left me feeling valued days after the wonderful experience, I remain so very grateful to have met him, would steal him in a heartbeat, if I still had my former business. . .”

2.8 Average9 Reviews

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