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“I like that they added the scanners. You can now use the Costco App to pull up your member bar code and scan it at the pump. No need to carry the costco card on you. It makes it easier.”

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“CVS at Target when this store was close for the month of July 2023 was the said time for me. \nNo other Pharmacist know me like Anthony does, the staff is the most outstanding Courteous and polite as well as very knowledgeable.\nSo thank you CVS on Longmore in Mesa az for all you do.”

4.7 Superb38 Reviews

“Like other reviewers switched from the chain pharmacies to Best-Rx. They are knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and professional. It’s nice to go into a place and see the same faces - and for those faces to not be exhausted and hating their job consistently. Even asked for advice about over the counter items and was given helpful personalized information. Didn’t know a local community pharmacy was still an option and I’m so glad it is!”

4.9 Superb29 Reviews

“Great for a quick stop. The employees are generally really nice but one time I asked someone where the wine was and he said "on the alcohol aisle" like oooh wow thanks for the help bro. Luckily the store is small enough you could lap it in 7 minutes.”

3.9 Good118 Reviews

“My favorite wal-mart! These guys are happy and caring and absolutely do everything they can to make their customers and delivery drivers happy! I love the staff here! You all are such amazing beautiful people, thanks so much for all you do!”

3.6 Good153 Reviews

“These people are amazing! I live an hour away and needed my prescription ASAP due to some severe pain and strange side effects from a different medication. They rushed my prescription on a Friday afternoon and even told me when it'd be done so I could head out earlier and get relief faster. Sure enough pulled into the parking lot as I got the text it was ready to pickup. Everyone working there was so kind and helpful and they were upfront with pricing when I called which was actually half what I was expecting to pay. Definitely recommend! Thank you Elements!!!”

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“My doctor called me in a medication I needed immediately. There pharmacy didn't know it was urgent I made them aware and they filled it right away. They said this one was made in house and takes a few days. I’m so grateful they made it happen. Definitely will be using them again. My insurance didn’t cover my medication and the cost was very low for a fertility/pregnancy medication. Thank you”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“Never too crowded and ease of use is rock solid. Staff & cashiers are always helpful. Some incidental remodeling has started to impart a fresher, cleaner feel walking through the door.”

3.8 Good45 Reviews

“Best pharmacy around! The customer service is incredible and everyone is super friendly!An amazing pharmacy love the free n prompt delivery.Outstanding customer service, they great you with a smile and get you out in a timely manner.”

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“I’ve been coming to our Rx Formulations for a couple of decades now. I cannot tell you how wonderful every single person there is…especially Troy, Courtney and Kelly! They have literally been angels to me and have been helping me out when I’ve been ill or in need of any type of referral.THANK YOU! ?”

4.8 Superb11 Reviews

“This may be the best managed pharmacy I have ever dealt with. They are prompt and courteous and they aren't seen standing around chatting with each other while their (many) customers are waiting. I give them 5 stars.”

3.7 Good28 Reviews

“This is my Costco I like to go to the service is nice but some items they barely ever have. I think everything there is pretty expensive. The selection is huge though!”

3.2 Average123 Reviews

“This place not only has excellent products and reasonable prices, but the service is phenomenal: You don't live in the Phoenix area? No problem- they mail it to you. Once when they knew I needed something quickly, the sent an order overnight - with no extra charge. You can actually speak with a Pharmacist - they are most helpful and will bend over backwards to help if they can.”

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“I can't say enough about Steve. He went above and beyond to help me track down a prescription that is in high demand. His willingness to to help and his genuine concern was really outstanding. Thank you!”

4.3 Superb12 Reviews

“Everyone at this location inside Target are absolutely the best! Dealing with prescriptions and insurance can be unpredictable and stressful. They always have a solution or great suggestions, and always finding the best discounts.”

3.5 Good25 Reviews

“We have been with CVS at Mesa Red Mountain for a number of years now and they cease to amaze us how they go the extra mile for us every time we need them. Rory and Erin are the two best pharmacists we have ever had the privilege of being customers of. They deserve more than 5 stars but that is the most we can give them. We will stay with this Pharmacy as long as Rory and Erin are behind the counter.Larry and Carole”

4.7 Superb7 Reviews

“The best pharmacy I have ever used very friendly service and very professional thank you to everyone including all the pharmacists and the staff that work there Especially the pharmacist Danny, I appreciate your professionalism! Including Joseph and the rest of the staff.”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

“Been coming here for about 6 months now and am astonished at the speed the medications are filled after receiving the prescription or refill request, the availability of certain medications that are hard to find due to shortages, and most importantly the impeccable customer service. Issues are solved quickly and without judgement or excuses. Rarely have I had to wait in line for more than 5mins, if there even is a line. This is a well oiled machine my friends, with a crew that’s doing things better than any competition out there. A gem of a pharmacy indeed with a crew that clearly goes above and beyond without hesitation.”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews

“I have bad health so I frequent this pharmacy alot over the last few years. I can't stress enough that THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! Everyone that works there is very professional and amazing human beings. Even those times I had been in a bad mood and there was issues with insurance, they still didn't take it personal and kept composed and polite. They have even gone above and beyond to resolve issues or fill prescriptions quickly if I forgot to get the refill until last minute like an idiot just to make my life easier. Not one person at this pharmacy has given me any reason to stop coming to this pharmacy. I'd give them 10 stars and a raise if I could!”

3.6 Good13 Reviews

“Cat in cosmetics is really knowledgeable and kind. She answered all of my questions. She took time to explain to me the difference between different products. She is a true asset to this company. I hope they recognize that.”

3 Average73 Reviews

“I have been getting my prescriptions at the Walmart Neighborhood store at 2725 E. McKellips Rd in Mesa Az for a few years now. I wanted to tell you about the great service my wife and I get at the Pharmacy. There is a young lady that works their that is the most friendly. Her name is Emily and she is always so helpful. She remembers my name and treats me like family. This is something you rarely see and it is like old fashioned service of a time gone by. I don't have a great Drs Office and the Drs office always seems to drop the ball when I need refills. Emily, at Walmart Pharmacy always goes the extra mile to haunt my Drs office to get my prescriptions approved. All in all its a great store, it has its share of rude employees on the grocery side but like I said Emily really stands out as a first rate employee. Thanks Emily and the Pharmacy staff at 2725 E. McKellips Rd in Mesa Az.”

3.1 Average36 Reviews

“I had an issue with my prescription. The pharmacist was a young man, I wish I could remember his name, but he was calm, kind, and extremely professional. I left pleasantly surprised. Great service!”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

“Best pharmacy I’ve ever used!! I’m coming from Walgreens on North power and Recker Rd where I’ve had the WORST experiences ever. What a relief to actually deal with a pharmacy/pharmacist that truly cares. Kip goes above and beyond and really cares about his customers. If are thinking of transferring your prescriptions to a great pharmacy. I highly recommend this one. My only regret is that I waited so long to change pharmacies.”

3.2 Average23 Reviews

“This was my first time ever visiting this location of CVS . However, it was an amazingly great experience. First off, the parking lot is very clean and there's covered parking. Which when it is 108° outside is a major plus to have. The store is clean and well laid out. One of the girls working, I believe her name was Emily ,was incredibly helpful. She was able to answer my questions about a certain product on the CVS website. As well as understood how the CVS issued coupons work . Yeah and Yeah! Went in there and got everything I needed. Got out quickly, and to a nice shaded vehicle”

3.2 Average22 Reviews

“I have been using this location for prescriptions for almost 3 years and everyone is so wonderful. The grocery store is awesome as well. Thank you all for being awesome.Don”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“I have been shopping at the Frys (Power & Baseline) for 7 years. When I first started shopping the store was much cleaner and the majority of the employees were friendly and helpful. My shopping experience was stressless and when there was a hiccup Frys made it right.Recently ( x2 years), however the stores appearance, employees and product choices have declined. While my favorite local grocery is Frys in Apache Junction, I like the small town feel at this location. Today was my first Frys pick up and it was seamless. I even had a return and it was stressless.My concern was in the store, a female employee (which was also the associate who brought my groceries out for my pick up)that hit (not to cause harm but enough to make her stagger and startle her) my Mom with a cart. Not a shopping cart but another type of cart. My 78 year old mother was very upset about this due to,almost to the day, she was severly injured by a kitchen staff worker at her place of employment in a similar, avoidable accident. I/we were not able to address the situation at the time and it was a good thing because I might cleaned that associates clock ( not a threat, just a vent).It might be advisable to go over some safety and awareness policies.”

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“I like the way I am treated here and how I see them treat others. Pharmacy goes out of their way to be helpful and I have watched them show customers how to get discounts even on their medications. You don't see that a whole lot.”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“This is legit one of the best Walgreens in the valley! Everyone is so nice and helpful. I will purposely go out of my way to go to this store because they are just that great of a location!”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“that staff is amazing friendly the pharmacy was super helpful non judging and actually cared about me getting my medicine thank you guys so much recommended over the walgreens on Guadalupe only some of the staff was nice their”

2.9 Average75 Reviews

“Best pharmacy ever. Love the associates ESPECIALLY Sally. Walking into this Walmart pharmacy is like walking into Cheers. These ppl remember your name and totally and genuinely care. The pharmacist I deal with, Mickey, explains everything so clearly. I will forever get my prescriptions at this walmart.”

3 Average36 Reviews

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