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“If they don't have it, no body has it! The staff is super friendly and welcoming. The cashier lady is always happy and as genuine as they come, a rarity these days. This place has a small town store vibe with big city store inventory.”

4.6Superb122 Reviews

“Excellent food and even if they get busy the service was friendly and made no excuses . I like a good sandwich shop in my neighborhood and they are open even on Sundays. I'll be back for their food .”

4.7Superb71 Reviews

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my family to have a car wash at your facility to raise money to lay our son, brother, uncle, daddy, nephew, grandson to rest!! Los Tres Amigos, we're amazing and I recommend them for future fundraising. Again thank you.”

4.9Superb46 Reviews

“CVS at Target when this store was close for the month of July 2023 was the said time for me. \nNo other Pharmacist know me like Anthony does, the staff is the most outstanding Courteous and polite as well as very knowledgeable.\nSo thank you CVS on Longmore in Mesa az for all you do.”

4.6Superb34 Reviews

“Always the friendliest service and they remember people personally. They even went so far as to order me specific cigars and drinks, all I had to was ask! (Lol, and buy them of course). Great choices and great prices...and they have a great loyalty/purchase discount as well...saves a lot of money.”

4.6Superb32 Reviews

“Thank you! Going again! I have to add to my previous post..... They have every kind of liquor you can imagine at decent prices.... their the only ones I fux with I'm my neighborhood! All kinds of paraphernalia if you're into that...and an awesome Swisher Sweets selection to pick from PLUS all the lighters and gadgets needed to have a good time!”

4.1Good68 Reviews

“Bathrooms are always clean. Rick at the register is always kind and helpful. The pizza is really good & The coffee and Tea are really good, it’s a favorite stop.”

4.1Good64 Reviews

“Good evening everyone, Constitutionalst, Patriot, Veteran & Direct D supporter from Florida here. I Came to show love, support and respect to the clerk, business owners, any good officers & the auditors. WE THE PEOPLE must always stand for a true & just cause. No matter the recourse. When good men do nothing, bad men succeed! To the responding police departments. first and foremost: you need to truly & wholeheartedly understand that WE THE PEOPLE value first responders. Secondly: you need to accept & understand that WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER trust you until you "the good cops" start taking charge and arresting the TYRANTS that tarnish YOUR reputation. As an agency, force for good, and deterrent, you're needed and valued. But only & ONLY if you live by "To protect & serve" As a veteran, the HONOR TO SERVE is something that should never be taken lightly & should be cherished. To the good law enforcement officials, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO BE REVERED AS!!!We need to have each other's backs right now, times are about to get really bad... good night & God bless!!!”

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“Always good. They need cereal though. The beer selection is very good. Friendly staff and they let me sit and cool off when it's hot outside. Thanks for your kindness.”

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“If you're looking for a quick way to grab something fast, this is the place to go drive through or walk on in. You can also pick up some snacks. The place has a good atmosphere, and it's always lit up in the right light. The people behind the counter are always nice and has great customer service.”

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“Store is generally clean and the staff do what they can with what they have. One star missing due to the plumbing issue they have had for the past month causing a nasty sewer odor. Hope they get it fixed soon.”

4.2Good45 Reviews

“Great place, super friendly every single time, even when your 2 year old drives all the bubble gum trucks on the floor up the toy aisle when you're not watching closely enough.”

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“Great service.I chose East Mesa Market out of the other four in this area!! I'm comfortable and ALWAYS when I'm feeling down friendly smile makes my day!”

4.4Superb30 Reviews

“Always clean and organized stores with great personnel who greet you when you walk in the door and when you go to pay. Delicious choices of food and drink. Great pizzas from the kitchen and more... Enjoy.”

3.9Good63 Reviews

“We went there to overpay on gas at $2.69/gallon totaling $44.25. The average gas price at that time was $2.27/gallon in the East Valley; therefore the margin overpaid from average gas bill was $7.04. Surprisingly there was almost nobody around this area hence the gas price was 42¢/gallon higher than Easy Valley average. We overpay because we don't like to be around gas customers who don't have a mask on and/or don't social distance; particularly from the coronavirus issue.”

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“We have been with CVS at Mesa Red Mountain for a number of years now and they cease to amaze us how they go the extra mile for us every time we need them. Rory and Erin are the two best pharmacists we have ever had the privilege of being customers of. They deserve more than 5 stars but that is the most we can give them. We will stay with this Pharmacy as long as Rory and Erin are behind the counter.Larry and Carole”

4.9Superb17 Reviews

“Stopped in on our way out of mesa, decent little liquor shop. Could use some touching up looks dated or maybe they are prepping for a renovation. But the service was so friendly and welcoming it make it worth the stop.”

3.9Good53 Reviews

“Im a regular at this store and the staff is great every time. Very friendly and helpful with any questions i may have. Always stocked with a large selection of beer.”

4.3Superb26 Reviews

“Absolutely love this convenience store! The staff is is awesome and super helpful. They have a great variety of snacks,beer, cigarettes and bongs and their pricing is amazing! This is definitely my new go to store.”

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“this QT location is great, they have friendly staff each time i go there. i usually some for gas and a drink and they have easy and fast customer service for everyone to be able to purchase their products.”

3.8Good60 Reviews

“Wonderful staff. Very welcoming and held the bathroom door open for me.The crew in training stayed out of harms way and the new smiles are going to be a great addition to the staff.Not much room on bathroom counter for me to put my bag though.Suggestion: please move the bathroom door to the womens bathroom -AWAY from the view of all the customers at the front counter. Thanks. ?”

3.7Good58 Reviews

“Easy to get in and out of from Main st.Many snack items and beverages available without having to go into store.Gas prices are typically below average and even more discounts if you use your Fry’s account number or phone number. Often can receive $1.00 off per gallon.”

4Good27 Reviews

“Georgina and Nevaeh are Absolute dolls. I've watched them be so kind to a special needs man in a wheelchair, ultimately going out of their way to ensure he had all of his needs met.I could see this man frequents this store just to be treated so wonderfully.”

3.6Good66 Reviews

“QT always has good food, courtesy of the QT Kitchens! Quite a selection to cure your hunger pains throughout the day. Great, quick service with a smile here. The ambiance is busy but always good.”

3.6Good63 Reviews

“This review isn't for the gas station or it's service. It's for that no name bomb street taco joint next to it. Almost nothing is as satisfying to me(food wise)as some good tacos. I've eaten hundreds from Mexico to Santa Cruz, living in Salinas and growing up in Watsonville I know tacos. These are some of the best I've ever had. Legit. The pastor is perfect, savory with a hint of pineapple in every bite. The side condiment bar has all the right stuff, salsa, picked onions and carrots, lime you know the rest. They have your choice of at least 6 different proteins, grilled jalapenos and quick service. At a buck fifty a pop, a seven dollar dinner is real. Last words...can't wait till tomorrow.”

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“This store was extremely busy. Walking in it was clean and has plenty help behind the counter. I highly recommend Quick trip they train there people to be efficient and get the customer out fast. Why it's called Quick trip. They had lots of hot food ready to go plus have hot food to order. It's truly a one stop shop. Stop in and tell them you got it from Google maps on reviews.”

3.5Good93 Reviews

“Great customer service. Store is clean brightly lit and stocked up. I wish they had fountain drinks. Slightly a bit more expensive but easier than going to a store”

4.4Superb14 Reviews

“I go to this chevron often, and brendon who I believe works nights, is great! he is always kind and goes above and beyond. he deserves raise forsure. every time I come in he's either making a customers day by making them laugh or keeping the store clean. I appreciate you brendon. I will continue to come because of you”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“Typical American convenience store with other typical American conveniences from soft drinks to coffees there's energy drinks and of course alcohol and cigarettes”

3.7Good37 Reviews

“I’ve never gone inside, but I use the “upside” app, which is free, and often get 5-10 cents per gallon off. I’ve never been mugged either, and honestly that’s my biggest desire with any gas station”

3.5Good74 Reviews

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