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“Very nice people and great customer service. I love compounding products and have been very pleased. It's just not fair to not be able to offer more competitive pricing because of government, health insurance and pharma industry collusion.”

4.8 Superb39 Reviews

“I love Metier clinic and pharmacy.Rebekkah is super smart in hormones and helping clients reach their goals for their health. She’s genuine and cares about the client as a whole. Such a blessing. Randle the owner and pharmacist genuinely cares about his clients. He listens to the needs and concerns of the client. Which offers comfort that you don’t have to worry.Nicole is amazing at Botox. She places it in the perfect places. To where you look natural She also is very genuine and meticulous. . The offer so much in their clinic.Their aestition’s are amazing too.It’s such a great one stop shop for all you could need in your heakth snd beauty goals.Such a blessing to our community. ❤️”

4.6 Superb41 Reviews

“I have used Phoenix Pharmacy for several years now and I've had nothing less a stellar experience! Everyone there is incredibly kind and very dedicated to fine service. The team under Vee (owner/operator) is so amazing every time I need something. They also offer delivery which is super convenient!”

4.6 Superb29 Reviews

“Love this pharmacy. They are very professional, kept me updated, andhelped My father get his medication swiftly and at a reasonable price, which he really needed to treat his symptoms from radiation. Thank you. ?”

4.9 Superb20 Reviews

“I cannot recommend this pharmacy highly enough. The staff, and Jace in particular, go out of their way to assist their customers. My daughter needed medicine within a precise timeframe... She was flying in from out of the country and only had a 1 day window to get it in another city. Jace went out of his way to expedite filling of the prescription, he researched the least expensive way to express mail it to her, and then checked with the delivery service to make sure it was delivered and received. And then he called me to let me know it had been delivered to my daughter. Such incredible customer service! 100 stars if I could give them to them. Thank you Jace. Thank you Camelback Compounding Pharmacy. You are each a rarity and much appreciated.”

5 Superb18 Reviews

“James in customer service/management went above and beyond excellent customer service not once but twice in my experience with this store. People like him truly make a difference. Thank you James”

3.9 Good76 Reviews

“Use the app it's quick and easy, get it open while you're waiting for your turn. The gas prices are fairly reasonable and are lower than a regular gas station by a few cents. Only downside expect to wait a minimum of 5 to 10 mins, it seems most of the customers really struggle with the whole membership/payment process and this is half of the reason why there is such a long wait!”

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“Situated at 4502 E Oak St, Phoenix, AZ 85008, Costco Wholesale is more than just a warehouse club; it's a haven for value, variety, and an unparalleled shopping experience. Here are five reasons why Costco Wholesale deserves an enthusiastic 5-star review:1. Extensive Product Selection:Costco Wholesale impresses with its vast selection of products, ranging from household essentials to electronics, fresh groceries, and everything in between. The aisles are a treasure trove of quality goods, ensuring that shoppers can find exactly what they need.2. High-Quality Kirkland Signature Products:The Kirkland Signature brand at Costco is synonymous with quality. From snacks to household items, Kirkland Signature products offer exceptional value without compromising on quality. Shoppers can trust that they're getting the best with every purchase.3. Membership Benefits and Discounts:Costco's membership program unlocks a world of benefits for shoppers. From exclusive discounts and promotions to access to services like Costco Travel, the membership adds extra value to the already competitive prices.4. Fresh and Organic Produce:Costco is a go-to destination for fresh and organic produce. The expansive produce section offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and organic options, allowing shoppers to make healthy and informed choices.5. Rotating Selection of Unique Finds:One of the joys of shopping at Costco is the discovery of unique and seasonal items. The rotating selection of products keeps the shopping experience exciting, and shoppers often find hidden gems that add a touch of novelty to their purchases.Costco Wholesale in Phoenix, AZ, stands as a retail giant that consistently delivers on its promise of value, quality, and variety. My shopping experiences at Costco have always been efficient, enjoyable, and budget-friendly, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for a one-stop shopping destination. I wholeheartedly recommend Costco Wholesale for a shopping experience that exceeds expectations. ⭐??”

3.7 Good134 Reviews

“Getting a Costco card is worth having just for the gas prices and the quality of gas. The lines might look long but they go very quickly when you are an Uber driver you appreciate Costco gas that’s for sure.”

3.9 Good61 Reviews

“Huge thanks to Dennis and staff at Camelback Compounding Pharmacy... this place is really special. I utilize the in-store USPS office often and the pharmacy on occasion when I have the need. Compared to the big box pharmacies, this one really shines. I recently needed a special prescription that my dermatologist called into this pharmacy. Within a few hours, the pharmacy called me to make sure I was okay with the price before coming in and confirmed it would be ready for pick-up that same day. I went in the next morning and had fabulous customer service, I think from Dennis (the founder / owner) himself. The day after, I received a voicemail thanking me for my business and offering to help if I had any questions or future needs.In addition to the above, the onsite Hallmark store offers fabulous cards, stickers, trinkets and gifts. Parking is easy in the private lot and AJ's is conveniently located in the same shopping center in case you need groceries like I typically do.I will be back... hopefully more for the post office than the pharmacy, but grateful they are here when I need them.”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“Matt & Monty in the Deli Department were very nice & provided such Excellent Customer Service. They are the kind of employees that will make us come back to this store, we will definitely be back. Thank you both for such kind service!!!”

3.8 Good47 Reviews

“I manage a large senior living community in the valley and we have made the decision to transition to Saliba's. Our experience from the day we met John and his team has been wonderful and top notch. The support and communication throughout the transition has been flawless, always available for questions and willing to assist even with the minor details. We are excited for our partnership with Saliba's, definitely the way to go! Thank you John and team for all do you.”

4.2 Good22 Reviews

“Local neighborhood grocery store with all your grocery needs. There is also a new Starbucks kiosk inside, there is a US bank and they just got self checkout lanes. At the moment the fuel station is being remodeled so it's closed.”

3.7 Good50 Reviews

“Nothing beats a local pharmacy. The chains need to go out of business or their leadership needs to care for pharmacists, staff, and clients....not their share holders exclusively”

4.2 Good21 Reviews

“Needed a refill of my dog's Valley Fever meds as she was almost out. They gave me a partial refill so she wouldn't have a lapse in taking it while they prepared the remainder of her prescription.”

4.1 Good23 Reviews

“Great custoner service. Very caring, they listen and everyone I have spoken with is very knowledgeable. Love the call back feature. Thanks everyone at Avella, you guys Rock.”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“This pharmacy understands customer service! The other pharmacy I was using would always take at least a week to fill a prescription. I sent in my refill on January 3rd understanding the strict rules. Two weeks later I was informed it would be another 7-10 days and no way to rush it because “they have to get caught up from the holidays you know.” The prescription was almost out and I couldn’t wait that long. In comes A Nice Apothecary-they not only filled my prescription in 3 hours they also called the other pharmacy to transfer the prescription. The price was the same as the other one too. Wow! Now that is customer service and understanding the needs of your customers. I highly recommend this wonderful gem of a pharmacy.”

4.8 Superb11 Reviews

“Hey guys it’s Cyrus I couldn’t figure out the survey stuff so I’ll leave a review , all of the cashier workers at this cvs are freakin awesome , so friendly I have great conversations with them when I come here and overall just as we some people”

4.3 Superb15 Reviews

“I cannot understand any negative reviews. I’ve changed my Pharmacy to Costco about 2 years ago and have always been extremely pleased with all their employees professionalism and efficiency. I receive texts when I need to reorder and every prescription is ready the next day. Keep up the excellent customer service you provide.Thank you.”

3.4 Good82 Reviews

“What could’ve been the worst, financial Saturday, turned to the best! I went to breakfast and then my tire pressure was getting lower and lower. I (my boyfriend) put on a spare. It was 9:28 AM (Costco opens ant 9:30) and I was on my way to discount tires. I was like hmmm I should call Costco. And they said “yes we’re free, first come first serve.” I was ECSTATIC. I walked in and was greeted, and helped. Fonsi said he would first check if the tire was repairable and it would be $10 ish bucks and to give him 45 minutes. One pepperoni pizza and a lap around the store later, Fonsi/ Tim called me and said to come pick up my car and that I was ready to roll!!!!! I was so happy I only paid $10 for all of this and got the best customer service. I know any other tire shop would’ve just sold me another tire. Being a Costco member is the best!!!”

3.6 Good38 Reviews

“I’ve never shopped here or been inside, but as far as the pharmacy goes, I’ve been very pleased. They are always nice over the phone and at the window and they are so fast! They always get my medication filled quickly (within a couple hours). When I used Fry’s it would often take days and sometimes would be delayed after that. I’m happy that I now use CVS as my pharmacy!”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

“I love being able to order in the cafe through the app, get my gas while it's preparing, and then pick it up on the go. I love not having to wait in that line”

3.3 Good107 Reviews

“This pharmacy makes every step of getting your prescription easy and everyone working there is very helpful. They are very quick at getting your prescriptions ready.”

3.6 Good33 Reviews


3.9 Good19 Reviews

“Did you know you can order a cake online? This is the second time I've done it and boy have they delivered. Delicious beautiful easy. Because you pay for it online and you can just leave you don't have to get an actual line which saves a lot of time on a day when you're very busy. Don't hesitate to give it a shot”

3.5 Good35 Reviews

“***NOTE : 11/8/23Busy as usual but the price for regular ⛽ was about 40 cents cheaper than other gas stations.However, gas prices vary widely from one station to another; especially around the Holidays.I'd recommend looking around because we saw another station in South Tucson right off the freeway that was 60 cents cheaper.”

3.3 Good60 Reviews

“I'm about to leave this location and have to say Leo at the self service check out is a hell of guy gets right to you helps you with whatever problem you got with a big smile on his face and extremely professional and friendly.”

4.3 Superb11 Reviews

“Quick in and it has a great selections and for the most part the associates are very willing to help. Biggest challenge here is the neighborhood. They do not keep enough carts up front usually have to grab in the lot. Produce is ok, meat always expires with 3 days.”

3.3 Good42 Reviews

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