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“This location has a lot in stock! That means that the aisles are pretty tight. I was actually on a mission to find an inexpensive CD player, and I got a really good deal - better than that place with a blue and yellow logo. I also walked out with much more than I intended.”

4.4 Superb117 Reviews

“Had a great experience in the store. Store was very clean and the staff were helpful. Jeremiah from the big and tall section helped me a ton and was very kind. Would shop here again.”

4.2 Good165 Reviews

“I went in to buy a drink and ended up purchasing a mattress!!! Taylor, who showed me the deal of the century, clearance price + 25% off!! WHAT???I ended up getting a $600 mattress for..wait for it…$312.00!!!!! Taylor you are amazing in fact I went in the next day and Taylor helped me redecorate my whole bedroom from bedding to curtains!!! Taylor knows her stuff!!! Thank you!! Posted on FB and oops forgot to tell my husband. Well he knows now!!lol”

4.3 Superb118 Reviews

“You can not see the store from the street but, there are plenty of signs that are noticable and easy to read. I will say, the parking lot sucks in this plaza, the layout is weird so, you really need to pay attention to other drivers they will blow right through the stop signs. On the plus side they do have ample parking.The store it's self is okay it's your average Ross. I was surprised that they had all 5 registers open. They didn't have much of a selection of Juniors clothes, the store could use some organization.”

4.2 Good122 Reviews

“Im not gonna lie I loveeee this location but if you're thinking of getting led lights here for your bedroom do not!!! They have already fallen off a day after I hung them up . I'd go to Amazon for some better ones”

4.1 Good152 Reviews

“The associates were very helpful. The person at checkout checked for me to find another rug to match what I was purchasing.I had to call later to the Queen Creek Store and Chris was exceptionally helpful. He found the rug I was looking for and left it at the checkout counter for me. 5 stars to both stores.”

4 Good179 Reviews

“The new remodel inside is great. Only one suggestion is for the cosmetic dept, high-end products need someone present to explain/describe products that actually range up to and including $100. And I would think shoplifting in this area would be easy for those inclined (with no supervision around to watch). Otherwise the new setup if really an improvement.”

4 Good161 Reviews

“Signal Butte Kohls has been an excellent shopping experience. The location is optimal, the selection is abundant and the products are fine. I shopped during the holidays and got $90 Kohls cash. O yah!”

3.9 Good197 Reviews

“John, in Menswear was fantasticHe provided excellent customer service and demonstrated sincere care for what he does and genuine character towards his clientele.”

3.9 Good188 Reviews

“We went to.look for dress pants, they had some and had a good prices. They have women's, men's, children's, clothes. Purses. And also Halloween and Christmas decorations. Great prices.”

3.9 Good121 Reviews

“Great for a quick stop. The employees are generally really nice but one time I asked someone where the wine was and he said "on the alcohol aisle" like oooh wow thanks for the help bro. Luckily the store is small enough you could lap it in 7 minutes.”

3.9 Good118 Reviews

“I have worked in Customer service type jobs over 20 plus years and I just wanted to let Cashier Danny's manger know what a great employee he has Not only very efficient and thoughtful the way he handled checking out and bagging my groceries .But was smiling and friendly and nice to talk to. He had a very positive aditude and thats not always the kind of help I get. I hope that you treat him as well as he deserves. From a very happy Customer!I checked out about 2:45 Saturday afternoon with him on register 1.”

3.8 Good135 Reviews

“This is an excellent store with plenty of open parking.Very clean and organized compared to many other Ross locations.Well stocked without being overly cluttered.Short and speedy checkout process.I went there on a Tuesday evening around 7pm, so maybe that is the magical shopping time, lol.”

4.3 Superb42 Reviews

“Surprised to see that JC penny was still around but happy to see it was well-stocked.Came by to look for infant clothes and they had a great array of styles!Bathrooms are on the southwest corner of the store by the infant section and are kept well clean.They also sell forever 21 clothes”

3.7 Good197 Reviews

“After going to three places looking for what I needed, finally found it on my fourth try here at Big Lots at a good price! I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised!”

4.2 Good44 Reviews

“The Target at Gilbert Gateway Is it good location to shop at. The store is usually organized. Well stocked. Employees are helpful and friendly. Check out line usually moves pretty quickly.”

3.7 Good168 Reviews

“First time in this store and I picked up some items at reasonable prices. Nice store but so cluttered. They are well stocked, however, but I guess that goes without saying.Friendly employees here to help you and answer any questions to the best of their knowledge. This store seems like a more upscale Ross, which is funny since there is a Ross located right next door.”

4 Good58 Reviews

“Walmart has some things that fryes doesn't, and fryes has somethings that walmart doesn't. If you can keep your prices lower and see what fryes has or is doing so walmart can keep everyone in their store, i would look at that.”

3.7 Good143 Reviews

“This Ross had a variety of items for back to school shopping. My kids found all the clothes and shoes they needed (one stop shop). Including items for our youngest daughter in cheer and everything was priced lower than expected. They also had alot of beautiful art for sale for those looking for home decor this Ross wasn't sold out like many others. #ross #backtoschooldeals #homedecordeals”

4 Good52 Reviews

“My favorite wal-mart! These guys are happy and caring and absolutely do everything they can to make their customers and delivery drivers happy! I love the staff here! You all are such amazing beautiful people, thanks so much for all you do!”

3.6 Good153 Reviews

“A little messy but that's because they have lots of products in stock which also makes it hard to narrow down your items to an amount you can afford. Appreciate they have all opened their dressing rooms back up.”

3.8 Good44 Reviews

“I went with my Fiancé so she could get her ears pierced for our upcoming wedding ?The ladies were very nice the selection of earrings simple but nice as well. The rest of the store is a Women/Lady/little girl ? wonder land.”

4.6 Superb9 Reviews

“Wide aisle. Not too hectic when I went. Sometimes there can be a lot of people, but at that time all stores would be busy. Most items are in stock. Did not see anything out of stock. Didn't see a lot of employees around. They were usually putting things back on the shelf when I saw them. Or, they were at the check out station.”

3.4 Good168 Reviews

“Clean store that is nice and easy to navigate to find what I was looking for. The staff was very accommodating and helpful when i was trying to find cloths even going as far as checking the stores inventory to retrieve an item from the back that wasn't stocked at the time. Was a very pleasant shopping experience.”

3.4 Good148 Reviews

“Price hunting was a bit annoying... I couldn't find anything I particularly needed here. I did find this lovely surprise, fresh bareroot bamboo stalks! They apparently have these all the time!”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“No complaints. The variety is vast, a plethora of different products and they even have self checkout.They had running shorts I needed for a medical appointment. Always have a good variety of cards and some good food items you’d find in Whole Foods.”

3.3 Good170 Reviews

“My dad always shopped at JC Penney's for years and I have followed suit with this. Penney's always has great sales throughout the year.This location also has a Sephora makeup store inside of it, so women can get their makeup, jewelry, & clothing all in one outing! Well-stocked store. Saw lots of staff helping customers while I was there, which is good. Clean, organized store.”

3.7 Good10 Reviews

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