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“This is the main postal sorting facility for Phoenix maybe even for Arizona. If you want your box to have less delays drop it here. It could shave off a day, or two. Never had a bad experience here like most post offices have to wait in lines.”

3.7Good116 Reviews

“I'm in Phoenix for a work trip & when I go on these trips, I make a habit of sending postcards to a few family members & friends. I didn't really even have to go inside, but I thought I'd check it out. It looked clean & what little line there was was moving quickly.”

3.7Good55 Reviews

“Huge thanks to Dennis and staff at Camelback Compounding Pharmacy... this place is really special. I utilize the in-store USPS office often and the pharmacy on occasion when I have the need. Compared to the big box pharmacies, this one really shines. I recently needed a special prescription that my dermatologist called into this pharmacy. Within a few hours, the pharmacy called me to make sure I was okay with the price before coming in and confirmed it would be ready for pick-up that same day. I went in the next morning and had fabulous customer service, I think from Dennis (the founder / owner) himself. The day after, I received a voicemail thanking me for my business and offering to help if I had any questions or future needs.In addition to the above, the onsite Hallmark store offers fabulous cards, stickers, trinkets and gifts. Parking is easy in the private lot and AJ's is conveniently located in the same shopping center in case you need groceries like I typically do.I will be back... hopefully more for the post office than the pharmacy, but grateful they are here when I need them.”

4.4Superb24 Reviews

“Thank you to the Postal Staff person who helped me this morning. She was very kind, patient and took extra time to help me. What a treasure to have this small postal counter in our neighborhood. Thanks!”

3.7Good42 Reviews

“Wei helped me mail 2 packages today. He has helped me a few times. His helpfulness and friendly demeanor is to be commended!! Truly appreciated and a blessing today!! 10 out of 10!”

3.6Good39 Reviews

“Came in and saw the huge sign US post on the back wall. There was a long line approximately six people. I was waiting in line the people near me were friendly. I received all my stuff and was in and out in under 5 minutes. I was sending a package certified, return receipt requested . The gals at the counter were friendly and the customer service was amazing!!”

2.9Average75 Reviews

“I got my passport here today and let me say the photo Joseph took was so good, it would make my exes clutch their pearls in awe. Very smooth process and very kind people.I was worried about having to bring a check or money order, but all you need to bring is a debit card for all passport fees, they can issue a money order right there on the spot.Wherever I’m living in 10 years I will definitely be back to have Joseph take my photo.”

2.8Average54 Reviews

“I prefer to take the 20 minute drive to come to this post office they’re always kind and helpful a lot of times I feel rushed when going to shipping centers but that’s never the case here I came in the last 15 minutes and needed help figuring out what kind of packing and shipping priority I need for my package and Brian was more than willing to help never said no and gave me insight I didn’t have there was another gentleman i didn’t get his name that was quick to help people behind me great team, whenever I get exceptional service even if it’s shipping it will bring me back thank you again to the team here”

2.7Average43 Reviews

“I don't know why people are giving a bad reviews?? Every time I come inside the staff are friendly to me and customers. Patty, Deb, Ty and the rest of the crew are very helpful. I moved to another neighborhood 6 months ago and I will still travel to this friendly spot. I'll speak up for the people who likes coming to this neighborhood PO, Customer Services brings me back! :)”

2.6Average86 Reviews

“This is a large post office. I regularly visit the self serve in the lobby while I'm in town. There is plenty of parking, a couple shade spots. The end of July they will be resurfacing the parking lot which will make a great improvement.”

2.6Average111 Reviews

“Had a quick and very pleasant experience getting my passport application done today with Karla! She took my photo and processed my application within 10 minutes. I was a little anxious after reading reviews from 6+ years ago so figured they deserved an updated positive review!”

2.4Poor75 Reviews

“Stopped by the facility as I needed to use certified mail for the first time and was unfamiliar with the process. I hate to admit that I don't remember the woman's name who helped me but she was fantastic. Made everything quick and painless, was in a bit of a hurry and appreciated the efficiency. Despite it being close to the end of the day I didn't feel rushed or put off in any way, would definitely stop by this location again.”

2.4Poor77 Reviews

“Mrs Rachelle D Fonseca is an excellent employee & her attitude is very nice with people.She do a great job here .She serves of certificate of achievement as the top employee of year.”

2.4Poor119 Reviews

“I know the post office is always going to be busy when they open and right before close so I go in the middle of the day and never have to wait long. The people at the counter are friendly, helpful and efficient. I've never had a bad experience and I know they deal with some unpleasant people. I appreciate everything they do.”

2.3Poor77 Reviews

“Used all their services in the last eight years… I always get and see people getting great service. It’s clean, manager is helpful with keeping the line moving.”

2.3Poor144 Reviews

“I forgot to include "APT" in the address for the package, which led to the need to pick it up here. I feel the service was fine, and I found the package within five minutes.”

2.2Poor120 Reviews

“They are so short staffed and busy. I always feel bad for them when I come in after work, because for some people that is the only time they can make it and, which ends up being right before the post office closes. They tend to get busy right before they are about to close for that reason, and it seems like there is not enough employees to help out so it gets left to one or two. It's understandable that it can become exhausting and so I don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate, leaving 1 star because of their impatience. This post office is clean and the employees are friendly. They are here to help but keep in mind they are not robots!”

2.2Poor129 Reviews

“I know federally run entities such as USPS always have a bad stigma, but my recent experience with this particular location has made up for that. Sean and Sydney in particular have been so helpful as I have had issues with getting my mail. The two aforementioned employees and a few others at this location are patient, respectful and kind. They often say "thank you for your patience" while you wait which I think is really professional and also acknowledges the burden wait times have on customers. Please keep up what you're doing!”

2.1Poor113 Reviews

“i have often found this particular site helpful, friendly and accommodating, they seem to answer their phone when i call, other than the lobby currently being closed, i get my mail at my nearby address as well as able to pick up packages as well.”

1.9Poor67 Reviews

“The counter clerks at every window I observed and heard to be Courteous, Patient and Helpful. For the volumes of postal patrons that funnel through that station, the clerks were all - to a person, each and every one - extraordinarily patient, even with occasional disappointed patrons from whatever cause; and further I noticed that they would greet each patron anew, ready to help however they could, from offering optional different classes of mailings at different rates, to answering even the most obtuse of questions. Their countenance the product of both themselves individually, and good management - good management filters down, can be discernable if lacking, and this station with this staff is the happy product of good people in their service to the public.Robert Caldwell”

2Poor117 Reviews

“Informed delivery showed a package was delivered in my mailbox but it wasn't. I filed a missing mail report and this post office responded immediately. They found the package and delivered it within 24 hours and even provided me a follow up phone call to let me know it was found and delivered. Very satisfied with the response. They really care.”

2Poor118 Reviews

“I have utilized this post office multiple times since moving here. The line can be long at certain times, but it always moves quickly. The staff are kind, knowledgeable, and efficient at speedy service. A staff member was verbally assaulted by an angry customer in front of multiple customers during my last visit, and he kept his composure despite the rude and illogical circumstances. It’s unfortunate people treat other humans in this manner. I appreciate the service from each employee at this location. Thank you.”

2Poor130 Reviews

“So if you're in the area of 7st and Vineyard there's the US Postal Service building there at the corner if you have any questions for being a citizen in South Phoenix go there they will help you with anything due to male stamps and any other questions that you got regarding anything with the US mail they will help you out whether you also need to change addresses or anything that you need help with the US Postal Services there for you at all times and they got PO boxes that you can rent out as well any questions too look them up the area of 10th Street and Vineyard if you have any questions I'm wanting to help I'm here for you guys thank you for your time”

1.9Poor108 Reviews

“I haven't encountered a more courteous, patient, and professional staff at another USPS. These folks interact with, and help, some of the most foul people I've come across. The sense of entitlement and general surliness of customers at a USPS rivals the DMV, and this location (after many visits) deals with them with grace. A cheers to them because I couldn't do the same!”

1.8Poor109 Reviews

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