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“Went to this office for our passport applications.....two minors and one adult. All I have heard is horror stories about waiting through long lines and a difficult process. Katherine is the most amazing worker. She is kind, fast and so helpful. She should get a bonus for the amount of applications she processes in a day. We will always use this location in the future!!!”

3Average145 Reviews

“Seriously refreshing to receive good service at a gas station. Whoever the gentleman was working at 1:00am this Wednesday morning, needs a raise! Super friendly and awesome. Feel weird leaving a review for a gas station, but for real, what a kind employee!”

3.3Good38 Reviews

“This unique post office is located inside a country store. It is a pleasure to do business with them. Ken is especially helpful, friendly, competent and efficient.”

3.4Good17 Reviews

“This Post Office is Beautiful Tge people in here came to work not so much like the Bronx.the line was long and we were out of there there are other therein 10 minutes. I love it”

2.6Average123 Reviews

“I have a P. O. Box there for years. I like the personnel. One major problem is mail, including mine getting stolen out of the mailboxes. Just today (8/21) one of the new 'high' security boxes was ripped open in the drive through.UPDATE 8/29/23ALL the drive through boxes are closed or busted open.UPDATE 8/30/23The busted box has been replaced. They turned the boxes 180° so the criminal now has to exit his car to break it open.”

2.3Poor69 Reviews

“The staff at this location are fantastic! Every time I leave I remark on how lovely and helpful they are.I’ve read a few of the negative reviews and can just tell most of these crabby old clowns wouldn’t last a day working for usps, or maybe they forget the sheer volume of packages and mail that move through this network. Take a breath y’all, it’s gonna be ok.Anyways, this post office rocks!!”

2.3Poor94 Reviews

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