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“I ice to see Pic "N" Save return as a new start up. This location offers a nice selection of great bargains. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and very helpful. The selection at this location wax excellent with prices that are welcoming to the wallet.I like the idea of this start up. With the prices, selection, and great service, they could go far. I would recommend.”

4.4Superb65 Reviews

“You can find great deals on bath products here. Lots of discounted razors and electronic chargers and phone cases too. Phone cases are older models but they also fit the new phones.”

4Good120 Reviews

“Great customers service! My family and I have been coming here for years now and have never had any problems. They have the best prices and knowledge on all their products-- highly recommend them!”

5Superb19 Reviews

“It's always an experience, LOL. You go in looking for one thing and come out with everything else!This particular store always seems to feel disorganized, whether it's items in the wrong places, no easy way to get someone to help you with a locked item, or just things stuffed together with no rhyme or reason.”

4Good89 Reviews

“Ron in the furniture dept was VERY nice and helpful! Friendly,kind and very professional! Bought a new serta mattress and absolutely love it! Price was VERY good!!! Ron even put it on top of my car...”

3.9Good115 Reviews

“This one is good size. Lots of outdoor furniture when I went in May. My biggest complaint is: DO NOT GO WHEN SCHOOL LETS OUT. I don’t go to this one often but there were so many kids making a ruckus everywhere. I think some kids stole stuff because it was so busy that the police came. The employee was not letting anymore than 2 or 3 kids in at a time and it almost looked closed but he let me in. I suppose I didn’t look young enough for him to question my intentions there ??‍♂️There was at least 100 kids loitering around out front. Very off putting but I assume it not like that everyday. Hey, maybe it is but I will not ever go around 2-3pm again during the week in school season.”

3.9Good96 Reviews

“Manager Janeth was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process!! She helped me get an ipad for my brother at school and worked with me on lowering a down payment (: So grateful for their help.”

3.8Good198 Reviews

“I like coming here, it's nice. Like a little LA bodega. you can find a lot of useful house items and personal products. Miscellaneous products and gifts. Plenty of parking.”

3.8Good59 Reviews

“Belt I liked was in Women's Dept so I went to Men's find a thicker "leather" reversible one for "half price" the Ross price $7.99 ONLYThis place ALWAYS has nick knack items u can find many Brand names 4 less here”

3.7Good73 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) I recommend this post office why they are very friendly and efficient(Original)Recomiendo esta oficina Postal por qué son muy amables y eficientes”

5Superb2 Reviews

“Been here many times before. Just never dropped a review till now.Not sure when Walmart returned to 6am openings. But they're back to at it including this spot.When the Walmart on Euclid doesn't have something I was looking for. I always swing by this location. Because they always seem to have it.Parking is somewhat hectic when it's busy.Shopping is easy.All shopping carts are outside. So grab one on your way in. Avoid the walk back to grab one when you realize there is none inside.Can't speak on the staff. I don't interact with any since I'm never in need of one.”

3.6Good155 Reviews

“I am a very happy customer I love the workers they are very kind and helpful I go to the CVS Pharmacy there I get great deals in the 1.00 to 5.00 dollar aisle I love it there it really helps me great gifts the items are good Target is a great store. IRMA MOSHAM”

3.6Good144 Reviews

“It's pretty big in the store and I have been here quite a few times. I tend to shy away from being around all of those shoppers on the inside, so I just order online now and pick up around back at the pick up spots. The pick up spots are easy and the service is fast. One day I didn't call in and the staff came to my car and helped me. Once you order online you have up to 4 days to retrieve your items. The crew is friendly and my orders have always been correct. I will keep coming back.”

2.3Poor12 Reviews

“I absolutely love Target. I use the app to ensure Im getting the best price and all the coupons from manufacturers or target circle are listed in a very easy to read list that allows me to add the item to my cart or list and clip the coupon all on the same page. Its very convenient for a mom of three like me who always needs simplicity to help me get things done. Target helps me see whats in stock and where i can get what i need that day or shortly after. I refuse to shop at wally world and target has been a problem solver for that dilemma. Im red circles all the way! For those on here complaining about wait times to check out clearly haven’t had to wait in line at walmart because its ten times worse! Not to mention all the locked up items you have to wait on associates to come unlock and then stick into another clear case that then has to be waited on to be opened at check out. Nope no thank you ill stick to the lines at target! lIve have the store manager at walmart call me and apologize and to the affect tell me i needed to pay for walmart plus a super expensive subscription so i could bypass the lines there. Id wait in line at target any day of the week over waiting at wally world.”

3.3Good166 Reviews

“All the people working were very pleasant and helpful, the aisles were extreme in the very limited space for traversing the store. If there was at least another 2 feet it would have made things manageable, especially the busiest aisles”

3.3Good211 Reviews

“I always go to this place my to go grocery store, 4. Points for everything they have except energy drinks, this place is much better going to a regular Walmart super center where a lot of crowd and disorganized.”

3Average54 Reviews

“Went to this target for a very specific item that was sold out at every other target. Was feeling hopeless but Ashley (at customer service) and Steven went out of their way to help me out and were able to find the items I was needing! So thankful that they took the extra time and energy to locate the items! Will def make this my new target”

2.7Average51 Reviews

“Really nice customer service is the thing that I appreciate the most. Everyone who works here seems like they actually care about their job. Nowadays it does not seem like many people at department stores really care about their job I'm not sure if it's because of the economy or the times that we are in. But this location is different I was even able to get a really good deal on sunflower seeds. I have a certain brand that I love in this target is the only location that actually has them”

2.8Average70 Reviews

“Big Ross location, they have something for everyone whether you are going for mens, womens, kids or looking for an affordable nice gift for someone who likes clothes and a deal.”

3Average142 Reviews

“Not a good experience trying to check out, I had a full cart and don't like self check. Couldn't find help or a manager anywhere, then Miguel stepped up and checked my order and the five people behind me. Miguel was nice, helpful and efficient. The five stars are for Miguel, he should be manager.”

2.9Average139 Reviews

“The staff at the key copy counter are very nice. Helped me duplicate few keys for my new house door without any issue. Appreciate the fast and no frills service.”

2.8Average269 Reviews

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