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“Vanessa at the pharmacy really helped me a lot. I was so frustrated and in so much pain almost having my anxiety actually but she helped me calm down. I appreciate what she did for me. She is so kind and understanding, both of them Vanessa and the Pharmacist they both know how to care to their patients.”

4Good20 Reviews

“Great prices on gas and great coffee , too. Employees keep the business clean and never had a problem here. I go here often for gas because it's the cheapest in town.”

3.5Good92 Reviews

“Love this place!! I've been coming here since the days of the Thirsty Two Ouncer. Only issue is that they don't have a public restroom so keep that in mind when you stop by.”

3.5Good53 Reviews

“Every time I visit this Pharmacy CVS... in target no matter who is at the counter I'm always greeted with a smile and my name that makes me feel and know that Jack and his staff care about each customer that visits .... i love visiting them since it's in target even if I don't have a prescription I can stop by say hi and the pharmacy will tell me where certain items from Target are located ...”

3.6Good20 Reviews

“There are of course a bunch of other 76's that are better than this one, but it gets 5 stars from me because I've NEVER had any problems with this particular one. When it comes to customer service, they're always pretty chill. It's basically a typical grab and go-like station. Intel: - NO restrooms. - Their current cashier Genaro is a really nice guy, along with the other workers who are there from time to time. - This particular station is known to have some of the most affordable, great quality gas prices around here! No lie! - There is a Pokémon Go Pokestop Battle Gym here where you can actually battle to take over and/or get exclusive Pokemons all while getting some gas, food, drinks, etc. - Their store is really really small, but it's usually clean and organized. Again, it's pretty much a grab and go station. This isn't Chevron, so it's not really promoting itself to have restrooms for the public. If you're exiting off the 110 towards San Pedro, I highly suggest getting gas from here if you want some good quality stuff for your vehicle for the cheapest price.”

3.3Good40 Reviews

“SRI LANKAN, dont don't expect them to bow to our cultures and norms. The gas is slightly overpriced, but show me where it isn't. I like Freddie, he works here. Freddie is a goid guy. Most everything else is slightly overpriced, they love America!”

3.4Good16 Reviews

“She did her job and Id me so I can’t be mad but I’m glad she’s keeping the lotto scratchers off the streets lol- a sad 22yo that left her Id across the street”

3.3Good19 Reviews

“Dear 7-Eleven,I can't help but gush about how much I adore you! You're not just a convenience store; you're a way of life! From the moment I walk through your doors, I'm greeted with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It's like stepping into a treasure trove of delicious treats and everyday essentials.Your convenience factor is off the charts! Whether I need a quick snack on the go, a refreshing drink to quench my thirst, or even a last-minute gift for a friend, you always have just what I need. Your well-stocked shelves and well-lit aisles make it easy to find what I'm looking for, and your friendly staff are always ready to assist me with a smile.Oh, and let's talk about your food selection! Your hot dogs are the stuff of legend, and your slurpees are pure frozen bliss. I can never resist grabbing a bag of your freshly popped popcorn or indulging in your heavenly soft-serve ice cream. And those fresh coffee options? Simply divine! Your food is not just convenient, but also surprisingly tasty.But it's not just your products that make me fall in love with you over and over again. It's the memories we've shared. Late-night runs with friends for midnight snacks after a movie marathon, impromptu road trips fueled by your snacks and drinks, and even those early-morning coffee runs to kickstart my day - you've been there for me through it all.You're more than just a convenience store, 7-Eleven. You're a reliable friend, always open and ready to serve me with a smile, no matter the time of day or night. Your welcoming atmosphere and dependable service have made you a staple in my life, and I can't imagine my days without you.Thank you, 7-Eleven, for being the go-to convenience store that has captured my heart. Your convenience, deliciousness, and warm hospitality earn you a resounding five stars in my book! Here's to many more late-night runs, tasty treats, and unforgettable moments together.Yours truly,radical.vevo”

3.7Good3 Reviews

“Mohamed is a real sweetheart. I love coming here to get coffee or soft drinks. The female employees are sweethearts also. This is the best 7-Eleven I've ever been to.”

3.2Average37 Reviews

“Thank God for this location. My daughter was able to stop here in the middle of the night on Tuesday Feb. 20-21 for her own safety. They let her use the phone to call me and they kept her safe inside until the Lyft ride I sent arrived. These guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping me protect my daughter and for being 24 hrs. God Bless your location!”

2.8Average17 Reviews

“Chevron off The 91 Freeway is a cool spot to stop at. It has a mcdinside of this gas station lots of snacks and cold drinks. There are clean restroom and two atms. There is a icee machine and soda too. And if your hungry walk in to mc Donald's They are always cleaning the restroom here”

2.7Average21 Reviews

“There's usually a line at the pharmacy depending on what time of the day you pick up your prescription meds but the pharmacy staff efficiently handles both drive thru and in-person pickups. As for the rest of the store, my only complaint is that if you are looking for a particular item and it's not on the shelves, they've run out. If you need a wide variety of choices for regular household items, go to a grocery chain.”

2.8Average63 Reviews

“This was one of my regular go-to 7-11's back when I used to smoke! Sooooo many fond memories!! :) I mean, they've always had their batches of great and crappy customer service, but that's 7-11 for you. The workers have to deal with bouje' entitled bitches, assholes, drunks, homeless people, etc.... so ummm all you people giving this place 1-2 stars need to empathize a little more. Positives: - Two... 2 F'n Red Boxes!!! - Amazon lockers!!! - A variety of energy drinks and awesome drinks in general... LOCALLY!!! - Parking isn't bad and it shares one with a mini strip mall!!!!!!!! What more do you want? Gentrification!? LOL!!! This area isn't the best. I mean... many of the people who go here are overly entitled, bouje', but ghetto fabulous or non ghetto wastes of life, WIC and Welfare recipients who accentuate negative stereotypes while messing things up for other cultures who just want to conveniently purchase things in this classic *convenient store. Y'all got a 24 hour store that sells hot food, beverages, contraceptives, gifts, etc.. Stop f'n up a good thing for everybody else around here! Go to a damn bodega with expired goods instead. 7-Elevens like this have dealt with customers and changing times. They're here to stay and kick a** for others who don't treat them and their workers like crap.”

2.4Poor36 Reviews

“I really liked the gas prices that I had found on my Gas Buddy application. That is why I had gone there. I got a car wash there but it left my car with a lot of spots!”

2.1Poor25 Reviews

“I love this place, I have my prescriptions sometimes sent here because the 24/7 is convenient. Also the pharmacy staff is amazing and the pharmacist is awesome. I call them over the phone sometimes to help me convert medication or to let me know safe dosage amounts for my children and they are great. Kids gain weight, and dosages have to be adjusted. During late hours, I can't call pediatrician and should not take kids to ER for this type of questions, so I always value and feel so greatful to have this CVS available and help me out. CVS staff deserve more stars.”

2.2Poor113 Reviews

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