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“I used to work at Sally's part time right next door to GameStop, while working somewhere else with card grading and I was addicted to going into the store every 15 minute break I had last year. The staff is always very friendly, beyond kind and helpful. if I received anything broken or damaged they'd always ask if I'd like an exchange or call another store to see if it was in stock there if they didn't have it. (Delivery people really bang things up sometimes like figures that are loose in packaging.) They're genuinely nice people who work there. I'm bad at names but I believe one of the managers is a absolute delight among everyone else I've met who works there over the past year of shopping with them and I love seeing them. Great customer service and kind people :) never not willing to check the back if something you want isn't on the floor for you! Collected most of my plushies there but had to move them recently luckily they have hangers. 10/10 customer service and always has a lot of items in stock. Highly recommend. :)So far all my electronics I've bought at their store over a year ago is still in great condition and function :)”

4Good81 Reviews

“If there's a better cell phone store out there, I don't know about it. Better than the store itself is the shining star "Abdul"...literally the most experienced, well rounded, intelligent, and friendly cell pro you'll ever meet. This guy makes Elon Musk look like he's still in preschool. What can't I say about Abdul. The guy is amazing. He should be running the store. Better yet, he should be running a region. Even better, this guy should be the Corporate Trainer for all Cricket Stores. (I outta' know, I've been in Executive Management for 20+ years.). I certainly hope the owner of this store is reading this. **Abdul is amazing!** I highly recommend that if you're shopping for a cell or need any cell help, go here. Ask for Abdul. You won't be disappointed..”

4.6Superb11 Reviews

“I had a perfectly wonderful experience at t mobile with ernesto he was so knowledgable and friendly i wish people could take lessons from him about what customer service is all about. I am very happy with my phone and the help he provided. I will recommend this company to all my family and friends. thank you againJeannie Pitts”

3.5Good57 Reviews

“Friendly employees at this target! Thank you for making my trip easier and the extra effort! The employees at this store set the standard for Target customer service.”

3.5Good133 Reviews

“These team members always go above and beyond to help me! Weather it's checking for an item, bringing an item back for me, or talking with my kids while we check out. Thank you for all your great customer service”

2.7Average50 Reviews