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“TRUSTWORTHY, FAST & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES July 2023.I recently needed to send money to my relatives in Huế. The money was received the next day. The fee was around 2%.Somehow this time I did not receive the hand written and signed receipt from LGTL. Although the received money was confirmed on the phone when I called, the staff helped send a copy to me as requested. The staff was very efficient in replying to my request. Such fast, friendly and professional services are rare nowadays.I will always drive 50 miles to San Jose for this cash only service. Thank you Lê Gởi Tiền Lẹ ??”

5 Superb21 Reviews

“This was such a cute little three in one store. A money transfer service, a candy store and a clothing store. There was a cute selection of Mexican style clothing. The woman helping me was very nice. One note though, it is cash only.”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“Small , clean , this one is convenient as it's right next door to my chiropractor It's organized has a 70's vibe and the parking lot is about twice the size of the store.... Kind of like Kohl's.”

4.1 Good17 Reviews

“Going to give a 5 star because the food is good. But the register workers and cooks need a better POS system to communicate. You literally have to repeat what you ordered at least 3 times after you already ordered just so they get the order correct. You guy's got this step it up. I live on Main St so this is the new spot... get it together.”

3.5 Good32 Reviews

“Pretty good market. A lot of food from all over Latin America including blood sausage. Staff is friendly and everything is pretty straight forward. They have a few items you really can't find at most markets so it's worth. Prices is fair and parking is decent overall.”

3.7 Good11 Reviews

“I've passed this place several times but never had the courage to actually walk on and check things out.The taqueria is located at the left side of the supermarket. There were two men preparing the food behind the counter of which one of them men took the order.I glanced at the menu and decided to order the Huevos Rancheros which looked basically like a sunny side up .egg with salsa, refried beans, and other sauces The order took about 10 to 15 minutes to make and there was only one party of two in front of meThe food was good but I felt like I needed someone to tell me the proper way to eat itWould like to come here on a weekend with a friend when they have menudo and have more people”

3.4 Good14 Reviews

“Excellent customer service and I was able to get my visa completed in a timely manner for my trip to Vietnam. I had my passport stolen 2 weeks before my trip and once I spoke with Van, she assured me I can redo my visa within a week. Highly recommend!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“Pretty clean and vibrant, I came by here and they have an amazing variety of pastries. The pan dulces are very cool. The servers and cashiers are inviting and the prices are highly affordable.”

2.9 Average48 Reviews

“Store is always very clean and orderly. The employees are friendly. Nice that you can grab a freshly scooped ice cream cone as you pay for your stuff and head out the store!”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“No service fee if you opt for one of the many gift cards that they offer. We went for the Amazon gift card and received the full value of coins that we put in. Easy to use and it walks you through it. There are some YouTube videos and Coinstar has a website. We loved it and will use it again.”

3.1 Average9 Reviews

“I needed some extra cash to invest into my Solar Business. I needed to sell some gold and silver for some working capital. Cesar took great care of me, I will be back!”

5 Superb2 Reviews

“Been coming here off & on for a few years everyone here is super nice and professional. I always come here giving myself ample time in case something comes up or there's a line as some transactions take longer than others. Parking has always been available.”

2.8 Average10 Reviews

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