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“I like that this pharmacy offers a medication synchronization program, it helps me keep track of my medications. The staff at this pharmacy are always helpful and willing to answer my questions about medications.The staff at this pharmacy are friendly and always willing to work with me on medication costs.”

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“My partner needed a prescription filled and they ran out of it at every Walgreen's in all of the Bay Area. After calling every pharmacy around, Savco had the drug and filled in quickly. I had to pick up the prescription for him, and everytime I've had to do this in the city, it has always been a difficult time because the drug is highly regulated. The staff at Savco understood that I would be coming because we called ahead and were ready for me. They trusted me and did what was best for the patient (my partner) who needed the drugs. I was so anxious driving up, ready to argue. But they smiled, handed me the prescription, and told me to call next time we needed to fill- they could tell us if they had it or not. Will definitely be coming back! A delightful experience!!!”

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“Fast service. Shalini is remarkably knowledgeable, very helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Without a doubt the best pharmacy experience I have ever had, in San Jose, or elsewhere.”

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“Although every pharmacy, including Amazon can mail you your medications, ALTO delivers them to you directly to sign for and keep your meds out of the hands of strangers. It is a peace of mind to know that they are not getting lost-and a process that can be subject to all forms of suspicions that may follow. The best!”

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“Without a doubt, this is the most well-run and efficient pharmacy I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Courteous, knowledgeable and kind-hearted. The "regular" retail pharmacies could learn a lot from these folks. You truly feel cared for by these lovely people. Most of us want and need help from our pharmacist (mostly because we can't get through to a doctor most of the time), however we are often "let down" by pharmacists at the "usual" locations (not mentioning names). Better Health lives up to their name and I'm extremely GRATEFUL for them.”

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“I love all the Targets I go to because they are always so clean and organized. I’m glad some of them have a CVS inside. This is super convenient for people who need to pick up the meds. Also there’s usually a Starbucks and/ or Pizza Hut inside for quick bite to eat too.”

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“Kevin is the absolute best pharmacist I have ever encountered. He is the Lead Pharmacist at both the White Rd and Aborn location. His staff will have your prescription ready in minutes. And Kevin will do anything in his power to help you. You can even call ahead and speak to him directly if it's urgent. All the other pharmacists and employees are wonderful. I'll drive from Campbell to go either of his locations.e”

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“Small , clean , this one is convenient as it's right next door to my chiropractor It's organized has a 70's vibe and the parking lot is about twice the size of the store.... Kind of like Kohl's.”

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“Very accommodating to patients with difficult vision e.g. if you need adjustments if it just feels weird. I have been getting glasses here since 8 years ago and just walked out with trial contacts here today. I dont understand how she recognizes me every time I come in Make sure you request your prescription right away and there won't be trouble”

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“I started going to McKee Medical Pharmacy sometime in 2019. Although I like how they are quick in refilling your prescriptions and answer phone calls compared to large retail pharmacy that you make you wait all the time, it just isn't for me to go here anymore. As I keep going back, I realized many of the patients are elderly adults/seniors and this pharmacy isn't a fit for me as a young adult. I like to have options where I can refill my prescriptions online or through an app on my phone. I thought McKee Medical Pharmacy has this option on their website, but it actually doesn't work. I would get an error when I tried refilling it online. The lady at the front desk can speak 4 languages like Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and basic English. I can see why this benefits for elderly adults who have trouble speaking English. If you are Chinese/Vietnamese, this pharmacy will be great to go to for your elderly parents. However, if you're a young adult who likes having online options to refill, this pharmacy is not for you and I recommend going to an American pharmacy.”

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“Super nice pharmacists and staff. Caring and friendly. They have gone out of their way for me, especially when it came time to get mine and my family's vaccine. So convenient too for covid vaccines.”

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“Mrs.Yi was very helpful throughout the process of picking up my toothache medication. I as a first timer going to pick up the prescription it was a delightful experience and felt more welcoming.”

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“Very smooth process. Thanks so much for this Drug Store! Easy to get in touch with and we had no issues getting our meds and we got them even quicker and very responsive than we thought!”

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“From the first day this Walmart pharmacy opened they have been consistently customer oriented. They try to resolve any issues or problems that might arise filling a prescription. It is Never a problem to search for the best price of a med. The technicians handle each customer with care. I have never experienced any annoyance with a customer. The technician that stands out most is Gavin who treats everyone with care and respect, even when it's a busy time. Thank you Walmart Pharmacy staff”

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“I really Love going to this Pharmacy cause they are always smiling and they go out of their way to help you in any situation you have even when you are short on money they try their very best to make sure you get your Medication on time and have them so you can stay on track with your Medication, I enjoy picking up my Meds from them , they are always in a Great Mood.”

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“Really recommend this pharmacy. You can call ahead of time and will get someone to answer your call right away. My surgery was April 6th and I got my medication the 4th. Thuan V was super nice and explained everything to me on how to take the medications etc. I asked repetitive questions and he reassured me and explained things in a way for me to really ease my nerves and understand the process. Very grateful I came here is such important times of my life ?”

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“This is a great place to fill out your prescriptions. The best pharmacy, all the personal are very nice, kind, so helpful and fast giving you the medicine you need, they answer all your questions about side effects etc. I recommend this pharmacy with 5 stars.”

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“Most of the time I have no delays in receiving meds via mail, but it seems like for every "new" prescription (i.e. same meds by a different doctor) it like resets my preferences or something and then I go without because they weren't sent via mail.”

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“This costco is probably the best one in all of San Jose. Unlike the Almaden location the staff is very kind and incredibly quick/helpful when you're at the customer service desk. For the MOST part the staff is friendly (we've had some rude team members but it's been rare). Everything you hear about at other Costcos will also usually be here and because of its location it's never overly crowded or hard to find parking. Fun fact: this costco has a free station for tire air pressure”

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“Ten Stars! Huge thanks to Rosalyn at Safeway Compounding Pharmacy. I had an urgent need for custom pain meds related to chemotherapy. I'd lost a full day waiting for a different compounding pharmacy (they somehow lost the scrip!!). So I had the prescription re-submitted and sent to Safeway Compounding Pharmacy. I was in extreme pain. I called, spoke to Rosalyn, and she immediately stepped right in. She took control of the situation and ensured that my prescription was filled same-day. She kept me apprised, throughout the day (esp when she was having difficulty getting in contact with my doctor) and she personally made sure that my medication was delivered to the dispensing pharmacy so my husband could pick it up. Thank you Rosalyn! You are a Life-Saver!”

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“Fast and friendly service. Was able to get my 2022/23 flu shot for a job two months before the start of the 2023/24 flu season. Filled out some forms, got the shot, and was out of there.”

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“Clean, pleasant, and well organized location. Friendly and helpful staff, usually not a long wait for help or to check out. I hope this store stays open for a long time!”

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“Incredibly helpful staff. Consistently trying to help me out and even when I moved and had to get a prescription from a different city and the pharmacists there would not help me out, I called the Coleman ave pharmacists and they sorted it all out with the new pharmacists I had to go to. I don't know their names exactly but the 2 men I usually get help from are extremely helpful. Shoutout to both of them!”

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“Great pharmacy and helpful pharmacists. They carry medications that are not available in other major pharmacies and pharmacists here are very helpful and informative regarding the medications.”

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“Your cashier Ben (young man with short dark hair) is always so helpful, sweet, and such a great cashier/person all around! I always come to this Safeway later at night because I know I'm going to have a pleasant experience when he's here :) thank you for hiring such a wonderful person! Had such a great experience with him tonight :) thank you Ben!”

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“They are very kind and helpful, I sometimes come in here for a plan b and they always got it. They have plan b for a cheaper price rather than to go somewhere else and buy them for $60”

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“A well-stocked and lightning fast pharmacy is every young adult's dream, especially here in the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. Nowadays, when people want their Adderall, they want it NOW, and they are not going to be disappointed with this CVS PHX. Excellent service! Many thanks!”

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“This is one of the best pharmacy in Bay area .All staff. Working here are nice ,friendy and very helpful .They are always available to assist what I need over the phone .”

3.7Good19 Reviews

“Perhaps the best service at any pharmacy I have ever been to. Had an appointment for Covid shot. Checked in, and within 5 minutes I was all finished. Very friendly, fast, and great service from the pharmacy!”

3.5Good28 Reviews

“This pharmacy is awesome the owner is very friendly he is very affectionate with the people he is very quick about getting your scripts out there is never a wait. I've been coming here for years and I would highly recommend it.”

3.6Good21 Reviews

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