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“Very welcoming owners with an amazing selection. This has become my daily visit for my quick needs when it comes to convenience corner store. All kinds of beers, seltzers and wines. They have a selection of Marianne's ice cream as well!!!”

4.9Superb96 Reviews

“Wow, what a great experience! Workers pump your gas for you and are super nice. They also have a great deal for carwash exterior service. Definitely my new go to gas station.”

4.2Good116 Reviews

“Love this spot. Loaded burrito with a side of escabeche made hot to order. Got carne asada, which was well seasoned and moist. It's part of a convenience store. No frills but great food and service.”

4.2Good109 Reviews

“The greatest politeness and courtesy of any convenience store in my last five years of convenience store experiences. Bring your business here and be delighted!”

4.2Good105 Reviews

“This location doesn't look very big from the outside, but once you enter, you quickly realize that they have a fairly large inventory of goods for sale. I love the variety that they stock, you will recognize all of their products; just in Japanese import form, and will also see quite a few items that you have never heard of, but will absolutely want to have.”

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“From The original taco shop in San Jose, started back in 1980 at Imperio Liquors at San Antonio and King Rd. They a truly East Side San Jose landmark. Used to go as a kid with my family and continue the tradition.”

4.1Good106 Reviews

“Thank you Mr. Sai for the service and good quality customer service. Will definitely be coming back to do my smog test here. Thank you for helping me solve my issues with smog. 10/10 would recommend. Really appreciate the honesty and hard work.”

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“We live across the street from this market so come in at least once a week. The staff is always friendly and respectful. They have a great beer selection and a decent and cereal selection, and they carry milk which is excellent when we're in between grocery trips! Finally, amid the Covid-19 outbreak, they sometimes out hand sanitizer after we finish transactions, which I feel really goes above and beyond.”

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“Hope El Dorado Food & Liquor remains as part of neighborhood for decades to come. As long as they're quality employees know that most customers appreciate the hours stores open & work treat & service customers with respect. Is clear they have good owner. Just check your expiration dates (as with all perishables). Seriously, if you're tired of attitude from 7-11,go here instead -many Thanks 4 small bznss's!”

4.2Good50 Reviews

“I love this store! It's my go to. Ken aka boss man and entire staff is friendly. Has a great alcohol selection craft beers. Highly recommend recommend stoping by.”

4.7Superb24 Reviews

“I love this store ... beer was good and customer service is great.. wanna corn to this store again had a great experience and you will find almost all kind of snacks”

4.1Good48 Reviews

“I love all the Targets I go to because they are always so clean and organized. I’m glad some of them have a CVS inside. This is super convenient for people who need to pick up the meds. Also there’s usually a Starbucks and/ or Pizza Hut inside for quick bite to eat too.”

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“Highest quality service ever. I take all my cars to Harold for all repair and service. He repairs my 1972 car as well as the latest kind. Harold gives excellent advice and cares for my cars. I will never use any other service.”

4.2Good34 Reviews

“Solid spot. They have some spicy gummies that are unique. I came for the Bitcoin ATM to buy bitcoin. Pretty quick. It shows you can sell bitcoin for cash also but haven't tried that yet.”

4.7Superb18 Reviews

“Small , clean , this one is convenient as it's right next door to my chiropractor It's organized has a 70's vibe and the parking lot is about twice the size of the store.... Kind of like Kohl's.”

3.9Good57 Reviews

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“Although this is an aging building, I can still rely on it if I want a quick snack or product!They open early and close later at night so it's a reliable ministore that you can head to if you're in a rush, or want to grab something inexpensive.In case you were wondering, there have been a few updates made to the place since the last review.These include:- New Owner- Improved security system (camera)- Different lit up signs- (To be updated)”

4.2Good29 Reviews

“I usually go there for gasoline for my car and I went inside got some minute maid lemonade and a breakfast of roll and a sandwich for my lunch today they have a good variety of snacks and other things inside the building there thank you”

4.1Good33 Reviews

“Good place to get my gas and buy a snack. Good people. I always go for the canned coffee. They have all the beverages. A little bit tight outside getting gas sometimes but it stays civilized and is all worth it. Clean place.”

3.8Good69 Reviews

“Overwhelming selection of wines. Helps to be knowledgeable about wines to shop here. One of their recommendations was and his place has a great selection of inexpensive wines. Best prices for craft beers I've seen. Great stock of some hard to find beers and an incredible selection of Lagunitas ales, including their bombers and seasonals. They have an amazing selection. I especially like their whiskey options!!!!Best selection of high end and rare scotches, whiskeys and bourbons in the city. I love this place! I walk in and say "tell me what I want" and they are always right!”

4.1Good32 Reviews

“Keep in mind this is a CVS pharmacy that operates within a Target department store. It is not a full-size CVS drug store with all the usual offerings of CVS. Then again it's inside of Target so all those things that you would get it at CVS drugstore you can in fact get at the Target instead. CVS just administers the pharmacy stuff.”

4.6Superb17 Reviews

“Nice little neighborhood store. Has a little bit of everything. They accept EBT and the guy that was there when me and my family went, was very polite and welcoming. We went to get “lasting” food like bread, Mayo, lunch meat, a snack for the child lol and a 2L it was a little over $25. Definitely going to be coming back.”

3.9Good49 Reviews

“I only wish there could me more of this Me Mini Market. We often stop here for that forgotten onion, garlic, or salt. The place is kept meticulously clean and it is super convenient.”

4.2Good26 Reviews

“This location is always so sweet about a stall, tonight it was my brother but it’s been me before, they are very pleasant about us waiting for aaa. They’ve got good snacks and super convenient on 880 too!”

3.8Good60 Reviews

“They have the lowest prices on gas I've seen in a long time. I drive a Honda Odyssey$20 gift me a half a tank. I love this place. They also sell U No candy bars. My dad's favorite. I always pick one up it reminds me of him. They are so delicious and hard to find. And the people that work there are so nice. They also have public CLEAN bathrooms. That's always an added plus. You'll never get the excuse of "The bathrooms are out of service". We all know that's a nice way of saying " no you cannot use our bathrooms". They are into pleasing the customer. I wish I could rate them higher than 5 ⭐ s. I would.”

3.9Good44 Reviews

“Great prices, well located near Hwy 85 (1.5 mi away). The screen of the pump I used was barely visible, so I had to guess at the instructions (zip code, receipt etc.) Place looked pretty run down.”

4.3Superb19 Reviews

“At first the clerk did not understand that I was entitled to car wash or so I thought. I came back the next morning and spoke to manager and got one even though I didn't get full 8 gal. Awesome state of the art car wash.”

3.9Good36 Reviews

“Came by for a fill up the other day and it was a great experience. Gas station was to get in and out of and there were plenty of quality and clean pumps available for a fill up. Gas prices are on the cheaper side and using an ExxonMobil gift card results in cash price for gas! The gas station takes Plenti to help you earn points or redeem rewards! Pay at the pump is available and both squuegees and paper towels were available!”

3.8Good39 Reviews

“The biggest reason that we come back to this store again and again is because of the friendly, excellent staff. It is so nice to come into a store where they know your name, rather than the average 7-Eleven with the constant turnover of employees. Another wonderful thing about Kwikee Mart is that if you request that they carry a certain item that they do not currently have, they will start carrying it- which is great because I can do all my shopping in one trip rather than two.”

4.3Superb16 Reviews

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