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“I stopped by the store yesterday evening. Dresses are so cute and adorable, love the texture of the fabric too.Isabella was very helpful and assisted me with what I needed.”

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“Ian was so helpful! I was trying to figure out what size I would be in leggings they didn’t sell in store and he was so kind and knowledgeable! 12/10 for customer service!”

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“Pretty well organized, pretty good deals for the retail price but not great for the quality of the items. Vuori sale is definitely the best by far! Would definitely recommend! I love that the brands are always changing!”

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“Clean and orderly. Currently has lots of pj options. Good place to come to if you are looking for matching pj's for your family. The fitting rooms have a small bench for those of is that are ready to "drop" from all the shopping. I was sitting in it, it's how I know. That shop till you drop is definitely not my thing anymore.”

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“I had a 'friend' that worked here. She gave it a meaning it never had before. Before then I didn't really notice it as much of a retailer but then I visited it again with another 'friend' and this one really was a "friend." Then I realized, it's not really me I'm there for, so it's special and worth the trip whether you're there for yourself or someone else. I was there for them and this was the place it happened.”

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