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“Surprised how much inventory this location had in stock. Picked up a pair of shoes and a sweatshirt. I wear an XXL in shirts, and a size US 13 in sneakers. I very rarely find these sizes in stock when shopping, but today I made a couple purchases. Loved the customer service.”

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“The BEST spot in Costa Mesa for a quick cute outfit, minimal accessories, and especially gifts! I love spending time here & the women that run it are wonderful!”

4.2 Good51 Reviews

“Mike, my sales associate, was great! He listened to my styling (how I wear my jeans) and made suggestions for a few different styles. I typically run with a Sleenker and he was able to fit me in a nice pair and also suggested something different. He took his time and made sure that I got what I needed. He also gave me spot on care instructions for my new denim. I will definitely be back when I need more stuff”

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“This spot never misses. They always keep up with the latest trends and are so very friendly. Only problem I have is the amount of self control I need to have before walking in because I could easily walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of gems. From chill sweats to STAPLE pieces. They have it all.”

3.8 Good59 Reviews

“Found out that if an item is on sale online. They have to honor it at the store. Yeah you all probably knew that already, but thanks to a fellow customer, I know now too!Just paid less the $5.00 for a pair of pants!!”

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“This place is awesome there was an event for Omar Hassan there and it was a huge success. Huge indoor skatepark outdoor rails and park benches waxed up ready to go. Great music great food excellent skating all around. Thank you Volcom for keeping it real!”

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“The service here was excellent. My SA Kim was incredibly friendly and brought out a variety of clothes for me to try on despite me only coming in to try boots. I tried on boots and belts. She also brought me and my partner water right away which was new since most of the other boutiques don’t offer that unless you’re buying something for sure so that was nice. I did feel bad for not buying anything but I will be back in the following month to purchase those boot’s hopefully fromSA Kim. Thank you for being so amazing and helpful Kim!”

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“I was house sitting in Orange County over the Fourth of July holiday weekend and decided to shop for a handbag at the South Coast Plaza Mall. After walking into many high end boutiques and looking at a variety of bags, I decided on a handbag at Bottega Véneta. I was waited on by a very knowledgeable professional and attentive sales associate Mr Ed Lopez. After I got home with my bag a piece of the hardware broke. I immediately called Mr Lopez, he was most responsive assuring me that this was quite unusual. He made arrangements for a replacement bag and provided me with up to date status on the arrival of the replacement bag. Although I was very disappointed with the breakage, Mr Lopez made up for the mishap! What a pleasure to do business with a store that commits to providing outstanding customer service! I highly recommend the store and if you happen to stop by, definitely as for Mr Lopez, you will be amazed!”

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“What an incredible experience thanks to Kelly Lopez! She has so much industry knowledge when it comes to all things bridal. From our phone calls discussing the dresses I was interested in to trying on the gowns, she walked me through the whole process. I learned so much about the accessories and customization because Kelly was genuinely listening to my thoughts and concerns. She was incredibly sweet and supportive during this shopping experience. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and getting me closer to saying yes to the dress! 10/10 recommend going to this location and you'll have the best time working with Kelly!”

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“I'm sure everyone that works there is fantastic, but my experience was with Huey. I would definitely recommend you ask for, or find him. I called in roughly a half an hour before they were about to close and he was patient with all my questions. Together we figured out exactly the shoe I was looking for. It was the Nubuck Calfskin sneaker. I was very happy to find out they had them in stock. I rushed straight down. As soon as I stepped 1 foot inside the store, I heard a friendly voice from the back yell out, Mike? I felt like I was connecting with an old friend. Even though they were minutes away from closing, Huey was great and showed me a couple of different options and a couple of different sizes. I ended up with exactly what I was looking for and while these are not cheap, I believe their shoes to be an incredible value. When the sole wears out, they will be sent back to Italy to get resoled. Stuff like this is truly an investment, versus the disposable fast fashion that everyone seems to love these days. I actually just got off the phone with Huey and he's going to help me track down another pair in a different color. I'm new to the brand but already know this will be my go-to brand for casual shoes. It's like walking on a cloud. They really are ridiculously comfortable. Believe the hype.”

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“Some of the best customer service I've ever experienced! One of the stylists (I forget her name but she was a denim expert) was so kind and helpful as I was trying to find summer shorts & I didn't know my denim size! I also found out that madewell will do free alterations on their jeans and pants which is so helpful for girls with short legs like me! I had a wonderful experience at madewell & would definitely recommend.”

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“It's really nice here at this store. A place i would not normally shop, but your boy does a love a good discount. The discount stuff is on the second store. I did see that there were some camping chairs were 30% off so thats good.”

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“I think that you don't have to be wealthy in order to love and appreciate Loro Piana. Quality Speaks For Itself. Let's see... after trying countless times to resist Tik Tok at all costs... I am a total TikTok and Loro Piana addict thanks to "Gstaad Guy" who has given Loro Piana an instant rise in popularity as the brand to "truly aspire to".”

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“noticed this car boutique shop among my car friends social media! There was a legendary Porsche Lemans race car inside the shop, epic! Great selection of memorabilia, apparel, reading material, and great staff Will probably visit again in the future”

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“I love this location, the staff is kind and very attentive. Elena is truly an angel! She helped me find a bridal dress of my dreams and made me feel so special while there with my maid of honor.Highly recommend!”

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“My boyfriend has always looked like a little boy swimming in his dad's dress shirt. From banana republic to jcrew to you name it, we've always had the same problem. No sales associate was ever helpful in finding the right fit. It wasn't until we met Matt, who actually listened to our issue and dressed my boyfriend in a dress shirt that actually fit, complimented his figure, and looked GOOD! The service we received was outstanding. From the moment we walked in, we were instantly greeted by Matt. When we told him what we were looking for, he knew exactly what size, fit, style, and color. It was almost as if we were receiving service from a high end tailor. Overall we enjoyed this experience and recommend Matt to anyone who is in need of excellent service.”

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“I love coming here because of how clean and well organized the store is! Everything is easy to find and such a great selection! It's fairly peaceful if you shop early afternoon on a weekday. If you need help looking for something, you may encounter, Jeremiah. He was so so helpful in helping me find what I needed and pointed me the right direction with different options for clothes! I wish I was able to say the same thing about the girl in dressing room, Lisbeth (I think that is her name). She had a really bad attitude with me and also towards other customers. I found myself exchanging looks with a stranger with how bad it was and just seemed like she didn't want to be there. I asked her for help in finding something in a smaller size in a shirt I wanted and was acting like I was bothering her. She claimed they "didn't have the size" and when I went back to the floor I saw the same shirt in the size I wanted. I didn't want to go back to the dressing room and just chalked it up to her having a bad day. I even tried asking her about her day and how she was but she ignored me and rolled her eyes and was very dismissive. Thankfully she wasn't there by the time I was done trying on all my clothes and another gentleman took her place and was very sweet with me. Checkout was seamless and I was even helped out by Jeremiah at the end! Overall, the store is very good and aside from the one unfriendly employee in the dressing room, I would recommend coming here.”

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“My husband has a hard time finding shirts in the right length so we tried UNTUCKit and it was a huge success. Jason, the salesperson was so incredibly helpful that we ended up getting 4 shirts. He helped size my husband and guided us through each section of the store. It was so refreshing getting such great customer service. He really knows his products. Thank you Jason for helping my husband find the right fit.”

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“Hi I purchased this pair of shoes in South Coast plaza southern California few years ago. This is probably the third time I wear this one, just when I was sitting in my office, this just happened. Can you help me to figure out how to get this fixed? Thank you Virgia”

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“I don't even know where to begin but I just HAVE to give a review for Garrett who is absolutely the best. Words cannot describe how exceptional his customer service was. So welcoming!! We were cracking up the entire time I was there up until I left. He was very informative of the products and offered assistance if I needed to see any other sizes. He was very attentive, polite and his humor was top notch. I truly had such a memorable customer service experience there, he made my entire day. Kindness goes a very long way and I am very thankful for him. A great associate and a great individual all around. I hope that he will receive the recognition he deserves! Thanks, Garrett! :-)”

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“A beautiful selection of unique clothes and gifts. Getting all my Christmas shopping at Etoile on 17th, a one stop shop! Lovely staff who catered to my needs, the cherry on top. Their Insta is super cute.”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“WOW! I am so impressed by the professionalism in this store. Everyone was so lovely and so helpful. A very sweet taller lady helped me for the entire time I was in the store and I was so impressed with her knowledge. I believe her name was Sorya! I am a Golden Goose regular and this was my best experience so far!”

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“I went there and met Cici, a nice Korean woman who was helping me order a purple label suit that was on sale and sent to my home in nicely packaged. She also helped my gf to purchase her purse as well. Thank you so much Cici, you provided the best customer service. I went all the way from San Fernando valley”

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“Gustavo was so great! Came by to get a new puffer for the winter and it was our first experience with Canada Goose. Thankfully we were helped by Gustavo, who was more than happy to run back and forth to grab us all the different puffer styles and sizes. Will definitely be back!!”

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“It was my first time visiting this store because I live closer to LA. The wait to enter the store was not long on a Saturday afternoon and I was paired with Toni as my sales associate who was absolutely amazing! I had such an enjoyable experience working with her and she was able to help my cousin and I with securing a triomphe card holder and wallet for both of us. The service was also incredible and accommodating. South Coast Plaza is miles away from where I live but I am willing to always drive back down to visit. Thanks again Toni for all your help!”

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“I absolutely love this place specially how staffs are so nice. Mayumi facilitated a lot with certain things I was looking for I appreciate you thank you very much to be honest this is the best Moncler store I came across hospitality wise”

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“This is the plaza that used to have a large Kmart store. The Kmart store closed and it was replaced by the amazing ATHOME store that is amazing ! It’s like IKEA meets home goods and other decor stores. The diversity of items is amazing and at very low prices. The best place to buy patio and indoor furniture. The variety of rugs is great. It’s the best price for. plant pots.There’s lots of restaurants, donut places, Mexican food, swim club, gyms, etc.Parking is very easy.Enjoy your visit.”

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“I came in there with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago,and we came for dress shoes(for me) and heels (for her). We were impressed by the quality of the products and the professionalism with every staff member. We ended up leaving with more than what we came for! We want to highlight Bianca for showing great compassion and selfless service to ensure our great experience!”

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