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“I found exactly what I didn't know I needed and was incredibly happy. They have a lovely selection of women's clothing.I was going through so e of my clothes looking for an item and noticed several items I have had for 20 plus years said JCPenny. They have been a reliable place to shop for so many years. Don't forget them or we may end up missing them.”

4.2 Good46 Reviews

“This has always been a good Target location. My girl loves it here. She still like this mall of all places. But we stopped here last night for the hell of it to look at some stuff and purchase some things. Big Target with lots of things to shop for. I never had any problems here. I have been coming here for so many years. Its always been one of my favs.”

3.8 Good54 Reviews

“Take pulse, prescribe, dispense medication. The teacher has a heart, diagnoses and advises on eating very carefully.Sometimes crowded, long wait. Visit the restaurant or coffee shop next door if you want.”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I love Macy, specially this location, I have been here more than 30 years and the last few years, I usually buy my skin care products at Sheseido counter. DIANE PHAN, the sale associate introduced to me the products. I bought the serum lx solution. It is pricey, but for 2 weeks, my skin dramatic changes. I live it and highly recommend yo everyone. DIANE is very professional, SIANE answered me all the question about skin condition. Every single time, when Macy has promotion, she always let me know. I greatly appreciate DIANE'S hard work.”

3.2 Average75 Reviews

“We had to make the trek out to Westminster as the item we needed, immediately, was in stock only in that store. So, first and foremost, the drive up pick-up was super crazy fast. I've never been to any store pick-up that brought my stuff out that fast. Seriously, we were waiting for less than 1 minute. Not only were they fast, but they were fast in a downpour.Thank you, Walmart drive-up team. You made our day and with such a long trek home in that storm, every minute counts.I've attached the video of the storm so you get a feel for how bad it was and how grateful we are.”

3.1 Average104 Reviews

“Kiki sorry I forgot the name spelling. She was handling the store almost all by herself ! Yeah, you know I told you I was giving you a review because you're multitasking and helping new employees to make your day go by. Makes you manager material !5+ for all you did today with a good attitude and smile on your face!Just wanted you to know you were Ross tonightThey are lucky to have you ❤️”

3.1 Average28 Reviews

“Amazing staff working hard to provide a well stocked, safe and enjoyable shopping experience. Thank you for dealing with rude post-Holiday customers with such grace and patience!”

2.9 Average58 Reviews

“They're pretty quick when call in. Really love how convenience this pharmacy is--locate right at the door. No need to go through the whole store like Brookshurst Target CVS or Chapman”

2.8 Average73 Reviews

“Bought my LV bag from here and it’s nearly new and was a great price as I compared to other prices.I love my hand bag and would recommend to anyone to come here.”

1 Poor1 Reviews

“Yes its a bit unorganized and messy but what store isnt these days? This mall is sad and dying but the quality is still there! I still pick up my chanel and lancome makeup from their counters. Yen at chanel is so kind and amazing! She actually gives great honest advice and doesnt push ugly colors on u! They honor all the discounts and give plenty of samples bc nobody is there to say otherwise! Sometimes I order items and have them delivered to the store and peruse while im there. I always find something cool and for a great price! Dont miss out on this hidden gem!”

2.4 Poor20 Reviews

“I went shopping a couple of days ago and when I scanned my discount for a ginger bread house it didn't go through, I went to customer service desk and Andrew helped me with no problem and he was super helpful and quick”

2.4 Poor30 Reviews

“I went shopping a couple of days ago and when I scanned my discount for a ginger bread house it didn't go through, I went to customer service desk and Andrew helped me with no problem and he was super helpful and quick”

2.2 Poor82 Reviews

“I am a disabled Vietnam vet. I have a wheelchair a special cane and a walker. Today 01/27/2024 Saturday at Walmart I needed to P/U some shelving. I was using my walker and special cane to complete the task. Believe me if you've never been confined to a wheelchair or walker you can't appreciate how difficult it is to do anything. After I made my purchase I exited thru the gardening exit. I had parked in a parking lot that doesn't seem to get much use I loaded up my shelving and drove home. As soon as I parked my car and started to unload my purchases I noticed my special cane was missing. I began a frantic search in my car for it and finally realized I had left it in the parking lot at Walmart, the lot where nobody parks. I immediatly called Walmart security explained my situation leaving my name and phone number, I said Thank you and hung up resiging myself to the fact that my cane was gone. I was thinking that a homeless person probably found it and I hoped he at least got a good price for it when he sold it. Remember I said it was a "special" cane. About an hour later my phone rang, it was security and they had my cane. I'm going to pick it up now. I don't know any details but I want to thank security for recovering my cane and calling me ASAP. Sincerely Carl W Eades Jr.”

1.7 Poor55 Reviews

“I like this Walmart location. I used to shop here alot when i lived in Westminster back in the days. SInce i work not very far from this area, i decided to stop here after work Friday and purchased some non major items. We have a Costco next door and a Raising Canes inside the shopping area here. Lots of parking and security. Annoy me a little with all the homeless in this area. But i get over it. Always a pleasure here.”

1.7 Poor64 Reviews

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