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“I can’t thank your team enough. You helped me more than you guys know Thank you Thank you Thank you I will pay it forward!! You couldn’t have helped me at a better or worse time whichever way you wanna look at it. You’re TRULY A BLESSING!!!!”

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“In general i am very skeptical about car shops because i do take care of mine. I will have to review it after having my car handled by ASR Automotive. Steve was just perfect and receiving an update of the services on time with photos through mssg was awesome!!. Above and beyond is exactly what they gave. Congrats to them!. I will definitely bring my other cars back whenever i need.Service: Auto maintenance”

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“This is by far the best automotive place I have ever been to. The guys here are super friendly and know what they are talking about. They will walk you through everything. Pricing is very reasonable. They even give free rides if needed. Highly recommend!!”

4.8 Superb143 Reviews

“My vehicle sat for a bit, so I brought it in before doing emissions. I wasn't sure it would make the drive in, but Brad and the crew did an alignment, rotation, and replaced the brakes, etc., and it hasn't driven better.Everyone was friendly, the communication was quick, and the service was faster than initially thought, all being budget-friendly!”

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“Local Businesses are the backbone of America. You will receive quality and matchless customer service and have unparalleled options for choice of vehicle from Auto Trends. This company has premier service technicians who take care and pride in their skills. I came to Auto Trends looking for a specific size work truck and Auto Trends had exactly what I was looking for. I will be a returning customer when my business is in need of work vehicles.”

4.8 Superb90 Reviews

“Great customer service! The staff at McCormick worked with me to get a new set of tires for the winter. I was kept up to date on the status of my vehicle and was given pricing and options before any additional services were performed. Highly recommend!”

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“The whole team at McCormick's has been so helpful for us. They did a free inspection of our old vehicle, advised us on service, and also did a free inspection on the vehicle we are purchasing. They have been honest and helpful with feedback and advice. Would highly recommend! Thank you!!”

4.8 Superb46 Reviews

“Chris and his team are the best in town! This past week I went into the Houska garage to have tires mounted and balanced. When paying for this service I was told I needed to have an alignment completed. So I made the appointment for two days later. I was irritated this was not apart of the mounting and balancing during the install, and was never asked if I wanted an alignment when scheduling. Later that afternoon I receive phone call stating an alignment would not be recommended due to needing a new steering rack, the power steering fluid was leaking and needed replaced and flushed, the struts and sway bar needed replaced all adding up to 4k!I was completely shocked with the cost! I was not really surprised things needed to be replaced due to my car being an 04'. But labor alone was quoted to be more then the parts! I took my vehicle for a second opinion to Chris at C&T and had the same work done there for $1300.Chris and his team have always been good to me in the past and I will continue taking my car here for superior service!! Thank you all so much!”

4.9 Superb23 Reviews

“Phenomenal customer service. Knowledgeable technicians. I would recommend using All-Tech Automotive 10 times out of 10!Services: General repairs & maintenance”

4.8 Superb35 Reviews

“These guys are amazing!! My dad has always worked on my cars but do to the fact this one needs a new tool for everything its not as easy for him. These guys walked me through the process, were super knowledgable and didn’t try and charge me for things my car doesn’t need. I highly recommend them!! Plus they have the cutest little 4 legged employee.Service: Exhaust”

4.8 Superb30 Reviews

“Scott's aligned my car after I purchased new tires elsewhere. It was completed within the time projected, for a reasonable price, and they also did a thorough inspection. I waited while the work was done, but I saw that a shuttle driver was taking other clients to their destinations. I observed the courteous service everyone was receiving, and I believe I've found a competent and honest shop!”

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“I brought my 2000 Honda Accord in with an automatic transmission problem. I was surprised and grateful to learn that Andrew has deep experience with automatic transmissions, and particularly with Hondas as well. I've visited another unnamed transmission shop in Fort Collins, but I’ve made it a point to never return.Andrew took the time to diagnose the transmission issue, and also recommended several other items that needed attention as well, explaining his rationale for each. Three of the four additional items could be addressed at a much lower cost, as the transmission would be removed – allowing for easy access to these components. The fourth item recommended (timing belt) was mileage-related, and I readily agreed to this maintenance item as well.Andrew (and Susan) kept me updated with progress along the way. Once the work was completed, Andrew spent time discussing the repairs, and the high-quality parts that were used, which really bolstered my confidence not only in the repair, but also the man behind the repair.I will be back; this was by far the best interaction that I've ever had with an auto repair!Services: General repairs & maintenance”

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“Fantastic and Friendly and Honest!These guys under-promise, over-deliver and they have great turnaround! They are very knowledgeable and determined to solve the problem and I highly recommend them to anyone, even your dog!**************”

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“This place is awesome. I would highly recommend set. My car in were willing to work with me with my weird situation to where I was going to be out of town for three weeks. The only reason that I didn't earn a five star for me is because the last thing that they did I approved $800 and I was charged $900 so the little $100 surprise definitely cost a star”

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“John and his team did a stellar job putting my rather neglected car back to rights. Kind, knowledgeable, and swift, I would absolutely recommend them for anyone who needs reliable work done on their vehicle!”

4.6 Superb117 Reviews

“Delt with them yesterday as I have several times over the years . They answered my questions to my satisfaction ! My mood wasn't the best but they were very professional. Thanks for putting up with this old man. Sincerely Jim J”

4.8 Superb9 Reviews

“Phil was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and my car is running better than ever! Most mechanics I've been to feel impersonal and predatory, but Import Specialists did what was necessary at a reasonable price. I expect my car to run well for a long time, but when the time comes for more repairs I will definitely be going back.”

4.5 Superb18 Reviews

“The crew here (now Pomp's Tire) was outstanding. I was up at CSU Mountain campus with a rental that had a bad tire. They went out of their way to take care of me, deal with payment by the rental car company and send me safely back on my way. Highly recommended!!”

4.5 Superb49 Reviews

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kyle and Malakai. I came in to buy new wheels for my Camaro, and these gentleman answered all of my questions, and were kind enough to share their opinions when asked. They didn’t rush me in my decision and thoroughly went over detail. They were professional and friendly, and their service did not go unappreciated.”

4.5 Superb79 Reviews

“Friendly and fast. I went in for a suspension re-torque and was done in 30 minutes. I also asked if they could remove the front mud flaps due to the tires rubbing which they did at the same time.”

4.5 Superb99 Reviews

“Very knowledgeable and efficient staff. Quick service and great quality. Have used them for years with my tour bus business and now that I am retired have continued to have them take care of my personal vehicles. I recommend them to my family and friends!”

4.4 Superb13 Reviews

“They had the tires I wanted in stock when the other place didn't. The manager was friendly and helpful. Constructive criticism: because they were not busy, there were a bunch of guys sitting around; they could have gotten my car done faster if one or two of those guys had pitched in to help.”

4.4 Superb55 Reviews

“Right after a disappointing experience at another discount store I picked up a nail and stopped into this store to get it fixed. Initially the sales guy was unable to help out but then Spencer the manager came out and actually took the time to hear me out and not only did he make things right, he went above and beyond to make everything right. He definitely earned back my business and my respect.”

4.4 Superb210 Reviews

“Sebastian gave me fast professional advice and service - good comparison of options- and got me on my way with a new battery in 5 minutes!Plus he’s a nice, friendly guy that made the experience enjoyable.”

3.6 Good10 Reviews

“Always take my vehicles to Houska for wheel and tire services. All employees are professional and friendly. I do wish as a customer at the completion of the service Houska would offer a quick one on one with the technician that performed the service. Personally I always have questions and to be clear as friendly and professional the front of the house employee are they are not able to answer detailed questions of the service.Services: Tires”

4.2 Good49 Reviews

“They was very kind and helpful did a motor replacement on my truck and it is running very good I must say only 2 problems I had was Communication keep getting a date wen it would be done and it kept changing and when I got my truck back the latter inside it was missing witch was 100$ i think it got stolen sitting on there lot but other then that they seem to be good at what they do and honest”

3.1 Average8 Reviews

“Great service. They took great care of my vehicle, the service was done on time and with great professionalism. We always have a great experience at Ken Garff. I bought my ordered Bronco from Ken Garff and I paid the agreed price with no Additional Dealer Markup, it was a very straightforward and easy transaction.”

3.6 Good195 Reviews

“I've always been treated with professionalism at this shop...never rudely. Not once. I'm really surprised to see comments about rude treatment.For those that are upset about issues not getting fixed the first time, I can assure you that growing up with a mechanic dad, sometimes it takes several tries to diagnose a problem correctly. I have no doubt these guys want to fix it in one shot, but life (and cars) are complicated.As for their attempts to upsell, have you ever been to a shop that didn't try? I've bought some upsells there a few times, and turned them down many times. There was never any pushback after a simple "No" from me.I'll keep coming back.”

3.1 Average169 Reviews

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