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“One of the nicest ones I've been into! The Tyler store could definitely use this store as an example!! Very clean, fully stocked and actually nice employees! Thank you!”

3.6 Good71 Reviews

“I can't believe I wasted years using Walgreens when this pharmacy was right next door. The customer service here is excellent, and I would much rather support a local business. The pharmacist noticed that I was prescribed an antibiotic which I might have an allergy to, and requested that I double check it. Turns out it was perfectly fine, but the fact that they cared enough to ask the question and were that thorough will make me a customer for life. Thank you for being a cut above the rest!”

5 Superb11 Reviews

“Convenience Store you can find out anything that you need for groceries and also pharmacy supplies the price it's very moderate definitely I'll come back again ?”

3.8 Good36 Reviews

“Nice grocery store it's now my local Walmart just moved on this side of town pretty good store they got a lot of stuff besides just groceries they're really nice people too”

3.7 Good43 Reviews

“Sam's Gas Station is very nice. There are 2 attendants that are absolutely wonderful!! It is always very busy here. You always have to wait in line for a pump. But be patient. Don't be in a hurry. Most of the time everyone is nice.”

3.7 Good37 Reviews

“Unbelievable service at the Bossier City CVS at 4890 barksdale blvd. unbelievable! I’ve been to just about all of the CVS pharmacy’s in the area and this one blows all others away. I cannot thank the staff enough for doing their jobs so very well. I waited for my prescription and it was ready before I was. Again, THANK YOU to the staff!! From a very impressed disabled veteran!!”

3.9 Good22 Reviews

“This pharmacy never has your meds that they know you're going to need every month it's like this every month I cannot get my meds and the meds I need are extremely needed but they don't seem to caring enough to pre-order or order more or whatever the problem is but this pharmacy. If you choose this pharmacy I don't recommend it”

4 Good15 Reviews

“Great deals on groceries. Wonderful staff throughout the store. Their produce section is unrivaled in the Shreveport/Bossier area. There are however, a couple of cashiers that exhibit clear, non verbal signals of discrimination in regard to caucasian customers. To the extent that I have chosen to no longer trade there. How unfortunate that such a great business is being affected by such ill will.”

3.5 Good31 Reviews

“I had to change my review. After speaking with the nurse multiple times, we have finally come to an arrangement and I'm happy to say that I would recommend DRCC. Sometimes it takes communicating and research on the professional end.”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“After always feeling like an inconvenience to CVS on barksdale, I switched to Walmart on barksdale and they’ve made my life so much easier. I take antidepressants, and my insurance only lets me get 10 days of pills at a time ?? They are quick and nice. I work 2 jobs so they always have my medications ready when I need them! I deeply appreciate ya’ll!! ??”

3.5 Good12 Reviews

“I have a hard to fill medication and the pharmacist went above an beyond to help me. in a world of "rude" she is a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be back!”

4 Good5 Reviews

“I called 4 different pharmacies today trying to get my son’s prescription. Walmart was by far the nicest and most helpful. I truly felt like they went above and beyond everywhere else that I talked to. I was pleasantly surprised and will continue using this pharmacy in the future.”

3.4 Good4 Reviews

“I have a hard to fill medication and the pharmacist went above an beyond to help me. in a world of "rude" she is a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be back!”

2.8 Average13 Reviews

“I love this pharmacy!! The people are truly amazing. You don't have to wait forever to talk to someone or get your medicine either. They don't seem annoyed when you ask them questions about your medicine or insurance. I wish I would've filled with them prior to this”

2.8 Average11 Reviews

“This is the best pharmacy around. I love about 40 minutes away but I continue to come here. They are some of the kindest people. They will spend time to make sure your savings card is working and that means so much to me. They communicate so clearly too. They always help me understand a medication as well. My favorite part is how joyous they seem. They always have a smile and make sure you leave with one. I even came out smiling and laughing after I broke my orbital bone. They deserve to be recognized. The pharmacist is amazing! Truly cares and remembers the slightest details. It really is so kind. The techs are amazing as well. They never rush you but communicate clearly. If they don’t have a medication they are very clear when they can get it. They’ve helped me so many times. I truly hope Walmart recognizes their amazing service. It means so much when you are sick or in pain to have a friendly and helpful person there for you. I cannot express how much they have helped this year. Truly they are the best in town. Hands down!”

2.7 Average14 Reviews

“This is for the gas station.The past 4 times I have purchased gasoline here, there is a gentleman who comes out and greets EVERYONE. It doesn't matter how busy it is, or if the weather is horrible or nice out, he will go to every person and say "Good morning sir/ma'am!" with a big smile and a huge wave. Makes my day every time.”

2.7 Average9 Reviews

“I know people need their meds l get it. But some people want to complain on the pharmacy and the pharmacist it's Not their fault if they don't have medicine sometimes it's on back order or Just simply not in stock. Sometimes in alot of situations alot of people are not okay with change and have to realize that with time, comes with changes. Every one does not mange the same or have to do things the same way as some one else once did. You all never know why these people in management are on the phone or have to be close by to it. I feel alot of people just speak from outsiders looking in, and don't know or understand what it takes to do their job, so that we are efficient and have what we need to survive. Yall complain on stupid simple things. It's so much other stuff going on in the world to be worried about someone having a bad day. The people that work in the pharmacy are human as well. Yall ever thought to think that sometimes yall make it hard to serve you.?? Jus a thought. God bless!”

2.5 Average67 Reviews

“I have a hard to fill medication and the pharmacist went above an beyond to help me. in a world of "rude" she is a breath of fresh air. I will definitely be back!”

2.5 Average7 Reviews

“Need more staff. The older staff needs to talk to customers a bit nicer. The younger staff seems to know how to speak to people. Definitely need more workers because they are always busy”

2.4 Poor5 Reviews

“Excellent staff. They are always patient & kind, even when swamped. They take extra steps to help with unusual situations, such as being unable to get insurance approval.”

2.4 Poor14 Reviews

“Out for traditional New Year's drive with the fam, post breakfast we ended up out this way. I wanted to pick up a Shreveport Times to read, and something for my sore throat. Done and done,”

1.8 Poor3 Reviews

“The people were delightful and extremely helpful and funny and friendly.Store was nice and clean and they had everythimg I needed amd was very easy to fimd. Overall it was a great experience.”

2.3 Poor30 Reviews

“The people that work in the Pharmacy are awesome. They went above and beyond to help me get my prescription filled. My prescription was out of stock at Walgreens. The Pharmacy staff did everything they could to help me out. The people that work there are caring, concerned, professional, and respectful. I am so grateful for their help This was at the Walgreens in Bossier City, on the corner of Airline and Shed Road.”

2.3 Poor43 Reviews

“CVS pharmacy is great for prescriptions. They always ask if you need info I. How to take it and always willing to help. Thier covid line could use some organization, but overall as a pharmacy highly recommend.”

1.3 Poor3 Reviews

“Fast and friendly service. Didn't have to wait long in drive thru like last time I visited. Store had new pharmacist. She was very friendly and knowledgeable.”

1.9 Poor10 Reviews

“Not only in my case , but I have noticed with other customers as well they try to get your prescription out to you as fast as they can , and always very polite. Most seem to remember me every time I go and I very much dislike having to go to other unfamiliar pharmacies to get my medicine. They never know me and it’s always unpleasant. So thank you super one airline for being my number one pharmacy.”

1.2 Poor6 Reviews

“I always pass this place when I drive to a friends' place and it just looks so big and legit. We finally stopped today and it's spacious, relatively clean, and we had an overall positive experience.”

1.6 Poor13 Reviews

“Very nice and helpful employees. It's busy, but they work hard to keep their customers up to date on their prescriptions. The one I used was CVS the one Northon Airline Dr. Very clean store.”

1.7 Poor37 Reviews

“I agree with some of the other comments, on the same pharmacist being there. He needs a vacation. Also, I do overhear a lady or two jabbering about things on the outside, all the while, there are people waiting. Usually happens with newer employees. The turnover rate seems pretty high. The drive thru is very slow because people will wait for it to get filled. The inside has been pretty quick, considering I come just after 5 oclock rush.(Everybody and their momma getting off work). Overall, Ive had good to average experiences their. The front staff runs like a champ though! Maybe can give a few pointers on courtesy. Atleast pretend to like your job.(For those in the back).”

1.4 Poor26 Reviews