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“So happy I went to Verizon! Wayne which is who worked with us today was absolutely amazing! He had so much patience with our many questions and helped us save so much money! Thank you Wayne with Verizon!”

4.9 Superb64 Reviews

“My 5ish year 42" Vizio TV suddenly died, I bought a few replacements (43" and 40") from Vizio to try but I was not happy with how bulky the new units were and they just didn't look as sleek either.I brought the 42" in and they were able to repair it! Cheaper than any of the new units and so worth it!10/10 service and staff, will definitely keep coming here for any TV needs!”

5 Superb25 Reviews

“I can't remember the ladies name from the metro on n.main st, fall river, ma. But all I know is she is awesome, she helped me out so much, she was very friendly, helpful, caring and she don't keep her customers waiting, for now on this will be thee only metro I go to, even if I gotta drive far away cuz I know with a worker like her it will always be worth it, just wish I remembered her name...”

4.7 Superb34 Reviews

“Staff here is very pleasant I don't have a problem going into the store and getting things done and getting the help I need they're always on top of things and ready to give me extra help with whatever is necessary”

4.2 Good40 Reviews

“This repaired my iPhone 11 screen in literally 15 minutes... it came out GREAT looks brand new! Way cheaper than buying a new phone, check them out you won’t be disappointed”

4.1 Good36 Reviews

“I do NOT recommend the William S Canning Blvd Fall River, MA store. I like TMobile despite its issues since acquiring Sprint (slower service lag times, etc). That being said the young woman working tonight Thursday March 31, 2022 was not professional at all. My hubby was getting assistance from a young man at the counter. She asked if I needed help I said no. She went back to playing on her phone. I checked out the Samsung folding phones and played the demo on the iPads. She and another man watched me. I looked for wipes to clean the items but they didn’t have them. Only sprays which I have been told is not good. She then proceeded to walk to the Samsung folding phones and the iPads and bemoan quite loudly how another worker had left the phones and iPads w/fingerprints all over them. Not exactly subtle. I guess I made her get off her a** and do some actual work and it bothered her. She then came back to the counter after I made a comment myself about her lack of subtlety and she then made a remark in Spanish about how stupid I was. Not so ignorant that I didn’t understand your comment Chiquita. Not happy w/the attitude and lack of professionalism. My husband was upset about it as well and wants to switch our family from TMobile now after 10 years, especially when the bosses do not correct such bad behavior.”

3.9 Good55 Reviews

“Let me tell you Meghan went above and beyond for me and treated me so well with great customer service and a positive attitude. Couldn't ask for a better customer service experience”

3.8 Good47 Reviews

“T Mobile is a fine wireless provider. The wait for service depends on when you turn up there. You might as well enjoy these stores while they exist...they may go the way of shopping malls.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“Dominick is amazing I've never had such an amazing level of customer service. He is patient and knowledgeable and gave me the best deal I'll probably ever get concerning cell phones, it was truly a blessing. Definitely go see him, he gets it done! - Rhiana”

3.7 Good48 Reviews

“Jason Sousa is a phenomenal manager who helped me tremendously. I’ve worked with his store over a year and they have been so gracious to me. Thank you so much you are greatly appreciated?”

3.2 Average56 Reviews

“Sandy is fantastic. She never seems to miss a day and has to be exhausted. I know the covid issues are getting farther and farther away but i' m sure at times the store would be closed if not for her as no one seems to want to works these days.Always friendly and I always get a laugh chatting with her.Lets face it with people playing the lottery and paying with cash and credit cards and food stamps in one transaction, plus the door dash now, it gets confusing but she always does it right.”

3 Average28 Reviews

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