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“I work the night shift across the street and stop here every day on my break to grab something small and fuel up my car with premium gas once a week they have competitive gas prices which is also a positive and what better time than to fill your car up during the middle of the night when there are no lines”

4.2 Good19 Reviews

“Very nice station and prices are in line with all the others. Quick checkout and TONS OF BONGS! The staff is very friendly too. Plus Dunkin make the trip worth it!Click the thumbs up icon up below if you like my review. I'm a Google Maps Local Guide (Level 8) whose 200+ reviews and 900+ photos have been viewed over 27 million times.”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“I limped my overheating car into the gas station on Friday night. Sam repleaved the water pump on Saturday, had it ready for me on Sunday. That is what they mean by “service station.””

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“Always polite and caring. Quick with the oil changes and stickers. They diagnose and fix fast. Came in today to get my brakes checked, they looked at it, found something stuck and fixed it. They always take good care of you.”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“1/26/23 11:55Clean, efficient and “personalized” experience.Whoever was running the night was very kind, clean and punctual on when the pizza was going to be done”

3.5 Good6 Reviews

“My favorite cumbys .Keana hope I spelled it correctly she is an exemplary employee. Always has hot fresh food ready. She is polite and will make me what ever I ask with a smile . She is the best employee of all the Cumberland farms I've been too and I've been to A LOT. She is management material hurry up and make her a manager .”

2.9 Average7 Reviews

“My morning routine includes stopping here for coffee and a bagel plus some snacks. I'm a regular here and the employees are friendly. They make my mornings pleasant. I definitely recommend this place. You can't go wrong. You can get coffee, snacks and gas all in 1 place.”

2.9 Average8 Reviews

“My family bought 3 cars from Alphonse. Anytime anything went wrong, they always took care of us. The service team was great. Highly recommend anyone looking for a used car to check them ou.”

2.8 Average25 Reviews

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