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“Come here pretty often since it’s so close to my house. I think the best parts are the ready-made food and the gelato. Also has a good seafood selection. My issue is the price of the items. Every day items including pasta sauces can be 20–30% higher in cost than your typical grocery store, sometimes even double than you’d normally find.”

4.7Superb595 Reviews

“September 2023 - my daughter and I needed something from the store and we decided to check this store out. A lot of parking and a very clean store. The staff was very nice and helpful. Worth checking out if you are in the area.”

4.4Superb54 Reviews

“I’ve never seen a slow or broken pump and I’ve been coming here for a decade. With points you can get gas for as cheap or a bit cheaper than Sam’s Club. Small convenience store but the attendants are always friendly. Clean safe location too.”

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“Love how this old barn was restored into a really nice liquor and beer store. Huge walk in cooler too! It's cold in there so shop fast! The liquor selection is top notch. The music they play in the store is like a dance club sometimes which is fun. Always well-stocked and quick service. Glad the owners had a great vision for the old barn a turned it into a great store for the sprawling residential area 360 degrees around it. Good job, guys!”

3.5Good53 Reviews

“This is my regular gas station, these poor people see me in my pajama's. Barb is the most amazing person ever! She is ALWAYS there. The place is always clean.”

3.3Good44 Reviews

“The newest grocery store in the area, the community eagerly waited for this new Meijer to open. First, if was supposed to open Spring of 2022, then late Summer of 2022..... then again at some point before the year. Low and behold, it finally opened on January 26, 2023. It's a grocery store. It's brand new, so of course it's super beautiful (if you can use that word for a grocery store). It's clean, very well stocked and organized. The lay out was easy to navigate and aisles are wide for multiple shoppers to get down and around. Early this morning I saw several spots in the store where they designated marked down items, for quick sale. I also noticed a ton of red clearance sticker items, including fresh meat, produce and gorgeous specialty celebration cakes. Also marked down for quick sale. I didn't have one employee say HI to me, which I thought was odd. I figured they'd be pushing the friendliness factor. But it didn't upset me. This is a Meijer Grocery. Its not a regular Meijer Store. The bigger Meijer are typically 180,000- 200,000 sq. ft in size and offer approximately 230,000 items for the consumer. This new Meijer Grocery in Macomb MI is a much smaller store. It makes for quicker, more efficient shopping trips. The smaller store also is supposed to leave less of a carbon footprint (or so they say). Meijer Grocery stores are typically 75,000-90,000 sq. ft and carry significantly less items. It's a more food-focused shopping experience. This location has tons of fresh produce including a a huge selection of organic. They also have a great selection of plant based items in all sections of the store. They carry all the grocery items you're used to at your other favorite grocery store. They have in-store meat cutters, again with tons of organic animal protein. Gorgeous bakery complete with in-store cake decorators. Seriously, I was most impressed with the cakes- especially the marked down priced ones- they were a A full service deli and lots of grab and go options and quick ready made meal items for those hectic days you just can't or don't want to cook. They offer a large in-store pharmacy and drive-thru pharmacy, for ease and convenience. Other areas include health & beauty care, baby items, pets and household essentials. They also have a card & party and floral section. This new Meijer offers a TON of Michigan made products like Crispelli's Bakery, Blake's Farm apple cider and hard cider, and my favorite- tons of ethic Middle Eastern items from Dearborn, just to name a few. Lots of self check outs to get in and out fast, just as I did. It's great store. It really is. Who doesn't like anything new and shiny and clean. Hopefully it will stay this way. It's definitely worth checking out, but to be honest, I doubt I'll go out of my way to shop here. But in passing I would pop in to check out the good deals and clearance finds.”

3.4Good7 Reviews

“This is my go to local party store. The owners know their customers and I have never been overcharged for my purchases. They always are friendly, the store is very clean and well stocked.”

3.2Average23 Reviews

“Manager here has gone out of his way to help my son, who is on the spectrum, get a job. I cannot say enough how wonderful it is toco e across people who are willing to take extra time to help out someone with some challenges and assist them towards growth and success! Thank you so much!”

2.7Average20 Reviews

“I live over by Lakeside and will now drive out of my way to this Kroger even though there is one closer. It is HUGE. Super clean. Usually not that busy. But what really keeps me coming back is the staff here. They make my shopping experience a pleasant one and I always feel valued as a customer.”

2.9Average54 Reviews

“The prices were good and fair, however the stock was not full or even half. I'm not sure that's their fault or just the day but the quality seemed good for area and brand.”

2.8Average46 Reviews

“This was a great Kroger store to stop in at on my way home from a 3 hour visit at Blake's. This location is off of Romeo Plank on 26 Mile Road and it is a huge store. I only shopped for a gallon of milk in the dairy Department and paid at my favorite= the u-scan. This store is set up the same way as the location at 23 and Hayes in Shelby Township. Maybe the next time I'm in the area I'll spend more time in here. Then I can shop, view and compare this location to my local Kroger and give some more feedback. It was busy but not extremely at 1:30 p.m. I'm sure it's a pretty busy store, since out here in this area are many subdivisions with many homes near Van Dyke or Schoenherr Roads plus other local well known stores. On 26 Mile at Romeo Plank.”

2.2Poor17 Reviews

“The prices were good and fair, however the stock was not full or even half. I'm not sure that's their fault or just the day but the quality seemed good for area and brand.”

2.4Poor23 Reviews

“Really good store only issue is to many times there Customer Service area is close due to short staff. I have a problem with that seems like they would have fixed that problem.”

2.7Average99 Reviews

“I just drove 45 minutes for a specific flat iron, so I was really hoping to find it. It wasn’t on the shelf so I asked if it was in another area. Melissa and Jasen helped me by looking up the item and finding the item in the discount area. Thank you guys so much. You guys are lifesavers! Very kind and courteous!”

2.7Average126 Reviews

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