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“I love this store because it's always clean and the associates are always helpful and kind. They have a large variety in things and though the Woodhaven store is closer to me I prefer to visit the Taylor store as it's even bigger and has even MORE items to shop through. Can't beat their cash back rewards system either.”

4.2Good166 Reviews

“This is a clean store that is also well organized. However, the cashiers need additional training. I came from Canada and attempted to use my circle account from the webpage, which gives you a barcode. The cashier argued with me when I attempted to use it at the cash, insisting instead, I use the target app. I tried explaining to her that I couldn’t use the app as I’m from Canada. She refused to scan the barcode. I’m glad I did not have any offers loaded that day as I would not have received them. I later had to upload the receipt manually. Please do additional training with your cashiers to understand that the barcode from the web app can be used in place of the target app.”

4.1Good130 Reviews

“Large selection of goods at a reasonable price. If I was in the market for furniture I would definitely check this place before going to one of the large furniture stores. It seems like a good place to stop in if you need to grab some small odd and end items.”

4.1Good111 Reviews

“Pickup was clearly marked in the back.However. I didn't realize i received an email saying my order was canceled because 6 left doesn't mean there are 6 left.ALWAYS WAIT FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL!”

3.9Good139 Reviews

“The store is nice and clean but, as seen at most places lately, it lacks employees. I was looking for specific items and could not find anyone to help me. I found a few items and had to go to another store for the rest of my items. These bricks and mortar stores are decreasing, except grocery stores, and getting something the same day is going to be gone if this keeps up.”

3.8Good158 Reviews

“Valorlie was very helpful today and very nice and professional . She was the first person to respond to me when she seen me waiting I had been waiting in balloons for a little while after finally speaking to Amy. Pam was very rude and unprofessional in front of customers . I really appreciate valorie for her help today !”

3.7Good164 Reviews

“It's Target. Even a week after Christmas this place was excitingly restocked and full of Valentines Day stuff( oh baby I love this). This store is always clean and efficiently run.”

3.5Good8 Reviews

“Recently one of my ship to store order was sent to Macy's Southland store in error. It would have taken me over an hour each way to drive to this store to pick up the order. I was able to reorder one item in my order while the other item in the order was sold out. I contacted the store and left a message with the contact I was given, Elizabeth (Administration office?). Elizabeth called me back the same day and was very pleasant. She went above and beyond to ensure I would get my order. I received my order today. Thank you Elizabeth and the Macy Southland team!!”

3.1Average20 Reviews

“I’ve been shopping at this location for 10+ years, almost on a weekly basis. I used to LOVE coming here, but a lot of hard good items should be recycled or discarded due to being severely broken and not usable. Also, the prices for clothing are insane. Even with the occasional 50% off coupons, the time spent to dig through items to find only a few pieces is not worth it to me anymore.”

3.2Average90 Reviews

“The construction there is terrible. Not really giving much direction for customers. Online shopping right now is horrendous with pick ups. Just not good. Just put up some signs or something it's wild over there right now.”

3.2Average195 Reviews

“The staff at this store is very nice and helpful, and they've mostly worked there for a long time. It's a good convenience store and will have most things you need.”

2.7Average30 Reviews

“After encountering no mailing envelopes at a nearby Dollar Tree, I visited this Walmart Supercenter which was pleasant to see. Its location was tucked not far from Detroit Industrial Expressway out of sight; and its exterior design appeared like any other Walmart location. Maynard James Keenan (American singer) once quoted - "People have to follow their hearts, and if their hearts lead them to Wal-Mart, so be it."As an Illinoian who loves Big Ten college football, I loved the numerous Michigan Wolverine fan apparel stocked. If not for the unbearable prices, I would have likely purchased either a Michigan Wolverines or maybe even a Detroit Tigers t-shirt to take back with me to Chicago Illinois.Walmart ended up having the type of mailing envelopes I needed, plus more! I was shocked at the variety of bubble mailers stocked on shelf. Likely, I will make off-and-on trips to our Walmart in Chicago to purchase mailers since I am an avid shipper whether it be off of Poshmark or eBay.Another one of my purchases was a fleece since I had tossed my lightweight jacket during the Detroit Free Press Marathon. After seemingly an endless search through both the men's and women's sections I settled for a zip-up fleece jacket by George to wear on flight back to Chicago. Though I would have preferred black, it was the comfortable appearance that made it acceptable for me.Other than leaving this Walmart with a new desire to visit for mailing envelopes, I left in realization that even with self-checkout it does not help the checkout experience go faster because those machines are just not reliable. Happy shopping, and blessings to all that have stumbled upon and read this review.Thomas G”

2.3Poor26 Reviews

“If you like to buy stuff from good brands but for cheap. You need not wait for the sale season, visit Burlington. I bought a 40 dollar worth of Tommy girl Perfume for 15 dollars. Said so, they are not super organized and it takes some time to find what you need. I suggest keeping an open mind and go there when you have plenty of time to shop.”

2.7Average82 Reviews

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