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“They were extremely fast in reaching out to me after my drs appointment. The guy I talked with was very pleasant and I was very pleased at the pricing of my prescription. Also, I really appreciated how quickly I got the prescription. Great job!”

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“I had debilitating arthritis flare up (while waiting for my medication to be delivered from my insurance company). The folks at Friendly took the time to consult on the right combo of OTC meds and pain relief patches to manage my discomfort until my prescription was refilled (again, Friendly does not manage my prescription but rather my insurance company specialty pharmacy). Five Super Stars!”

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“Hook was my absolute GO-TO Pharmacy when I lived in New Jersey - I have since moved, and have taken Adderall legitimately for ADD for years, What with this totally unacceptable nationwide backup, I felt like Diogenes in search of an honest man - there were NONE to be found.As Christmas approached, I was in a panic - and then I remembered - the honest, righteous, upright, forthright, and ever so kind Jean - one telephone call after several years and he knew my dulcet tones straightaway. Five days before Christmas, Monsieur Jean came through for me as NO OTHER PHARMACY in Greater New York - nary a one and that's a fact!Never to the detriment of other businesses, but this gentleman's efficiency, kindness, and good nature are boundless - HE CARES DEEPLY ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS.Alors, M. Jean, que puis-je dire de plus qu'un simple "Merci" - que toutes vos bonnes actions reviennent à vous et à votre famille en dividendes - vous êtes l'une de mes personnes préférées sur cette planète - et devriez-vous un jour décidez de vous présenter à la mairie de Jersey City ou de n'importe quelle ville, je serais ravi d'orchestrer votre campagne - à bientôt !~Read less”

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“This is the best pharmacy I have ever been to. The people here are very kind, honest, and trustworthy. When purchasing over the counter medications they provide knowledgeable suggestions and only recommend buying what is really needed to spend optimally. If nothing is needed or you already have what is needed at home they will let you know, though of course it is your choice to still buy something. For prescription medications they charge very honestly. A local chain pharmacy tried to charge me 170 dollars for a medication that they only charged a fraction of the cost for. When I told them about my experience they were very kind and generous. I would trust these folks with my life. Definitely would continue being a regular here.”

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“This pharmacy is near by my house which has very friendly customer service. They are willing to give help when is needed. Me and my father doesn't have a great English speaking skills and they are patiently help us though the process. We are happy about this place. Thank you and keep it up ?”

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“The BEST pharmacy I’ve ever walked in to! They’re very clean! They are so understanding and friendly. I am extremely grateful I found this pharmacy. Dr. Okah is the sweetest and her staff as well!! THANK YOU!”

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“Everyone’s favorite neighborhood pharmacist (Matthew) in Jersey City! I’ve been a a loyal customer here at Hudson Pharmacy for the past 20+ years and whenever I am in need any prescription drugs I can rest assure that all of my orders can and will be fulfilled in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Matthew has always been a reliable guy for my family and I, and I will continue to support this local business for the next 20 years and onward!”

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“The staff at Nobel pharmacy are always attentive and friendly, I have been going there for years never had an issue they continue to provide excellent service and always greet their customers with a ? smile. The best pharmacy in Jersey city!”

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“Came back on Wednesday of the same week to have my girls pcr tested. Was greeted with the same professionalism Everyone in store was very warm. Bianca (blonde girl from the pharmacy ) explained that they were experiencing delays but were working hard to make sure everyone gets their results. Was a quick experience but efficient.Thank you for making my girls feel comfortable with the process”

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“This place is amazing!! I've had nothing but amazing experiences.I used to get my prescriptions from Walgreens and they had no idea how to do anything right. I was always given the run around.But that never happens at Clear cities pharmacy ! They always make sure my prescription is correct and ready on time! The staff is friendly and always helpful.”

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“I’ve been here so many times time for many reasons one being COVID and they’ve been so helpful in each of my needsReally appreciate the undivided attention me and my family have received from this place and it’s staff thanks ? so much.”

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“Awesome place the pharmacy guys are helpful and friendly they will go out there way to please there customer i have been dealing with this pharmacy for a very long time my family as well i suggest this pharmacy to everyone from the bottom of my heart. So if you looking for a family orientated pharmacy this were to go AHMAR PHARMACY ???”

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“I just come to appreciate such an unassuming store right around the corner, providing important services not limited to just being a pharmacy, truly a neighborhood gem. It's run by people living in the neighborhood and they are very nice professionals!”

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“Went here for COVID-19 booster for our 9 yo. daughter and the pharmacist, Arpit, was was excellent. My daughter is very scared of shots and he displayed a ton of calm and patience. I think we were there for about 2 hrs before we were able to do the shot. He didn't push, didn't rush, just let her get comfortable. He was prepared with a numbing spray for her arm and a warm smile. He's a special person and would definitely go back again in the future.”

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“Pinto's Pharmacy is truly amazing! The staff, especially Chris and Iris, went above and beyond in helping me and truly put the needs of their customers first! Thank you for taking care of your customers, being knowledgeable, and having empathy ! I would recommend them highly!!!!!”

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“They’re very hands on, they care a lot about the customers always help with pricing and advice about products. Very informative I definitely recommend them they’re worthy”

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“Iv been going to this pharmacy for about 3 years now and I wouldn't change it for anything , the staff are very welcoming, always smiling, and are very helpful with my medications. They know there knowledge and if asked would advise you on what you should and shouldn't do with your meds , they keep the pharmacy very clean each time I go I always see them cleaning. They are very polite and genuine I'd recommend this pharmacy to everyone.”

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“Patient care at its best! Dedicated and knowledgeable pharmacy team, always take the extra mile to look after their parents. They offer free blister packaging, which organize the medications and make it easy to remember taking them on time.”

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“Nice people working there. We go there for the Russian food products like herring, buckwheat, caviar, cheese, pielmieni, etc. Only place in the area with Russian food and drinks. Deducted 1 star because sometimes the food products are past their best by date, so the stock isn't the freshest.”

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“I’ll never go to Walgreens or CVS anymore since I found this place. It is much much cheaper to get RX from them. The owner is so nice and kind. He took the time going around the area to let people know they offer COVID-19 vaccinations. Tom is DaBomb !!”

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“This pharmacy is hands down the best in the heights; these two guys are incredibly helpful, will always take care of you, and polite. 5/5 if you live in the heights this needs to be your pharmacy.”

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“Absolutely the best pharmacy experience, every visit. They are friendly (even recognizing customers by sight and pulling the prescription bag before they reach the counter), work hard at providing the lowest cost option, prompt, and responsive. Each staff member is clearly focused on customer service and to make sure you are satisfied. Try Excel Pharmacy and you'll never go back to the one you used before.”

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“I love Peckman’s Pharmacy!!!!.... I’ve known this pharmacy for the last 30 plus years in the Greenville area.... from the original owners to the current owners never a problem... always on point with my prescription... employees are friendly..... I thank you for your many years of service to me and to the community...I Salute You Peckman’s Pharmacy!.....????❤️”

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“This is place is great. The pharmacist in charge(I believe he’s the owner as well) is very nice and thoroughly explains what each med is for. Very few places like these exist where they really care about how you take the meds and make sure you take it properly. Went there to pick up my fathers meds and the hospital had made an error on the prescription, the pharmacist here took the initiative to call the hospital, ask for the doctor who prescribed it and fixed the error on the dosage. Just amazing?”

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“Staff was very helpful and friendly. They called me with updates which gave things a personalized feel which I don't get from big retail pharmacies like CVS”

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“These guys are the best in the neighborhood. They’ve really gone out of their way to help me out, the pharmacist is an awesome guy. The medication I’m on has a lot of bad stigma and it’s difficult to get covered by insurance. A lot of pharmacists have become very bias towards it due to it being used for weight loss. Frankly it’s easier to not get diabetes than to end up treating it later on. I was on the border of type II and this drug has completely changed my life. My family has a history of diabetes on both sides with my paternal grandmother having severe complications. Thank you guys.They also kept my Dyson safe when ups couldn’t drop it at my house.”

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“Recently moved into the neighborhood and have picked up a few prescriptions over the past several months. Never had any issues and the pharmacist is great! This is my go-to pharmacy and would recommend them.”

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“Very helpful and great service.We are travelling through NY from Australia and didn't know brands or specific products but they supplied or needs. Good products and good prices.”

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“The folks here have gone out of their way to take care of me.Usually when a kerfuffle happens or there’s some sort of issue, they go out of their way to make it right. That’s about the best review anybody can legitimately give.Customer service, reasonable folks being friendly; can’t argue with it.Oh yeah… They deliver to me!”

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“Excellent customer service and timely communication. Navigating healthcare, drug options, and refill requests to a doctors can be a nightmare, but Cosmo Pharmacy has always gone above and beyond in this regard. I will be going to them as long as I live in Jersey City.”

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