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“A few months ago we tried to get a flu shot from CVS down the street, had some issues and the line was insane. We left and went here where they were able to quickly and efficiently get us our flu shots. A clean, well-maintained store as well.”

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“I have had an excellent experience with Konfeti. They are very responsive, providing great customer support, and are also easy to reach with questions and concerns. Having delivery of medication in the neighborhood is also wonderful for me.”

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“Marina, the pharmacist, is so knowledgeable and helpful. Service is amazing and the staff is friendly. Great selection of supplemental items. Its a truly pleasant experience every time I visit this neighborhood pharmacy store.”

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“I've literally never had such uniformly seamless interactions with a pharmacy. Everyone at this pharmacy goes above and beyond to help you get the medicine and counseling you need. It's positively humane. If you can, stop going to CVS/Walgreens and go here instead!!”

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“This pharmacy goes above and beyond for their customers. My family and I have been loyal patrons since early 2010s but the business has improved much more after this new owner’s takeover. The wait time is also short (~5 mins) even if your medicine isn’t ready yet compared to long lines of pharmacies like Walgreens where wait time can vary from 20 to 40 minutes due to an overworked singular pharmacist.An example of the pharmacy going above and beyond is when the pharmacist directly delivered a medication I needed 50 miles away while I was in college. I really could not believe that he did this, I distinctively remember asking if he was sure. I wanted to tip him when he arrived but he left the medication in my mailbox.This is just one of many examples and the reason I continue to be a loyal customer even after moving.”

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“I’m a happy customer since the opening of this pharmacy. I require monthly medications , some of which are difficult to fill ,however the dedicated staff has always provided me with the help needed in order for me to get my meds. The staff is always friendly and supportive. They have picked up my prescription, delivered my medication, and even given my intimidating boxer/pit dog biscuits. 5 stars and highly recommended.”

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“Phil is amazing! Always calling ME when my prescription is ready and he delivers it for me. He makes everything so convenient which is what I love about this pharmacy”

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“Incredible pharmacy with an Incredible staff. They have everything you need from OTC to surgical supplies to prescriptions. Everyone goes out of there way to assist you and make sure you have no complaints. I would highly recommend this pharmacy to everyone. Moreover, they are the fastest pharmacy I have ever been to. No more waiting hours, bliss drugs always has my medications within 5 minutes.”

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“I love this place. It's a local store and I'd so rather support local when possible. The staff is super helpful and they are also dog friendly and happen to love my pup, Betty Ann! Everyone is kind, welcoming, and there's a great assortment of items. I highly recommend this place!”

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“I recommend coming here instead of the big named pharmacies (I switched over from CVS and it was the best decision). They are the epitome of a hard-working, customer oriented business. But they are not like an other "business", they genuinely care about their customers. They'll remember you (your face and name), even after only one visit and after the fifth visit. I've recommended them to family and friends. And they've all been pleased with my recommendation. They will take their time to answer questions and concerns, unlike many of the other pharmacies near by, they are people oriented, and extremely knowledgeable.”

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“Everyone, from the ladies at the counter to the Pharmacist, are so kind and helpful. We are lucky to have a pharmacy in our neighborhood that really cares about us!”

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“Great Customer service, very professionals, I recommend this pharmacy. Very Helpful staff...... Everyone is very helpful and their customer service are great...... Thanks”

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“I visited this pharmacy for sinus meds and they were so nice to me. I'm from Oklahoma and had bad experiences with rude people. These guys were a breath of fresh air! Thank you guys!”

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“Karina has been amazing! She’s been delivering our hard to find baby formula for months now. She always shows up on time and is easy to coordinate with. The owner Ed is incredibly kind and went above and beyond to personally deliver our formula when we ran out! I can’t say enough about Mil Rue.”

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“I’ve been a customer of Titan Pharmacy for years and I am never disappointed with their customer service! Exceptional handling of any and all my concerns about my prescriptions refills and delivery concerns. They are an amazing pharmacy to handle my medications. Thank you Titan Pharmacy!”

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“Michael and his staff are attentive and extremely helpful,the pharmacist(or person on the phone) went above & beyond to give me information about specific pharmacies that would likely have what I needed and so on, even though they had no obligation to do so. I've been impressed every time with how helpful and friendly they are! Highly recommend this pharmacy”

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“With how times are changing it is as if one thing always stays the same, and that is the reliability of the Chemist Shop. You will be hard pressed to find better service from any pharmacy in NYC let alone Astoria. Quality employees as well as fast and accurate deliveries make this place second to none.If you are looking for a pharmacy in Astoria that genuinely cares about customer health, the Chemist Shop is your spot. Have never once had a bad interaction and I always get my scripts filled here.”

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“What a great neighborhood pharmacy with phenomenal service. My working hours make it hard to get there and I arrived at 6p to friendly, accommodating service with a smile.Thanks Belle Harbor Chemists!”

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“I have been going to this pharmacy for years, and I have nothing but praise for the owner and his employees, and the service they provide. This is a small pharmacy, but a very busy one. The assistants are courteous and attentive and very helpful. Over the years I've witnessed how kind they are to their clients, not the least those who do not speak English, how careful they are to explain to them about medications or alternatives if they cannot afford very expensive ones. They call me when a medication is ready for pick up, they contact my doctor when it's time for refills. Who else would do that? Thank you, Western Drugs. You are a real asset in our neighborhood.”

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“Moved to the area and I needed a pharmacy that took my insurance and was close by since walgreens closed. Very happy to have found this pharmacy. Very professional and friendly. Never long lines and always able to get someone on the phone. Plus they give you little gifts with your Rx that really make my day. Highly recommended, better than the large box pharmacies.”

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“Owners have been nothing but respectful and very helping when it comes to questions about otc medication. Helped me save money by going with their recommendations vs brand name, and packages have been easy to drop off/pickup! Best pharmacy in the neighborhood.”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

“What a refreshing pleasure that a locally owned, family pharmacy still provides superior service over the national pharmacies and Mail order PBMs. They always answer the phone in person right away--no 45 minutes on hold waiting for someone to answer or disconnect you. You can always speak with a knowledgeable pharmacist in person. They call you to alert you immediately to new scripts received from your healthcare professional and remind you of your refills before they are due. So heartwarming that this level of care and service still exists in a day where we are flooded with big box stores with impersonal and rude service. Try them--you'll love them!”

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“Awesome pharmacy with politeness and good service. I was very satisfied with their service. Although the pharmacy is small, it has a full range of supplies. Even if they are very busy, they will always help answer customers' questions.One more thing, i went to pick up medicine today and found out that they also offer vaccination services. It’s so convenient for busy office workers. We don’t need to go to the clinic and spend the whole day waiting in a long line for injections. Yeah✌️”

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“This is a very dangerous store.My wife and I come here regularly ever since we moved into the neighborhood. If you can think of an item, Raindew probably has it. Maybe not the "best," but good enough.The first floor has a little bit of everything (from greeting cards, to sweets, to gardening equipment), while the lower level is more akin to a mini hardware store. There's also a pharmacy and a key maker. If you go inside this store, you WILL come out with more than you were looking for. Especially during post-holiday sales.Frankly, we're not sure what we'd do without this store; especially in light of the local CVS and Walgreens closing. It's a little rundown, but they've got a friendly staff and it's a great place to get supplies in an emergency.”

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“I have been going to them since they first opened. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. They actually care about their customers and inform you when they have concerns. My son was being overly medicated and they spoke to me about it and I immediately called his doctor. You will not find that kind of customer service in the chain stores.”

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“The pharmacist Miss kim, sam, manager mr. Atik r really helpful specially mr. Atik is always show special cordial to patients. The staffs r really nice particularly Miss May.”

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“My name is Josephine. I’ve been going to this Pharmacy for the past two years and they’ve always been more than reliable early on my refills ready and on time never late best people nicest people on the phone always get what I need. Thank you so much for all your service.”

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“Best pharmacy in this neighborhood. They are very professional and well mannered. They provide very fast service and the best thing is they have free home delivery service.”

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“Cannot recommend this pharmacy enough. Shawn is wonderful and knowledgeable. So nice to have a local pharmacy with great prices and top notch service in the neighborhood.”

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“Shout out to the female employee named Denise! Her customer service skills were on another level. She informed me that her business does have a UPS drop drop box access point, which, at that point, I provided her with my package to drop off. She was kind to provide me with some durable tape free of charge, and she was just engaging, caring, and helpful. Our businesses would be at a much better place with workers who have those outstanding attributes. Thank you once more, Denise, and thanks to the business for having that UPS service and for having such a great worker (Denise) representing you well with honor.”

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