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“Always impressed by their extraordinary sales staff. Shout out especially to Joan Martinez, very professional, personable, and just an "all around" nice guy!”

4.9Superb32 Reviews

“I have always enjoyed dining at Mariposa. Unfortunately, food quality was not up to the usual standards this visit. I was disappointed with my $40 Louis salad, which only contained 3 shrimp and not the lump crabmeat as described. I have ordered this salad before and felt it was worth the splurge but if food quality is going down, so should the price. So disappointed. Service was still outstanding. I honestly felt this was the end of an era for me.”

4.5Superb72 Reviews

“I always find what I'm looking for here, they have a kind and friendly service. and the store is always clean and organized I really recommend this place ? ? ♥️♥️♥️”

4.5Superb43 Reviews

“This review is mostly a reflection of the great experience we had dealing with Danisha. We came to the store upset about something that had occurred the day prior, but Danisha's service was so exceptional that it didn't even matter. Above and beyond. These are the people that make you gladly come back and spend your hard earned money.Excellent service.”

4.2Good34 Reviews

“Tanya was absolutely amazing.. Greeted me right away and helped locate the exact gift I needed for my wife. I am so grateful for their kindness and assistance. Thank you!!”

4.3Superb22 Reviews

“As The Westchester has reopened since the shut down, this mall has few selections where guys can shop. I found that Hugo Boss has a variety of options for casual clothing and formal wear.”

4.2Good23 Reviews

“The clothes are well made. The sales were amazing. The staff is continuously refolding the clothes and keeping the store very neat. I am handicapped and the store staff offered to help me multiple times. They are to be commended for their professionalism and positive attitudes .”

4.1Good32 Reviews

“Great experience at this place. Customer service was great and everyone was attentive. At the end of my experience i was able to leave with exactly the item i came in to look for. Color, size, material..down to the look. I am a happy customer!”

4.1Good23 Reviews

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4Good35 Reviews

“Another Simon mall, another good mall. I have been to Westchester mall twice. Today we visited on a weekday around 3pm. It was quite empty , easy to navigate within this huge mall without crowds. This is definitely not a bargain or outlet mall. It is very chic designed and has many high end brand stores like Tiffany co , Louis Vuitton and besides Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus as department stores. Whats more, Plenty of retail shopping options. As quick bite and coffee there is Starbucks and Haagen Daas at R3 floor as a refreshing ice cream stop. Food court Savor at the top floor has many healthy options including Little Beet , the melt shop and a very cute coffee bar in the middle. I was very pleasantly surprised that there was a small patio at this floor, I just love patios's and it had huge comfy sofa to relax... just lovely. There are plenty of sitting area at Savor and within the mall at various places, huge sofas or arm chairs makes it super easy to rest and continue your shopping spree. Women Restroom has an adjacent room as nursing/mothers room for nursing and diaper change. This is very thoughtful and as a new mom, I really appreciate this clean and quiet room. My only concern with this mall is the garage elevators. They are super confusing. For those who have a stroller using them is a must, not optional. And the way they are positioned are very cumbersome. We parked to P1 and then took the elevator right there- to press a button we had to figure out what is R2 - R3 and after a while seeing the chart and stores assigned to either of R2 and R3we figured out that is retail 2 and 3... on our way back, we took a different elevator which says P.F. Chang snd this one doesn't have P1 level as a button. We realized that we came with the other elevator which is Nordstrom elevators... and had to walk all the way back... it is frustrating to figure out these labyrinth like system.”

3.9Good48 Reviews

“I already like the shirts, that's not an issue. But I really appreciated the personal attention and customer service. Jo was very helpful in making sure I had the right fit and she made the shopping experience quick and painless. Bravo.”

4.2Good12 Reviews

“I love this location! Club Monaco always has a lot of nice clothing! Friendly and exceptional customer service from everyone at the store . I would definitely go back to purchase more items.”

4.2Good12 Reviews

“We made a purchase of a shearling bomber coat in Deer Park Tanger Outlet. Fantastic quality, high style, beautiful leather coats at prices that cannot be beaten elsewhere. Lenny and his co-workers were honest and very helpful in finding my son the right coat. We had been looking for over a year and found many items there in just a few minutes.”

5Superb4 Reviews

“Nordstrom Rack has consistently exceeded my expectations as a premier off-price retailer. Their diverse selection of high-quality fashion items, accessories, and home goods never fails to impress. I've found everything from stylish clothing to designer shoes at remarkably discounted prices. The store layout is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and discover hidden gems. The staff members are attentive and helpful, creating a pleasant shopping experience. Nordstrom Rack's commitment to providing upscale brands at affordable prices is commendable. While occasional overcrowding can be a minor inconvenience, the treasure trove of deals and stylish finds more than compensates. Their loyalty program offers additional perks, further enhancing the value for frequent shoppers. Overall, Nordstrom Rack remains my top choice for snagging fashionable bargains without compromising on quality or style.”

3.7Good150 Reviews

“I absolutely love this store! Alondra was super helpful , super nice and super cute. She made me feel comfortable, she had great customer service skills and patience. She made measured me upon arrival and made sure to find the perfect bra, and purchased 3 bras later. I am sooo happy. The bras are comfortable, sexy and very supportive for a Size D woman like me! I recommend this place and give it 5 stars!”

4.2Good5 Reviews

“Demaria and Ronaldo were so incredibly helpful. They were as friendly as they were knowledgeable about the product and handled my order in a prompt and professional manner. Thank you!!”

3.9Good7 Reviews

“Had a great experience helped my wife and I out for hours. Came back the next day she was there, who helped us with an issue, and we got a few more items.H Feel free to reach out to schedule another day..”

3.7Good36 Reviews

“I was helped by a most wonderful and knowledgeable person named Nan at the White Plains store on Sat. Feb. 11, 2023.I love the Lana necklaces I bought with the help of Nan Zinaman. Thank you!Looking forward to buying more!”

3.6Good104 Reviews

“Urban Outfitters offers an enjoyable and on-trend shopping experience. Their knack for curating an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, and home decor sets them apart from many other retailers. If you're someone who appreciates contemporary fashion with a touch of uniqueness, I highly recommend giving Urban Outfitters a visit.”

3.6Good47 Reviews

“I have had nothing but positive experiences at this location. The sales team is exceptional. They do not push you to purchase items but rather work with you to find clothing that suit your needs and style. The store is always impeccably clean and organized and they have an expansive sale section. While the clothing can be pricey, the items are sustainable, ethical and timeless. I am happy to pay more money knowing that the products are made from ethically sourced fabrics, in humane working conditions and produced using environmentally sound practices. Eileen Fisher is a brand that I will continue to support and this store exemplifies the brand standard. I always leave happy and with at least one bag in hand!”

3Average4 Reviews

“This is great news! The Westchester Mall now had a Forever 21 store on the second level of the Simon Mall. Forever 21 had been located at the Galleria Mall but with their anchor stores, Macy’s and Sears closed, it made sense for the store to move to its new more fashionable location.”

2Poor4 Reviews

“The store is huge and pretty clean. It has a nice selection of clothes and the prices are affordable. The store was not too crowded. There was a relatively short line but it moved relatively fast. The cashier was friendly. I would recommend this store and would visit again.”

2.9Average62 Reviews

“I haven't seen this many people wearing black since I went to an Italian funeral. I know what I want and head to the proper department and the nice, overly made up employee, helps me and shows me what I came for. After overpaying for a bag, I get further insulted by having to pay $10 to get it wrapped. Beautiful store but frankly my life style no longer calls for clothes like this. Maybe one day, I will need to shop here (fingers crossed). AND, like another reviewer said, trying to reach someone on the phone is an exercise in futility.”

1.8Poor17 Reviews

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