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“I love using Suntrust. For many reasons but the best reason is the Manager, Rafaeal . I can't tell you how many times he fixed various problems I have had. Just a wonderful family man who understands Seniors. Highly recommend his services.”

4.7 Superb9 Reviews

“She is great!, her display is spot on. Her key board is clean, her beep reminders are loud and in sync. I couldn't ask for a more dependable employee. She needs a raise pronto.”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“I love this ATM! Always readily available, I rarely have to wait long to use it. The ATM itself has been recently upgraded and you can access it with your phone if you've forgotten your card. It always welcomes me in such a friendly manner. Unlike a lot of other Wells Fargo ATMs, this one will accept the wrinkliest of dollars. I highly recommend this ATM over others.”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews

“Been my go-to HT for over 11 years. Always clean, shelves are always super organized and items are in the right spot. The stockers, cashiers, baggers, mgrs and team are always super helpful. These folks are always on point.”

4.3 Superb4 Reviews

“This is probably the nicest Bank of America I've ever been to (not that I've been to many). It was extremely modern inside. We came to get something notarized, but unfortunately weren't able to. They told us we would need a notary that could do it as an attachment, which they couldn't. Luckily UPS was right across the parking lot and was able to do it for us (but we had to pay there). We had an appointment, but it was still very slow. We were there for at least 15 minutes just to be told they couldn't do anything. Pro-tip: you can use their services even if you only have a credit card with them.”

4 Good5 Reviews

“Dinorah was excellent, she processed my wire transfer quickly and was very nice. She also helped me order a replacement atm card. I truly enjoyed my experience at this bank.”

3.4 Good14 Reviews

“If you put this into your GPS, it may send you to the parking lot of the nearby gas station. The ATM is actually located on the far side of the Food Lion parking lot. You're welcome!”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“I'm giving 5 stars purely for customer service employee Jennifer from new jersey with the dope knife tattoo. she was the most helpful and kind person I have ever met and ya'll should give her a raise. 10/10 experience because of her”

3.3 Good8 Reviews

“I always get good Service from this location. When I call in with questions they answer and explain everything clearly. There is two ladies I deal with one is Natalie. The other young lady office is near the Teller area on the right hand side very sweet fair color skin small and has a short haircut. I Forgot her name she is Muti-task can do banking and work the Teller Window. I found out her Name, it is Altavia. No Business is perfect they all have their flaws but this location is better than a low rating. Keep up the good work guys.”

3.3 Good8 Reviews

“We concluded a transaction today for a Home Equity LOC. When we arrived at the branch we were greeted immediately, made comfortable, and our appointment commenced exactly on time. Our loan officer, William, was very knowledgeable and had our document package ready for signatures. He was very methodical in verifying that we understood all the terms and conditions and answered any questions we had. We could not have been more satisfied.”

3.2 Average8 Reviews

“This branch is very very busy and critically understaffed. But the gentleman who is security guard and Eric S. And the rest of his team are such diligent workers. After we got the run around from corporate Eric let us call them from one of the branch phones then we waited for 45 minutes on hold after making the call and getting to an CSA in less than 5 minutes on 3 previous occasions in the preceding hour. Once we were off hold, I was able to get Eric's attention from his line of about 5 people and he was over to help resolve our issue!! Thank you so much Eric”

3.1 Average8 Reviews

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