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“This place is a gem!! I've tried almost every item on the menu and you honestly can't go wrong. The baleadas are a particular standout for me, as is the pastor. Yum!!! And so reasonably priced!”

4.6Superb8 Reviews

“This is among the best Harris Teeter locations that I have been to. The store is well mangaged, clean, well stocked and the staff is very helpful. I drive out of my way to shop at this store and it saves me time and money overall because they have just about everything that I need in one stop. Kudos to the management team... Nice work!”

3.8Good6 Reviews

“The Money Gram is in the Mexican store, Tienda Mi Pueblo, and those ladies that work in there are just super nice and helpful! Some of them speak English and Spanish, which is always a plus. I go there almost weekly or at the least 3 times a month and I've always had a pleasant experience! So I highly recommend this store for Money Gram or any other things you may need that are Latin/Hispanic. Clothes, comforters, soaps, shampoos, flags, candles, some food items but not too many, medicine, just anything you may need or want from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.. Just things you wouldn't find in an American store! But my reason for going is cause of the ladies that work there! If I go to any store and the people have attitudes or act like they are better then you, I will not spend my money in that paticular store no matter if they have what I'm looking for but not here! Thank you too all of you ladies for just being nice helpful human beings! God Bless!”

5Superb2 Reviews

“This Asian-Latin American grocery store is in a kind-of-obscure, tattered shopping center in the Southside area of downtown Durham. The owner is Korean, and she is fluent in Spanish and English as well. We come here when we don't need to do a big shopping trip to Hmart, which is farther out from where we live, or when we can't find some stuff we need from Li Ming's. They have a lot of Korean products we need. We also buy KBBQ meat from their butcher, which is affordable and they cut the meat however thickness and cut you want. I remember easily getting rice from here right when COVID-19 hit and people started hoarding rice from Li Ming's and Costco. Overall, I come here whenever I need a quick shopping trip for Asian essentials. I like Food World. Just don't expect it to be like Hmart or or other big Asian grocery stores.”

3.8Good4 Reviews

“Lovely Village District location and very nice service. They went through a bit of a renovation recently and though this is a mid-sized HT, it does include a hot bar and soup & salad bar with nice selections, as well as a fresh pizza station and a chef's station up front. And sshhh, secret: It is also one of our favorite Starbucks. Far more consistent than corporate locales lately. The baristas are always bright and cheerful, they've never once been out of anything, and they always get our orders correct. Avoid grocery if possible on weekends. Parking and aggressive driving in the lot can be a comically stressful. Also, if you are waiting in line at the register and someone offers to check you out in self checkout, decline politely. LOL. They will not actually help before getting pulled away, and you'll end up bagging and checking out yourself and will have lost your place in the other line.”

2.9Average42 Reviews

“This Harris Teeter was very similar to other ones. The produce section was much more fresh than the other ones I have been too. The shelves were a little bare but I did come late afternoon on a Sunday so that was expected. The parking lot can be a challenge during busy times. It was very hard to pull out of the parking lot and there were other cars coming from every direction.”

2.8Average17 Reviews

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