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“I recently had abdominal surgery to remove Fibroids. I live alone and still need to prepare dinner. I wanted to make some Curry Chicken using leg quarts but I am unable to cut my chicken up the way I am use to. Because I went to Tractor Supply Co in Denver NC to pick up my pups dog food I felt I could get 2 task done on that side of town.I stopped by the Harris Teeter at 149 Cross Center Rd. I approached the young man in the meat section and explain my situation and asked if he could cut the chicken up for me as a courtesy. He went on to tell me that he only has regular knives like I do at home and not a meat cutting machine. Tell me which grocery store, especially one with a meat section, that does not have the equipment to cut meat and he would have to use the same knives I use at home. it's as if he felt I was an idiot. I don't pull the race card but I did feel that if I was blond hair blue eyes he would find that machine. I then drove across town to Public's off of Giles's Rd Huntersville, did the same thing and the young man said he'd ask. the mean manager came out and took my chicken himself. Cut it up in minutes and handed it back to me with a smile. Harris was my go to but I'm definitely changing that to Public's now. Thank you Publix for being so compassionate and empathetic.”

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“My 1st time going to this location on August 30th at 3:00 pm. I just want to give a shout out to associate Nancy. I had a cart full, there was only one cashier open so I went to the self checkout. Nancy immediately came to me and started the checkout process for me. While helping the other customers she still managed to scan and bag most of my items. I was out of there in no time. NANCY You Rock!!! I would have given 5 stars if the store manager would have answered one of the 3 calls I made. I wanted to to share my experience with the manager.”

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“This is a great Wells Fargo location, based upon my use of the ATM (haven't been inside the bank yet)! There are multiple ATMs on the property, one of which is completely disconnected from the bank building. It's a simple drive-thru ATM. Moves quickly!Located in Gilead Road and close to shops and restaurants. So it's super convenient to everything you might need at the time. Give them a try for your banking needs!”

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“Tierra was first class in her service and we very much appreciated her help to us. We were under a time crunch to take care of something and she sought to help us meet our deadline. She stepped up and served us big time!”

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“Target is addictive but so much fun shopping there. My cashier had a surprise visit from her daughter wishing her a Happy Valentine's Day. Love is love. My purpose was to check out their Black History Month displays. They do a good job in my opinion of showcasing our global neighbors with unique items not found anywhere else. Custoner service is good. Cashiers are helpful and might just walk you to the item location you saw online. Prices are comparable and have good value. It's always nice to visit, clean aisles, and endcap items, pulling you closer. Be back soon”

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