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“High quality snacks sourced locally, and soap/detergent refills help me reduce plastic consumption.You can’t find these snacks easily elsewhere and they have always been very fresh. The hand soap/body wash smells really pleasant and is very mild. The dish soap is also very pleasant and works well.The owner and other staff have always been super helpful and knowledgeable. I love that this store allows me to shop locally, eat delicious locally produced food and reduce my environmental footprint all with reasonable prices! These soap refills are cheaper than plastic-bottled commercial alternatives. Win win win win!”

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“Such good customer service with really reasonable prices. They have household cleaners, loofahs, body scrubs, gums, snacks, candy, chocolate, honey, pantry staples, along with vitamins, supplements and other health products. She mentioned online prices might be a bit pricier than store prices.”

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“This shop was recently covered in Toronto Life magazine. As someone with a limited diet due to health concerns, I have to be careful about food and it can be challenging to find things in local shops. Crazy how you miss gems in your own glad I came across the article. Raise the Root is a great shop, very good selection, it's got your staples - fruit, vegetables, breads. A good selection of shelved, refrigerated and frozen (organic, dairy free, vegan and more) AND a large selection of local products - soups, snacks, granola. I also REALLY love the reusable "Take a Bag" thing they have - you aren't forced to buy a bag, just use the ones that they have there. Price-wise, there are things that are cheaper than the big box stores, items that are comparable and the more specialty items that cost a bit more wherever you get them. The bonus is buying here, you are supporting local businesses and your community. The wonderful lady, I believe one of the co-owners, was just amazing.We will be back. This shop has replaced the chain health stores and big box stores we were using for specialty items.”

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“Exploring the bulk shopping experience at Toronto's Victoria Whole Foods Market has become a newfound delight for me. The store not only offers organic alternatives but also promotes eco-friendly procedures, which is truly refreshing. I commend their efforts to make shopping enjoyable while also being mindful of the environment.”

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“Have been looking for the 3.8L size Dr. Bronner's soap for months. This location had multiple available, including other sizes. The staff were very friendly. The price for this soap was cheaper than most other stores (amazon, superstore) but not as cheap as Winners (but it's been out of stock for months in the 946mL option)I'll return here in the future to support a small business.”

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“Reza was extremely patient and helpful today. We had a lot issues and he addressed all of them fully. He recommended great products that will help with our health issues. We’re very grateful.”

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“One of the best health food stores in Toronto. Worth the trip if you live further from the downtown area. They’re one of the last places to sell herbs and bulk foods. Knowledgeable staff. Very clean and well-maintained.”

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“Fresh meat, dairy and condiments, and even prepared foods all under one roof! An always obliging and friendly staff ready to serve, and doing it with a smile! Beef of course grass fed. I really like this place and I’m sure you will too. Bon Appetite!”

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“This wonderful healthfood store truly is a gem, as are its owners and staff, who are knowledgeable, friendly, honest and so very helpful. I visited it regularly for nearly a decade before leaving Toronto and was never disappointed. It also has the best prices in the city, for many of their products, and offers a superior selection of brands among its supplements, as well its "fresh," canned and "bulk" goods). Over the years, I've chatted with many of Evergreen's longtime customers and they all say more or less the same thing: They're just great. BONUS: after a recent reno, the isles are now even more organized than before and much easier to navigate -- especially during its busiest times. I really miss visiting Evergreen!”

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“Nuthouse is something of a Bloordale institution, for good reason. While it should come as no surprise that they have a great selection of some of the tastiest and freshest nuts in town they offer so much more.They are our go-to for fresh, always top-quality free range eggs. Yes, they’re more expensive than eggs produced at industrial scale farms, but they are no more expensive here than at major grocery stores. And they really do taste so much better, so even if you can’t afford to buy them all the time you really should consider treating yourself now and then.Nuthouse also has a great selection of foods in bulk, including a wide variety of grains and seeds, peanut butter and an equally good selection of cooking oils in bulk (you can bring your own reusable containers for the oils, or get one on-site for a $2 deposit).But without question our primary go-to at Nuthouse is their fabulous, very reasonably priced coffee. We’re not sure how they’ve managed to keep the price consistent in spite of wild inflation in whole coffee bean prices at other places, but we’re thrilled that they’ve done so. Their consistently delicious Ethiopian Yigacheffe (light roast) beans are $14.99/lb ($3.30/100g) - an outstanding value in today’s market. And their Cherry Bomb beans (medium roast) are $16.99/lb ($3.75/100g) - a great deal for a really good coffee.And there are a lot of other very cool products at Nuthouse, so many that sometimes we just have to put our blinders on and stick to our list so we don’t impulse buy too many things! They also encourage people to bring their own containers for bulk products in order to reduce waste.Highly recommended.”

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“Love this spot for getting supplements, tea and pantry staples. The owners are helpful and sweet. I switched here after the spot across the street because they take visa / MasterCard and debit and cash. Across the street is only debit. It's a much nicer experience with easier to navigate shopping.”

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“Perfect, this store has everything that I wanted and came in for, they staff were also very helpful, they walked me to every item that I needed. Superb staff. Well run business, as these days, it's hard to find good and hard working staff.”

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“I absolutely love their cookies. They always taste fresh. Right amount of sugar. Not too much or too little. I live in BC. I hope they offer online deliveries in the future. So I can directly order and stock them :-)”

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“This place is amazing. I love the soups, spinach pies, samosas, and everything else that Indra makes. Indra is a kind, loving, generous person. Always love coming here. Come check it out yourself to see.”

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“They had everything I was looking for for thyroid support. Staff was super friendly and helpful and the prices were very reasonable. When one item was discounted online but not in store, they honoured the online price. Highly recommend ?”

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“I have been going to this store for so long!I can't belive I haven't left a review :)I am always happy with what I get.For example, honey. I used to buy random honey from a main grocery store chain, and I would get pimples on my face. Now that I buy the honey here, I can use as much as I want and my face is clear. I was sick some time ago, I went through a jar of honey that week and nothing.I can feel the effort they put into providing nutritious food. Quality matters.It honestly feels good to support the store, especially because I know they support farmers.”

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“Friendliest guy ever, he absolutely brightened my morning! They have an AMAZING selection of tea, tinctures and supplements. This is DEFINITELY my new go-to spot. This a gem, and I definitely recommend.”

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“Dropped in here last week after being recommended by Dr. Adrian at All Access Health and Fitness. Ryan was very knowledgeable and helped me make the right decision for the products I was looking for. I'll be back for sure!”

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“One of the best supplement and health food stores. I always stop by when I am in the neighbourhood to replenish. My favorite product is the Attune Lions Mane mushroom that they carry. Anyone who needs some natural boost in energy and focus in the morning, should definitely try this in their coffee. I also buy Theanine for relaxation and calmness. It works incredible and HIGHLY recommend. Owner (Lanny) and staff is very knowledgable, they've been around this long for a reason.”

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“Amazing service and friendly staff!We went there for our 2 weeks old baby and I’ve never seen such efficient and knowledgeable photographer in the neighborhood.Amazing work ?”

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“I've been coming here for many years and wouldn't change that! There have been many different staff over the years, but all have been kind and wonderful, caring people who provide great customer service! It's a quaint store, too.”

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“A very good health food store with some produce, bulk rices and other staples, eggs, frozen foods, vegan and gluten free options, supplements and protein powders, teas, soaps and snacks. Prices reasonable and staff are helpful.”

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“Fantastic. We were short on a pediatric compound antibiotic prescription we got on vacation. They called the original out of town pharmacy and arranged/mixed the missing dosage. Tremendously helpful and really reduced our stress!”

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“I was surprised at the total cost of my purchase!!! I'm very happy because this store saved my dinner tonight with their beautiful garlic, frozen organic veggies, and tofu! but also I feel sad because the nice man behind the counter deserves more customers :( please support this local business!!! It's all organic stuff that you can't find conveniently in Cabbagetown. Thank you, sir!”

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