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“Just want to applaud one of the workers she had dreadlocks didn’t get her name but she was working the cash register AND helping out in self check out due to them being short staffed. Even though she was really busy she still had a positive attitude.”

3.6 Good51 Reviews

“I give the Goose Creek store a 5 star. The company a zero . Since they cannot be neutral on the gay pride stuff I feel I must go to another pharmacy. I do not want to must I feel I must. The big wigs do not care for people of my faith.”

3.6 Good21 Reviews

“We are from out of town and here for a travel nurse assignment. We've been to this location for multiple things now. Vaccines, prescriptions, general shopping, etc. We've had nothing but positive experiences here. Mr. Howard Klein, the pharmacist on duty today, was amazing. He went above and beyond to get us what we needed for our vaccine records and was so knowledgeable. There is also a female pharmacy employee (technician?) with beautiful red hair who has been exceptionally helpful and took the time to get to know us during every visit. I wish I'd gotten her name, but she's awesome!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“Super thankful for the online order and pick up option, Ot saves so much time, especially for those of us who hate grocery shopping and for those who can't seem to find those little important recipe items in the store. The associate who delivered my groceries was amazing. She smiled, made small talk and was overall very delightful. I will be doing this again. I do, however; wish there were more coupons or discounts available for the amount I purchase. The only coupons I saw were $10.00 off your 1st purchase and since I've done this before I was unable to utilize it...bummer.”

3.5 Good23 Reviews

“I enjoy senior day and the $5 sushi! Nina, the cashier, took extra care to package my sushi so that it wouldn't topple over and move around in the package on the way home. I've never had anyone to do that previously! I really appreciate her efforts!”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“Said that all CVS on corporate Parkway is closing but we have switched to CVS Highway 78 in Ladson and love CVS app. Where are you can chat or order things that can be delivered‼”

3 Average4 Reviews

“I called Monday to activate a scrip that had been email I received super service from female on the phone normally 2 business days to get the script I told her I had just got out if hospital with congested heart failure would it be possible to get Tuesday she Said of course pick up today”

3 Average4 Reviews

“For me, this pharmacy is the best in SC, period. The crew starting with the lead pharmacists, are helpful, concerned, and informative. I've been here for years, I've seen them slammed and they still are polite to me. I've seen people be rude to them and they remain professional. My favorite is Amanda but they all a super nice.”

2.9 Average18 Reviews

“Every time I go into this store I get greeted and if I need help I can always find someone to help. The store is clean and well organized and I like that they don't close until 10pm.”

2.8 Average16 Reviews

“I love the CVS at Redbank Road by the Weapons Station. The employees are friendly and helpful. The pharmacy personnel are very knowledgeable and never hesitate to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. The store is always clean and well stocked which makes it easy to navigate the store and find what you need.”

2.4 Poor7 Reviews

“So this happened.. MRS. CHRISTIAN IS THE BESSSST I was looking around for a particular medicine that has been out of stock EVERYWHERE FOR MONTHS. LATELY IT HAS BEEN A GAME OF MUSICAL MEDICINES AND PUBLIX WAS MY GO TO BUT DEPENDS ON WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE OR IS WORKING AND AVAILABILITY OF MEDS AND IF THEY HAD IT BUT I WAS CALLING AROUND AND LOOKING TO SEE IF THEY HAD IT in stock and a young lady answered the phone and said yes they have only enough to fill what I need but i had to call doctor and get it reversed from publix to walmart and that is a all day thing well then CHRISTIAN THE PHARMACIST CALLED ME BACK HOURS LATER AND LET ME KNOW she had remembered me calling and let me know that even though it couldn't be filled that day that she would make sure that I wouldn't have to worry and she definitely put my mind at ease so Mrs. CHRISTIAN YOU MY DEAR ARE A ROCKSTAR NOT ONLY FOR the sake of your customers but also for MOTHERS THAT WORRY.. I worried that Mrs. MARCIA WENT TO ANOTHER LOCATION BUT NOW THAT YOUR HERE YOU ARE LIKE A ANGEL and put my worries to ease and I appreciate you my friend more than you could imagine thanks for going above and beyond when you didn't have too, but you wanted to.”

2.3 Poor6 Reviews

“Since moving to South carolina, the CVS by far has been the easiest to work with and always been on top of everything. Whoever trained and manages the pharmacy deserves a promotion as does everyone working in it”

2.1 Poor11 Reviews

“Heads up this Walgreens can't print on stiff board for photos. BUT. The assistant manager Corey tried his best to make it work, and when that didn't worked with me on a solution. Even though I was happy to substitute the stiff board for a regular poster, he didn't charge me due to the issue and wait when the printer was malfunctioning. Honestly he was so nice about it I would have paid despite the wait and issues. Very nice, professional, and helpful. 10/10 would use this Walgreens for printing again.”

1.9 Poor11 Reviews

“After visiting Walgreens to purchase a picture book, Kari truly brightened my day. She skillfully crafted the book and handed it to me with a warm smile. Her exceptional service exemplifies the kind of positive experience we should strive for.”

2.2 Poor24 Reviews

“I like Walgreens Pharmacy but I switched to CVS a while back because of their drive thru. But Walgreens is a good store with a great pharmacy. I was happy with them but I wanted a drive thru because it is very hard on me to have to walk a lot of distance.”

1.7 Poor36 Reviews

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