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“Enjoyed shopping. Food store is played out nicely to find items and the had everything I was looking to buy. Was especially happy to find King Hawaiian Bread loaves. The only thing I disliked was at checkout. The bags are terrible. Had to bag one set of items twice because the bags are so flimsy, they tore apart. Really should have bagged it a third time but ended up tying the sides together.”

3.3 Good44 Reviews

“Dude. I walked in wanting to buy a harmonica for my DnD character. I didn't think they'd have any, but I hoped. I walk in, ask an employee "yo do yall have any harmonicas?" The employee, deadpan and half paying attention, "cereal aisle by the nesquik." Doubting his wise words, I go to the cereal aisle. I find the nesquik. I look a little bit to the right... and what do you know, LITERAL FREAKING HARMONICAS. This employee knew exactly where they were and gave me detailed instructions. I would leave a one million star review if I could.”

4 Good6 Reviews

“Always friendly and helpful staff and pharmacist. Switched over prescriptions from CVS due to shortages and long wait times in May. I am very happy with my decision.”

2.9 Average29 Reviews

“Always treated with kindness and professionalism,,my favorite technician is Denise..she keeps me in line,, letting me know when I am due for vaccines or anything concerning my meds...kudos to Denise”

1.9 Poor31 Reviews

“I use this pharmacy for all of my family's prescriptions. I have never had to wait long or had a problem. It is nice to be able to do my grocery shopping and pick up my prescription at the same place. I also use the drive through which is always fast”

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