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“Every experience has been top notch!! Mike, at the Hixson location, is very helpful, knowledgeable, and so friendly!! My car is always taken care of promptly, efficiently, and they get me in and out without long wait times. The service is excellent, and the quality of work far exceeds my expectations!! I will never go anywhere else!”

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“I have used Tire World for over 30 years. They are very honest and knowledgeable. I took my car in for break replacement. 90 percent of businesses would have given me 4 replacements and charged me 2000 plus. The integrity of this business is unmatched. He called to tell me. You are metal to metal on the back but your front brakes have at least 20k miles HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! Honesty integrity and dependability and their work is OUTSTANDING”

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“I just drove two hours to meet with Jerry and get new truck tires put on my truck, from the moment I arrived we discussed the tires shook hands and they had all four tires completely changed out in just under 38 minutes. The guys are super knowledgeable and helpful. No nonsense and fantastic prices, save me about $300. Totally worth the 2 Hour Drive. 15/10. Totally recommending.”

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“Robert and Corey were super friendly and got me in last minute and were genuinely concerned about my safety because the tires were so bad. Their crew who put the tires on were amazing as well and courteous to do this so last minute at closing time”

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“Richard is a great guy. Helped me choose a tire for my truck. good price and plenty of choice. I arrived at the opening, quickly changed and I was on the road again. You will definitely be satisfied with the service.”

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“Awesome group, got me in right away. Very positive work environment, looks like everyone is in a great mood, and made me feel good knowing that my car is in thier care.”

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“The guy at the shop came right out of shop and met me as soon as I pulled up. He took my info and said they were 3-4 hours to get it done. I said no problem and left the truck. Got a call in 3 hr and truck was in great shape. I will be using them from now on.”

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“These guys came through for me in the clutch. It was the end of the work day, and I had two tires pop. They got me in the garage and a few minutes later, I had 2 new tires and I rolled out of there. Fair price and great customer service. Would highly recommend these guys.”

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“The are the best my Guy Kyle got me right together with myMonte Carlo ss 1984 I had a nail stuck in my tire he did it with 30 seconds asked for him he is good at what he do ….. he will forever be my brother come on down here and holler at him one of the best if you asked me!”

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“I love too see young black men working hard in their own business. Got my windows tinted they did a great job. Keep up the good works young brothers I am proud of you. My black 2021 F 150 looks great. Come visit me at the Miracle Missionary Baptist Church. 2009 Ruby st. Across from the old Harriet Tubman site. Pastorj”

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“When my van needed work, this was the only shop open on a Sunday. Though it was super busy, probably for that reason, they were able to make the repairs I needed by the end of the day as promised. The mechanic brought me into the garage to show me what my van needed and walked through everything he checked on my vehicle. Very professional and helpful staff. Only four stars because the price was kind of high, but pleased with the service overall.”

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“I had originally called and scheduled an appointment at NTB tires in East Ridge, TN, with Neil, the store manager. I scheduled an appointment and gave him all of my information a week in advance with him promising that he would have my tires there in time. I arrived to my appointment and was sitting there for an hour when they came and told me they didn't have the correct tires. Two new employees tried to help and make things right because Neil had messed up. Neil had left and when he returned, the other workers told him that because they didn't have the parts, they were going to give me better tires plus a discount. He very reluctantly went along with what they said and promised that he would have the better tires at my new appointment 3 days later plus give me a discount. I arrived for the 2nd time just to have Neil come in 10 minutes later saying that he had the wrong size tires! He not only had the wrong size but did not have the higher quality brand he had promised when he'd messed up the first time. He then lied and told me the truck would come that day with the tires I needed between 10-2.I called the East Ridge NTB tire place back an hour later and spoke with Austin who happened to be covering for Neil's store that day. I asked if the truck that Neil had said was coming had arrived. He said there was no truck coming at all that day with tires!! After being lied to multiple times, Neil lost my complete trust and I was finished with him! I knew I would never go back to that place again!Austin profusely apologized and I told him I wanted to come have my vehicle serviced at his location. Austin was beyond amazing to work with, very kind, professional, and came through on everything that he promised in a timely fashion all while giving great customer service! I will go to NTB tires on 7788 East Brainerd Rd where Austin works for all future needs with my vehicle.”

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“Great place, great service. I discovered them last year when my truck needed a new starter. I have since brought 2 other vehicles there for various reasons . They always do a good job. Thanks!”

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“Are Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Excellent Customer Service Important to you? If so, Look No Further. You are in GREAT CARE with owner Tim and his crew!Details:One Sunday afternoon I was alone on a long road trip passing through. More than 50 miles north of town my car broke down. I knew I could not drive the car due to the fact it had lost ALL the oil. Unbeknownst to me at the time I had an oil line leak. I Immediately called for my membership roadside assistance. Hours later harsh reality revealed I would receive NO roadside assistance. I’ll spare you those upsetting details.The later and scarier the situation became I realized no one was coming. That’s when I found Highland Tire and Auto, over 50 miles south of where I was stranded, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.I received an immediate response with great care and concern for my situation. Tim quickly arranged a tow to collect my car. I was unable to be with my car when the tow arrived due to my ride arriving beforehand. I was under a time restraint to and from my destinations. I just had to trust I was in good hands with Tim and his tow.Tim quickly diagnosed and repaired my vehicle. By the time I was on my way back south again, 1.5 days later, my car was repaired. The price was very reasonable. Tim completely saved me! If it hadn’t been for him I don’t know what I would done. This brought me and my husband who could not be with me, tremendous peace of mind. Tim even followed up to be sure I made it home safe.I am telling everyone in my community in Atlanta GA and beyond all about him.Whether you live in town, you’re passing through, you’re another shop or small business owner, take note of this exemplary human and small business owner, Tim Caldwell. The Chattanooga TN community is fortunate to have such a human being.When I pass through again I’ll make time to stop by just to say Hello and pay my respect. Thank you Tim.”

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“My wife’s car had a flat tire, Allen and staff responded quickly and professionally even though it was nearly closing time. They had her tire fixed quickly and she was back on the road in no time.”

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“I’ve been using him for 10 years now. He always gives me the best prices and makes sure that the issue I have is fixed and correct before telling me anything. I can come to him and say I need this and he always checks to make sure I actually need it not just taking my word for it like others would do. Great work always 10/10 from meServices: Air conditioning”

4.7 Superb24 Reviews

“Awesome business. They are busy but very thorough. Went in for an alignment only & came out with an alignment (for free) & 4 new tires for $29 a week. Couldn't have better customer service. Manny & John are wonderful!”

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“Friendly staff, did great work, and the cost was half the price of other local shops. I was able to get my car in the same day I called, and it was ready the next day. They don’t try to upsell you on stuff you don’t need and were honest and transparent. I would recommend them to any friend or family member who needs work done on their vehicle.”

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“Had my fuel filters in my diesel truck replaced here after my normal shop said they didnt have time to do it. Brandon was awesome, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place for any service. This will be my go to place to have my truck serviced from here on out.”

4.6 Superb28 Reviews

“The price on tires was the best around. Especially since it includes a year of free alignments and a coupon for a free oil change. All of the work was done very well.”

4.5 Superb73 Reviews

“It was great....Todd is nice and friendly. His son is nice, they treat their customers like family the prices are great. And I will recommend them to anybody... ”

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“Thank you Todd. You really helped me a lot! I’m happy I called your store. You were very helpful and patient with me. You’re amazing!! Awesome customer service!!! See you in a few weeks.”

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“We were visiting from out of town and had mechanical issues with our Jeep. Even though they were super busy, they got us in and replaced a coil and a plug within 30 minutes. Andrew was so helpful and professional. IF I COULD GIVE 1000 STARS I WOULD! They were absolutely wonderful.”

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“This place is a lifesaver. I have been here numerous times with tires that need quick fixes such as patches, new valve stems, or just to have tires simply mounted. They are super fast and honest.”

4.8 Superb7 Reviews

“My mom and I were on a road trip passing through town when we had a battery light come on in our Sprinter van, after making 38 phone calls to find a mechanic who had the time and expertise to help us out we came across the fellas at Quality Auto and Battery. They assured us they could get us back on the road and they absolutely delivered. They diagnosed and fixed the alternator and replaced the battery. After multiple passed tests the battery light was still on the dash so they took the extra time to test again and insure the new battery and alternator were in perfect condition. Quality Auto and Battery got us back on the road with efficiency and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!Services: Electrical repair”

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“This was my family's personal choice for brakes , and alignment. They perform a lot of other services as well. They were highly recommended to us by a family friend. I don't know if you guys have been here before ? The lot is always full. It's as close to the road, without been in the road. This along should inform you they are staying busy. The management team greets you as you enter the shop. They will inform you of the estimated wait time. They perform an engine diagnostic, and will get back with you. This is a detailed history, even the car fax is documented. They always give an estimated dollar amount money ?. This way you guys will know what how much it will cost. No pressure to purchase. If your ? presents a dangerous situation affecting driving you will have to keep it parked. Some of you guys might get this. This could set up some liability. They have to protect themselves as well as you guys. Shout-out ?️. Thanks. This may explain as to why there are a lot extra cars ? on the lot. They continue to perform good services. My cars have been sold for more money, because of their work. I got more offers in terms of money for my cars. I did have two ? they completed work on. The prices were reasonable for the work they completed. Thanks again ! You will thank them as well. I Love ? Chatt. Town Mr.C.Services: Wheel alignment”

4.4 Superb94 Reviews

“We've used FastTech several times now and have been super happy with the service each time. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, excellent work! Highly recommend!”

4.4 Superb75 Reviews

“Friendly employees, cheap prices for new & used tires, also very quick service!We bought a used tire today & it is in great condition, only took 10 mins & we were on our way. Parking lot is very small so you do have to be very careful when backing out, that's the only negative thing I have to say.We will be back!”

4.4 Superb51 Reviews

“These folks are by far the best auto shop in town. My introduction to them went like this. I took a coworker to pick up his truck there a few years ago. He called me and told me that Bo had said from the screeching noise my truck was making. If I didn't take care of the wheel bearing, the wheel would come off. This had happened twice before, and it was making those sounds when I took it to my former mechanic. They did nothing. I went back to Quality, and my coworker was still there . I left my truck and told Bo to fix it. He asked how long it had been since the previous work had been performed. I told him 4 months. He said they should still be under warranty. I told him to fix it anyway because I had had the oil changed a week before, and the other shop didn't say a word. We have used Quality ever since!”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews

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