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“This store is a hidden gem and very few find it. Once you visit you're hooked with some of the top natural herbs and spices, that's very healthy for you. I've made some of the best curry using these herbs and spices. This store has a variety of things from tasty treats, frozen meals, commodities, tasty flavored bottle drinks, desserts oh my! You gotta visit at least once. Customer service is great. The prices are reasonable. The owner and his wife have business on both ends and the wife runs the Indian Market, while her husband runs the restaurant on the other end where I was the very FIRST CUSTOMER ????at Green Chili's restaurant. ?❤️”

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“Excellent breakfast sandwiches and very nice people. I've only had the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and the country ham, egg, and cheese, but they were both delicious.”

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“Love my little corner market. Very convenient and large selection of products to choose from. It's always well maintained and very clean. The people are very awesome people, Many and Valerie are very kind and helpful. There is another young man who works there and he is great too, but I don't know his name.”

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“I go in every night and Josh is always in a great mood and very helpful. Store always looks good and is running smoothly when he's there. I will definitely keep coming back.”

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“These are the nicest and most helpful people in the Pharmacy\\nthat I have ever deal with . They are real good at understanding your needs and help you with them in a very timely way.\\nI will use them from now own . Thank You alot Walgreens Pharmacy.\\nJerry Johnson\\nGoodlettsville,Tn. 37072”

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“What has 10 gas pumps, fluorescent lighting that barely flickers, and an adequate place for my daughter to pee? This Shell. If Ann F needs to urinate, no app will help her!”

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“Don't understand the rude or smells bad comments. Usually here every week and these are some really nice people. Never felt they didn't want my business. More than helpful to me. And pricing is more than fair. Very satisfied with M&K”

4.2Good14 Reviews

“Not a huge store, but they manage to pack a little bit of everything. Cold beer, pop, chips, cigarettes, pipes, kitty litter and tons more. Very clean inside. Plenty of parking. Nice, quick stop for cold beer.”

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“Thank you Charles the good review I have worked there a little over a Year and I get along with 98% of all customers I love to try and make my customers feel welcome and try to make them want to come back like I said thank you”

4.2Good5 Reviews

“I never thought I would have an experience at a Walgreens that would warrant a review, but one employee in particular changed that. There was a tall African American gentleman working on The afternoon of Friday January 5th (I wish I could remember his name, I'll have to go back soon so I can update this review with that detail) I called to inquire about photo printing and not only did he give me the normal price but let me know that with a coupon code I could get a significantly discounted price. He stated that he would be happy to review all of the other photo specials they have going on when I came in Incase I was interested in anything beyond standard photo printing . When I arrived he was at the checkout counter assisting other guests. When the line was finished he came over to the photo counter, apologized for the delay and asked how he could help. I told him I had called a few minutes ago about photo printing, he smiled and said yes I remember! He pulled out the Walgreens circular and flipped to the page where the photo discounts were and reviewed them with me. He offered to assist me through the process and everything. This gentleman is the reason I will chose Walgreens and return to this specific location. Thank you for going above and beyond sir!”

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“This has been my pharmacy for many years. And I just love this staff pharmacist JENNIFER is great! So are the other workers. Very friendly fast and knowledgeable. Thank you!”

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“Great gas station with good customer service and low gas prices. The manager James keeps this place running smoothly. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be a regular; I'd just be an occasional customer. I live around the corner and go here daily. Go here!”

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“Never have any problems or concerns about this place. No matter what time I go there. The peY are amazing. Super nice and friendly. It is one of my regular stops for the week. Sometimes more often than that.”

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“I LOVE LOVE LOVE going here because of sweet Jasmine ! She went out her way to shut the store down and cleaned the restroom for me ! She treated me as if I was a good old friend of hers ! Will always come for her !!!”

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“I didn't interact with the employees, but it seems like a decent station for most people. It was clean, and while the actual store is a little small, there are several gas pumps and a large parking lot. However, the restrooms are tiny, and there isn't a place to change a diaper. It's hard to even find enough space for that on the floor! I didn't let that affect my review since it won't bother most people without young children, but I wouldn't recommend it during a road trip with babies or kids in diapers.”

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“I have frequented 4 Walgreens in the past 6 weeks for several different reasons based on locality. Always the same experience, can't get help at the photography counter. An employee would eventually show up, but was basically clueless. Well, yesterday was totally different! The first employee was very nice, but busy with another order, so she called Toni out! Toni was by far the friendliest, most knowledgeable person at any of the stores I had encountered! I had a lot of old 110 rolls developed and she asked if we could go through them to make sure they had all developed well enough. Thank God she did! Out of 14 or 15 rolls, only 16 photos were clear enough to keep. At $18.00 a roll, I would have been angry to have spent all that money and gotten home with a lot of overexposed photos. The film had been kept in really unfavourable conditions, hence the problem with development. I had actually turned in an unused roll of 35mm film at a different Walgreens,(I didn't know it had never been used) and they still developed it, made a disc, along with a note stating the film had never been used. Not to mention, charged me $9.00 for it. So, if you need anything from Walgreens, I highly suggest the Main Street in Goodlettsville one. Ask for Toni, she is the best of the best! It's hard to find employees like her anywhere, anymore.”

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“Go here multiple times a week. I agree with the other reviewers about the staff being polite and friendly, especially Jennifer who seems to work every night. She is always pleasant and helpful.”

2.6Average29 Reviews

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